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Fault Impact Estimation for Lightweight Fault Detection in Image Filtering 1-gen-2022 Bolchini C.Boracchi G.Cassano L.Miele A.Stucchi D.
Securing RSA hardware accelerators through residue checking 1-gen-2021 Cassano, Luca +
A Lightweight Security Checking Module to Protect Microprocessors against Hardware Trojan Horses 1-gen-2021 Cassano, LucaOttavi, Marco +
Usability-based Cross-Layer Reliability Evaluation of Image Processing Applications 1-gen-2021 Bolchini, CristianaCassano, LucaMazzeo, AndreaMiele, Antonio
A methodology for the design and deployment of distributed cyber–physical systems for smart environments 1-gen-2020 Cassano L.Miele A. +
A Neural Network Based Fault Management Scheme for Reliable Image Processing 1-gen-2020 Biasielli M.Bolchini C.Cassano L.Miele A. +
Lightweight Protection of Cryptographic Hardware Accelerators against Differential Fault Analysis 1-gen-2020 Cassano L. +
A Microprocessor Protection Architecture against Hardware Trojans in Memories 1-gen-2020 Cassano L.Ottavi M. +
Lightweight Fault Detection and Management for Image Restoration 1-gen-2020 Bolchini C.Cassano L.Miele A. +
Error Modeling for Image Processing Filters accelerated onto SRAM-based FPGAs 1-gen-2020 Bolchini C.Cassano L.Mazzeo A.Miele A.
An Approximation-based Fault Detection Scheme for Image Processing Applications 1-gen-2020 Biasielli M.Cassano L.Miele A.
A Smart Fault Detection Scheme for Reliable Image Processing Applications 1-gen-2019 Matteo BiasielliCristiana BolchiniLuca CassanoAntonio Miele
HATE: a HArdware Trojan Emulation Environment for Microprocessor-based Systems 1-gen-2019 Cristiana BolchiniLuca CassanoREPOLE, GIAMPIERO +
Protecting RSA hardware accelerators against differential fault analysis through residue checking 1-gen-2019 Cassano L. +
OLT(RE)2: An On-Line On-Demand Testing Approach for Permanent Radiation Effects in Reconfigurable Systems 1-gen-2018 Cassano L. +
A Fully Automated and Configurable Cost-Aware Framework for Adaptive Functional Diagnosis 1-gen-2017 BOLCHINI, CRISTIANACASSANO, LUCA MARIA
Lifetime-aware load distribution policies in multi-core systems: An in-depth analysis 1-gen-2016 BOLCHINI, CRISTIANACASSANO, LUCA MARIAMIELE, ANTONIO ROSARIO
Adapting the duty cycle to traffic load in a preamble sampling MAC for WSNs: Formal specification and performance evaluation 1-gen-2016 Cassano, Luca +
A Novel Approach to Incremental Functional Diagnosis for Complex Electronic Boards 1-gen-2016 BOLCHINI, CRISTIANACASSANO, LUCA MARIA
A configurable board-level adaptive incremental diagnosis technique based on decision trees 1-gen-2015 BOLCHINI, CRISTIANACASSANO, LUCA MARIA
An Expert CAD Flow for Incremental Functional Diagnosis of Complex Electronic Boards 1-gen-2015 BOLCHINI, CRISTIANACASSANO, LUCA MARIAQUINTARELLI, ELISASALICE, FABIO +
On the use of stochastic activity networks for an energy-aware simulation of automatic weather stations 1-gen-2015 Cassano, Luca +
Using stochastic activity networks to study the energy feasibility of automatic weather stations 1-gen-2015 Cassano, Luca +
AENEAS: An energy-aware simulator of automatic weather stations 1-gen-2014 Cassano, Luca +
Machine learning-based techniques for incremental functional diagnosis: A comparative analysis 1-gen-2014 BOLCHINI, CRISTIANACASSANO, LUCA MARIA
Exploiting dynamic partial reconfiguration for on-line on-demand testing of permanent faults in reconfigurable systems 1-gen-2014 Cassano, Luca +
An inter-processor communication interface for data-flow centric heterogeneous embedded multiprocessor systems 1-gen-2014 Cassano, Luca +
Early assessment of SEU sensitivity through untestable fault identification 1-gen-2014 Cassano, Luca +
Analysis and test of the effects of single event upsets affecting the configuration memory of SRAM-based FPGAs 1-gen-2014 Cassano, Luca +
A novel adaptive fault tolerant flip-flop architecture based on TMR 1-gen-2014 Cassano, Luca +
On-line testing of permanent radiation effects in reconfigurable systems 1-gen-2013 Cassano, Luca +
Formal approaches to SEU testing in FPGAs 1-gen-2013 Cassano, Luca +
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