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Spectral Imaging of UV-Blocking Carbon Dot-Based Coatings for Food Packaging Applications 1-gen-2023 Ardini, BenedettoManzoni, CristianBollani, MonicaVirgili, Tersilla +
Light scattering features induced by residual layers in dielectric dewetted nanoparticles 1-gen-2023 Fagiani, LucaBarri, ChiaraFedorov, AlexeyBollani, Monica +
Engineering epitaxy and condensation: Fabrication of Ge nanolayers, mechanism and applications 1-gen-2023 Bollani, MonicaBerbezier, Isabelle +
Modelling and nanofabrication of chiral dielectric metasurfaces 1-gen-2023 Fagiani, Lucade Angelis, CostantinoOsmond, JohannBollani, Monica +
Germanium-based nearly hyperuniform nanoarchitectures by ion beam impact 1-gen-2023 Bollani, Monica +
Silicon-Based Dual Linear Polarizer Exploiting Quasi-Bound States In The Continuum 1-gen-2023 Fagiani, LucaOsmond, JohannBollani, Monica +
Engineering and detection of light scattering directionalities in dewetted nanoresonators through dark-field scanning microscopy 1-gen-2023 Fagiani, LucaBarri, ChiaraBollani, Monica +
Non-local architecture for spin current manipulation in silicon platforms 1-gen-2023 Zucchetti, C.Bollani, M.Anzi, L.Isella, G.Finazzi, M.Ciccacci, F.Bottegoni, F. +
Fully Integrated Silicon Photonic Erbium-Doped Nanodiode for Few Photon Emission at Telecom Wavelengths 1-gen-2023 Tavani, GiulioBarri, ChiaraCelebrano, MicheleCastriotta, MicheleDi Giancamillo, MatteoFerrari, GiorgioRotta, DavideFinazzi, MarcoBollani, MonicaPrati, Enrico +
Third-Harmonic Circular Dichroism in a Chiral All-Dielectric Metasurface 1-gen-2023 Fagiani, L.Luan, Y.Zilli, A.Celebrano, M.Finazzi, M.Bollani, M. +
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of dewetted SiGe islands 1-gen-2022 Fagiani L.Zilli A.Barri C.Rusconi F.Celebrano M.Khursheed A.Biagioni P.Finazzi M.Bollani M. +
Quantum technologies in diamond enabled by laser processing 1-gen-2022 Coccia, GSotillo, BOlivero, PRamponi, RPietralunga, SMBollani, M +
Electric field modulation of spin transport 1-gen-2022 Zucchetti, C.Marchionni, A.Bollani, M.Ciccacci, F.Finazzi, M.Bottegoni, F.
Tailoring of embedded dielectric alumina film in AlGaAs epilayer by selective thermal oxidation 1-gen-2022 Tavani, GiulioFedorov, AlexeyScotognella, FrancescoChrastina, DanielBollani, Monica +
Tailoring Third-Harmonic Diffraction Efficiency by Hybrid Modes in High-Q Metasurfaces 1-gen-2021 Zilli A.Fagiani L.Bollani M.Finazzi M.Celebrano M.De Angelis C. +
Third-harmonic light polarization control in magnetically resonant silicon metasurfaces 1-gen-2021 Zilli A.Fagiani L.Bollani M.Finazzi M.Celebrano M. +
Morphological study of nanostructures induced by direct femtosecond laser ablation on diamond 1-gen-2021 Sotillo B.Le Phu T.Bollani M.Ramponi R. +
Flexible photonics: Transform rigid materials into mechanically flexible and optically functional systems 1-gen-2021 Ramponi R.Bollani M.Scotognella F. +
Assessment of SnO2-nanocrystal-based luminescent glass-ceramic waveguides for integrated photonics 1-gen-2021 Tran T. N. L.Scotognella F.Bollani M. +
Silicon metasurfaces with tunable electromagnetic resonances for nonlinear optical conversion 1-gen-2021 Fagiani L.Zilli A.de Angelis C.Finazzi M.Celebrano M.Bollani M. +
Spin-charge interconversion in heterostructures based on group-IV semiconductors 1-gen-2020 Bottegoni F.Zucchetti C.Isella G.Bollani M.Finazzi M.Ciccacci F.
Changing the Electronic Polarizability of Monolayer MoS2 by Perylene-Based Seeding Promoters 1-gen-2020 Tummala P. P.Ricci S.Patel K. A.Bertini F.Sordan R.Nobili L. G.Bollani M.Lamperti A. +
Solid-state dewetting dynamics of amorphous ge thin films on silicon dioxide substrates 1-gen-2020 Fedorov A.Bietti S.Bollani M.Ballabio A.Isella G. +
Femtosecond laser written photonic and microfluidic circuits in diamond 1-gen-2019 Bharadwaj, VibhavSotillo, BelénFernandez, Toney TLe Phu, ThienBollani, MonicaRamponi, RobertaEaton, Shane M +
Plasmon-enhanced Ge-based metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector at near-IR wavelengths 1-gen-2019 Lodari, MarioBiagioni, PaoloOrtolani, MicheleIsella, GiovanniBollani, Monica +
Doping dependence of the electron spin diffusion length in germanium 1-gen-2019 Zucchetti, C.Bollani, M.Isella, G.Zani, M.Finazzi, M.Bottegoni, F.
Laser surface structuring of diamond with ultrashort Bessel beams 1-gen-2018 Shane M. EatonMonica BollaniBelén SotilloRoberta Ramponi +
High energy pulsed laser deposition of ohmic tungsten contacts on silicon at room temperature 1-gen-2018 Dellasega, D.Bollani, M.Anzi, L.Pezzoli, A.Chrastina, D.Gulinatti, A.Irde, G.Sordan, R.Passoni, M.Pietralunga, S. M.
