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NA - Nord America 8396
EU - Europa 4667
AS - Asia 787
SA - Sud America 35
AF - Africa 10
OC - Oceania 9
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
Totale 13908
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 7972
IT - Italia 1922
AT - Austria 499
SE - Svezia 465
DE - Germania 446
CA - Canada 411
UA - Ucraina 385
GB - Regno Unito 367
VN - Vietnam 347
CN - Cina 204
FI - Finlandia 174
BE - Belgio 77
GR - Grecia 66
FR - Francia 61
IE - Irlanda 56
IN - India 48
IR - Iran 37
TR - Turchia 28
JP - Giappone 26
HK - Hong Kong 25
PL - Polonia 23
CH - Svizzera 20
NL - Olanda 20
LU - Lussemburgo 19
RU - Federazione Russa 15
TW - Taiwan 15
BR - Brasile 14
CO - Colombia 13
ES - Italia 11
DK - Danimarca 10
KR - Corea 10
MX - Messico 10
RO - Romania 10
AU - Australia 9
ID - Indonesia 9
IL - Israele 8
PT - Portogallo 8
SG - Singapore 8
PK - Pakistan 6
MU - Mauritius 5
NO - Norvegia 5
EU - Europa 4
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 3
PH - Filippine 3
AR - Argentina 2
BD - Bangladesh 2
CL - Cile 2
CU - Cuba 2
KZ - Kazakistan 2
MY - Malesia 2
PE - Perù 2
RS - Serbia 2
SI - Slovenia 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
CR - Costa Rica 1
CY - Cipro 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
EC - Ecuador 1
EG - Egitto 1
HU - Ungheria 1
JO - Giordania 1
KE - Kenya 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
SC - Seychelles 1
SD - Sudan 1
VE - Venezuela 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Woodbridge 776
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Wilmington 589
Houston 582
Vienna 489
Seattle 389
Ashburn 388
Cambridge 379
Milan 346
Jacksonville 248
Dearborn 227
Medford 221
Lawrence 218
Ottawa 192
Dong Ket 191
Mcallen 152
Munich 143
Montréal 119
Redmond 112
Beijing 111
Redwood City 98
Des Moines 77
San Diego 75
Menlo Park 60
Beauharnois 55
Norwalk 50
Rome 40
Brussels 38
Kraainem 33
London 28
Napoli 27
Oldham 27
Brescia 23
Salerno 23
Montreal 22
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Hesperange 19
Fremont 18
Genova 18
Torino 18
Warsaw 18
Padova 16
Phoenix 16
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Mountain View 15
Auburn Hills 14
Hefei 14
Guangzhou 13
Boardman 12
Castiglione Chiavarese 12
Helsinki 12
Turin 12
Verona 12
Kolkata 11
Nanjing 11
Taipei 10
Ascoli Piceno 9
Berlin 9
Bologna 9
Catanzaro 9
Los Angeles 9
Monza 9
Pavia 9
Sheffield 9
Westminster 9
Zurich 9
Giugliano In Campania 8
Istanbul 8
Jakarta 7
Klamath Falls 7
Merate 7
Palermo 7
Segrate 7
Tehran 7
Montagna 6
Pian Camuno 6
Shanghai 6
Toronto 6
Trois-Rivières 6
Turku 6
Bari 5
Bergisch Gladbach 5
Conselve 5
Corinaldo 5
Falls Church 5
Genoa 5
Kunming 5
Lucca 5
Magenta 5
Moscow 5
Philadelphia 5
Pordenone 5
San Donato Milanese 5
Sant'omero 5
Strasbourg 5
Utrecht 5
Zhengzhou 5
Absecon 4
Totale 9773
Nome #
Organ-on-chip platform based on a Miniaturized Optically Accessible Bioreactor: magnetic characterization of the culture chambers 585
Bioengineering tools to speed up the discovery and preclinical testing of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 and therapeutic agents for COVID-19 389
Influence of the static magnetic field on cell response in a miniaturized optically accessible bioreactor for 3D cell culture 276
Fondamenti di ingegneria dei tessuti per la medicina rigenerativa 256
Bioreattore per la generazione di tessuto ingegnerizzato con sistema di attuazione plurifunzionale. 153
Approccio integrato per la medicina rigenerativa 136
3D nichoid substrates affect mesenchymal stem cell morphology and euchromatin organization 126
3d stem cell niche engineering via two-photon laser polymerization 125
Distributed and lumped parameter models for the characterization of high throughput bioreactors 118
Breakthroughs in Computational Modeling of Cartilage Regeneration in Perfused Bioreactors 112
Computational prediction of strain-dependent diffusion of transcription factors through the cell nucleus 102
Multi-foci laser microfabrication of 3D polymeric scaffolds for stem cell expansion in regenerative medicine 102
A multiphysics/multiscale 2D numerical simulation of scaffold-based cartilage regeneration under interstitial perfusion in a bioreactor 101
A multiphysics 3D model of tissue growth under interstitial perfusion in a tissue-engineering bioreactor 101
Secretome released from hydrogel-embedded adipose mesenchymal stem cells protects against the Parkinson’s disease related toxin 6-hydroxydopamine 101
Two-photon polymerized "nichoid" substrates maintain function of pluripotent stem cells when expanded under feeder-free conditions 99