Strain in Si or Ge from the edge forces of epitaxial nanostructures 1-gen-2017 LODARI, MARIOCHRASTINA, DANIELMONDIALI, VALERIAFRIGERIO, JACOPOBOLLANI, MONICA +
Near-Field Imaging of Free Carriers in ZnO Nanowires with a Scanning Probe Tip Made of Heavily Doped Germanium 1-gen-2017 Sakat, EmilieBollani, MonicaFinazzi, MarcoPellegrini, GiovanniBiagioni, Paolo +
Functionalization of Scanning Probe Tips with Epitaxial Semiconductor Layers 1-gen-2017 SAKAT, EMILIE GEORGETTE SIMONE MIRNABOLLANI, MONICACELEBRANO, MICHELEFRIGERIO, JACOPOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Pulsed Bessel beam-induced microchannels on a diamond surface for versatile microfluidic and sensing applications 1-gen-2017 Sotillo, BelénBollani, MonicaRamponi, RobertaEaton, Shane M. +
Nonlinear emission from silver-coated 3D hollow nanopillars 1-gen-2016 GHIRARDINI, LAVINIABOLLANI, MONICABIAGIONI, PAOLODUO', LAMBERTOFINAZZI, MARCOCELEBRANO, MICHELE +
Tensile strain in Ge membranes induced by SiGe nanostressors 1-gen-2016 LODARI, MARIOMONDIALI, VALERIACHRASTINA, DANIELBOLLANI, MONICA +
Mid-infrared plasmonic platform based on n-doped Ge-on-Si: Molecular sensing with germanium nano-antennas on Si 1-gen-2016 Bollani, M.Frigerio, J.Pellegrini, G.Ballabio, A.Isella, G.Biagioni, P. +
Top–down SiGe nanostructures on Ge membranes realized by e-beam lithography and wet etching 1-gen-2016 MONDIALI, VALERIALODARI, MARIOCHRASTINA, DANIELBOLLANI, MONICA +
Optical Orientation and Inverse Spin Hall Effect as Effective Tools to Investigate Spin-Dependent Diffusion 1-gen-2016 FINAZZI, MARCOBOTTEGONI, FEDERICOZUCCHETTI, CARLOBOLLANI, MONICABALLABIO, ANDREAFRIGERIO, JACOPOISELLA, GIOVANNICICCACCI, FRANCO +
Anisotropic extended misfit dislocations in overcritical SiGe films by local substrate patterning 1-gen-2016 Bollani, MonicaChrastina, DanielRUGGERI, RICCARDOMondiali, Valeria +
Photoluminescence emission from a nanofabricated scanning probe tip made of epitaxial germanium 1-gen-2016 BOLLANI, MONICASAKAT, EMILIE GEORGETTE SIMONE MIRNACELEBRANO, MICHELEFRIGERIO, JACOPOISELLA, GIOVANNIFINAZZI, MARCOBIAGIONI, PAOLO +
Detection of low energy antimatter with emulsions 1-gen-2016 AGHION, STEFANOBOLLANI, MONICADEI CAS, ERASMOEVANS, CRAIG WILLIAMFERRAGUT, RAFAEL OMAR +
3D characterization at the nanoscale by stereoscopic scanning electron microscopy 1-gen-2015 SALA, VITTORIOBOLLANI, MONICAPIETRALUNGA, SILVIA MARIAZANI, MAURIZIOTAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO
Delayed plastic relaxation limit in SiGe islands grown by Ge diffusion from a local source 1-gen-2015 VANACORE, GIOVANNI MARIAZANI, MAURIZIOBOLLANI, MONICAISELLA, GIOVANNIOSMOND, JOHANNTAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO +
Micro and nanofabrication of SiGe/Ge bridges and membranes by wet-anisotropic etching 1-gen-2015 MONDIALI, VALERIALODARI, MARIOCHRASTINA, DANIELBOLLANI, MONICA +
20 nm-Resolved Stress Profile in SiGe Nano-Stripes Obtained by Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 1-gen-2015 BOLLANI, MONICATAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO +
Local uniaxial tensile strain in germanium of up to 4% induced by SiGe epitaxial nanostructures 1-gen-2015 BOLLANI, MONICACHRASTINA, DANIELGAGLIANO, LUCAMONDIALI, VALERIAFRIGERIO, JACOPOLODARI, MARIOPEZZOLI, FABIOMONTALENTI, FRANCESCO +
Monitoring the kinetic evolution of self-assembled SiGe islands grown by Ge surface thermal diffusion from a local source 1-gen-2014 VANACORE, GIOVANNI MARIAZANI, MAURIZIOBOLLANI, MONICAOSMOND, JOHANNISELLA, GIOVANNITAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO +
Dislocation engineering in SiGe on periodic and aperiodic Si(001) templates studied by fast scanning X-ray nanodiffraction 1-gen-2014 MONDIALI, VALERIABOLLANI, MONICACECCHI, STEFANO CARLOCHRASTINA, DANIEL +
Straining Ge bulk and nanomembranes for optoelectronic applications: a systematic numerical analysis 1-gen-2014 BOLLANI, MONICACHRASTINA, DANIEL +
Ordered arrays of embedded Ga nanoparticles on patterned silicon substrates 1-gen-2014 BOLLANI, MONICABIETTI, SERGIOCHRASTINA, DANIELVANACORE, GIOVANNI MARIATAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO +
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