Transcriptional characterization of subcutaneous adipose tissue in obesity affected women highlights metabolic dysfunction and implications for lncRNAs 99
Comparative chondrogenesis of human cells in a 3D integrated experimental-computational mechanobiology model 97
Microfluidic testing of the neuroprotective effect of mesenchymal stromal cells using a 3D model of Parkinson’s disease 95
Interactions between structural and chemical biomimetism in synthetic stem cell niches 93
Human bone perivascular niche-on-a-chip for studying metastatic colonization 93
Computational modelling of microfluidynamics in bioreactor-cultured cellular constructs 92
Optimization of femtosecond laser polymerized structural niches to control mesenchymal stromal cell fate in culture. 92
Hollow Fiber Bioreactor Technology for Tissue Engineering Applications 92
An Organ-On-A-Chip Engineered Platform to Study the Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis in Neurodegeneration 92
Mechanosensing at the Nuclear Envelope by Nuclear Pore Complex Stretch Activation and Its Effect in Physiology and Pathology 92
Neural precursors cells expanded in a 3D micro-engineered niche present enhanced therapeutic efficacy in vivo 92
Optimization of a 3D dynamic culturing system for in vitro modeling of Frontotemporal Neurodegeneration-relevant pathologic features 90
Biomechanics of the C5-C6 spinal unit before and after placement of a disc prosthesis 89
Modeling evaluation of the fluid-dynamic microenvironment in tissue-engineered constructs: A micro-CT based model 89
A miniaturized, optically accessible bioreactor for systematic 3D tissue engineering research 89
Chondrocyte response to high regimens of cyclic hydrostatic pressure in 3-dimensional engineered constructs 88
Loss of mechanical contact of cementless acetabular prostheses due to post-operative weight bearing: a biomechanical model 88
A new bioreactor for controlled application of complex mechanical stimuli for cartilage tissue engineering 87
Biomechanical regulation of drug sensitivity in an engineered model of human tumor. 87
Bio-chemo-mechanical models for nuclear deformation in adherent eukaryotic cells 86
Synthetic niche substrates engineered via two-photon laser polymerization for the expansion of human mesenchymal stromal cells 86
Three-dimensional structural niches engineered via two-photon laser polymerization promote stem cell homing 86
Locked plating: biomechanics and biology 85
Trends in biomedical engineering: Focus on regenerative medicine. 85
Development and biological validation of a cyclic stretch culture system for the ex vivo engineering of tendons 84
Understanding the lumbar spine dynamic stabilization. 83
A miniaturized in vitro 3D model to assess the neuroprotective effect of mesenchymal stromal cell secretome on neuroblastoma cells exposed to oxidative stress 83
A 3D microfluidic model for preclinical evaluation of TCR-engineered T cells against solid tumors 83
Mechanical regulation of nucleocytoplasmic translocation in mesenchymal stem cells: characterization and methods for investigation 83
Two-photon laser polymerization: from fundamentals to biomedical application in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. 82
Dispositivo medico impiantabile 82
Multiphysics Computational Modeling in Cartilage Tissue Engineering 81
The effect of polyurethane scaffold surface treatments on the adhesion of chondrocytes subjected to interstitial perfusion culture 80
Computational modeling of combined cell population dynamics and oxygen transport in engineered tissue subject to interstitial perfusion 79
A double-chamber rotating bioreactor for the development of tissue-engineered hollow organs: From concept to clinical trial 79
A strain-dependent diffusivity model to study the nuclear import of mechanobiological transcription factors 79
Comparative chondrogenesis of human cells in a 3D integrated experimental/computational mechanobiology model 79
The effect of cell morphology on the permeability of the nuclear envelope to diffusive factors 79
The in vivo wear performance of prosthetic femoral heads with titanium nitride coating 78
Loss in mechanical contact of cementless acetabular prostheses due to post-operative weight bearing: a biomechanical study. 78
Controlling self renewal and differentiation of stem cells via mechanical cues. 78
A method for the evaluation of the change in volume of retrieved acetabular cups 77
Biomechanics of the lumbar spine after dynamic stabilization 77
Integration of computational and experimental methods in the study of cartilage mechanobiology 76
Division scheme optimization for the molecular evaluation of the intervertebral disc by Gadolinium-Enhanced MRI. 76
Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation within Miniaturized 3D Scaffolds through Advanced Microscopy Techniques 76
Contact pressures at grafted cartilage lesions in the knee. 75
An in silico bioreactor for simulating laboratory experiments in tissue engineering 75
Quantitative evaluation of the prosthetic head damage induced by microscopic third-body particles in total hip replacement 74
Mechanotransduction at the nuclear pore complex investigated at the molecular level: The role of SUN1 72
Two-photon polymerization for osteo-chondral tissue engineering 71
New trends in tissue engineered cartilage: microfluid dynamics in 3-d engineered cell systems 70
Engineered cartilage constructs subject to very low regimens of interstitial perfusion 70
Distributed and lumped parameter models for the characterization of high throughput bioreactors 69
Effect of the 3D Artificial Nichoid on the Morphology and Mechanobiological Response of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cultured In Vitro 69
Computation of the fluid-induced shear stress in bioreactor-cultured 3D cell systems 68
The effect of physical constraints on the function of cultured embryonic stem cells 68
An integrated experimental-computational approach for the study of engineered cartilage constructs subjected to combined regimens of hydrostatic pressure and interstitial perfusion 68
Modelling evaluation of the testing condition influence on the maximum stress induced in a hip prosthesis during ISO 7206 fatigue testing 67
Autologous intramuscular transplantation of engineered satellite cells induces exosome-mediated systemic expression of Fukutin-related protein and rescues disease phenotype in a murine model of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2I 67
A 3D Multiphysic Model for the Prediction of Engineered Tissue Growth in Perfused Bioreactors 67
A Poroelastic Mixture Model of Mechanobiological Processes in Biomass Growth: Theory and Application to Tissue Engineering 66
Elastic stabilization alone or combined with rigid fusion in spinal surgery: a biomechanical study and clinical experience based on 82 cases 66
Oxygen measurement in interstitially perfused cellularized constructs cultured in a miniaturized bioreactor 66
The biomechanics of intramedullary nailing: a protocol for laboratory testing 65
Loss in mechanical contact of cement-less acetabular prostheses due to post operative weight bearing: A biomechanical model 64
Cervical spine biomechanics following implantation of a disc prosthesis 64
Structure and mechanosensing response of the nuclear pore complex 64
Delayed gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (dGEMRIC) for the quantification of glycosaminoglycan depletion and regeneration in human intervertebral discs. 63
Biomechanics of the cervical spine after fusion and arthroplasty 63
α-Synuclein antisense transcript SNCA-AS1 regulates synapses- and aging-related genes suggesting its implication in Parkinson's disease 63
Characterization of articular chondrocytes isolated from 211 osteoarthritic patients 62
An opto-structural method to estimate the stress-strain field induced by cell contraction on substrates of controlled stiffness in vitro 62
An Experimental-Numerical Investigation on the Effects of the Macroporous Scaffold Geometry on Cell Culture Parameters 62
A new Miniaturized Optically Accessible Bioreactor to investigate the microbiota-gut-brain axis: magnetic characterization of the chambers 62
Effects of in vitro culture techniques on the mechanical properties of tissue-engineered cartilage: a rheological study 61
Molecular MR Imaging for the evaluation of the effect of dynamic stabilization on lumbar intervertebral discs. 61
Two-photon polymerization for engineering stem cell niches 61
RNA-seq Characterization of Sex-Differences in Adipose Tissue of Obesity Affected Patients: Computational Analysis of Differentially Expressed Coding and Non-Coding RNAs 61
An integrated experimental-computational approach for the study of engineered cartilage constructs subjected to combined regimens of hydrostatic pressure and interstitial perfusion. 60
Prediction of the micro fluid dynamic environment imposed to three-dimensional engineered cell systems in bioreactors. 60
The effect of low regimens of interstitial perfusion on the development of engineered cartilage. 60
Matrici di nicchioidi sintetiche per la coltivazione di cellule staminali 60
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