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An Exponential Decay Model for Decaying of Contact Patch Friction Steering Moment with Rolling Speed 1-gen-2023 Jai PrakashMichele VignatiEdoardo Sabbioni
Predictive Display With Perspective Projection of Surroundings in Vehicle Teleoperation to Account Time-Delays 1-gen-2023 Jai PrakashMichele VignatiDaniele VignarcaEdoardo SabbioniFederico Cheli
Heavy-Vehicle Response to Crosswind: Evaluation of Driver Reactions Using a Dynamic Driving Simulator 1-gen-2023 Cioffi, AntonioPrakash, Anirudh RaghuSabbioni, EdoardoVignati, MicheleCheli, Federico
Wireless sensor nodes for freight trains condition monitoring based on geo-localized vibration measurements 1-gen-2023 Zanelli, FedericoSabbioni, EdoardoCarnevale, MarcoMauri, MarcoTarsitano, DavideCastelli-Dezza, FrancescoDebattisti, Nicola
Vehicle Localization Kalman Filtering for Traffic Light Advisor Application in Urban Scenarios 1-gen-2023 Vignarca, DanieleArrigoni, StefanoSabbioni, Edoardo
Infrastructure-Based Vehicle Localization through Camera Calibration for I2V Communication Warning 1-gen-2023 Vignarca, DanieleVignati, MicheleArrigoni, StefanoSabbioni, Edoardo
Characterization of Vertical Dynamics of a Multi-Purpose Tractor with Static and Dynamic Experimental Tests 1-gen-2023 Belloni M.Vignati M.Sabbioni E. +
A Regenerative Braking Strategy for Independently Driven Electric Wheel Accounting for Contemporary Use of Electric and Hydraulic Brakes 1-gen-2022 Vignati, MicheleBelloni, MattiaSabbioni, EdoardoTarsitano, Davide
A fuzzy sensor fusion sideslip angle estimation algorithm combining inertial measurements with GPS data 1-gen-2022 M. VignatiE. Sabbioni +
Energy Autonomous Wireless Sensor Nodes for Freight Train Braking Systems Monitoring 1-gen-2022 Zanelli F.Mauri M.Castelli-Dezza F.Sabbioni E.Tarsitano D.Debattisti N.
An analysis of truck-driver system response to crosswind in tunnel exit conditions 1-gen-2022 A. CioffiE. SabbioniM. VignatiP. Schito +
A Driving Simulator for UN157 Homologation Activities 1-gen-2022 Gobbi, MassimilianoMastinu, GianpieroMelzi, StefanoPreviati, GiorgioSabbioni, Edoardo +
Multi-function movable scotch block: application of an analytical-experimental methodology for the design of the innovative component 1-gen-2022 E. SABBIONIA. MANESD. TARSITANOR. SCAZZOSIM. GIGLIO +
Characterization of truck-driver system response to crosswind in tunnel exit conditions 1-gen-2022 A. CioffiE. SabbioniM. VignatiS. Melzi +
Vehicle Teleoperation: Successive Reference-Pose Tracking to Improve Path Tracking and to Reduce Time-Delay Induced Instability 1-gen-2022 Prakash JaiVignati MicheleSabbioni EdoardoCheli Federico
Full-scale derailment tests on freight wagons 1-gen-2022 Diana G.Sabbioni E.Somaschini C.Tarsitano D. +
Vehicle Teleoperation: Human in the Loop Performance Comparison of Smith Predictor with Novel Successive Reference-Pose Tracking Approach 1-gen-2022 Prakash, JaiVignati, MicheleSabbioni, EdoardoCheli, Federico
Driver-in-the-Loop Simulation to Assess Steering Torque Feeling due to Torque Vectoring Control 1-gen-2022 Asperti MicheleVignati MicheleSabbioni Edoardo
Modeling of a single wheel test bench for blended electric and hydraulic brake testing 1-gen-2021 Vignati, MicheleTarsitano, DavideSabbioni, Edoardo
Optimal Cooperative Brake Distribution Strategy for IWM Vehicle Accounting for Electric and Friction Braking Torques 1-gen-2021 Vignati, MicheleBelloni, MattiaTarsitano, DavideSabbioni, Edoardo
Improved Person Counting Performance Using Kalman Filter Based on Image Detection and Tracking 1-gen-2021 Vignarca, DanielePrakash, JaiVignati, MicheleSabbioni, Edoardo
Design and testing of a braking control logic for independently driven electric wheels 1-gen-2021 Vignati M.Sabbioni E.Tarsitano D. +
A cooperative control strategy for yaw rate and sideslip angle control combining torque vectoring with rear wheel steering 1-gen-2021 Vignati M.Sabbioni E.
An integrated torque-vectoring control framework for electric vehicles featuring multiple handling and energy-efficiency modes selectable by the driver 1-gen-2021 Sabbioni, Edoardo +
Framework di comunicazione I2V per l’assistenza 1-gen-2021 Mattia BersaniSimone MentastiStefano ArrigoniMichele VignatiEdoardo SabbioniDavide TarsitanoFederico Cheli +
Exponential Decay of Contact-Patch Friction Steering Moment with Rolling Speed 1-gen-2021 Jai PrakashMichele VignatiEdoardo Sabbioni
Vehicle sideslip angle estimation using fusion of a kinematic approach and GPS measurements 1-gen-2021 E. SabbioniM. Vignati
An I2V communication network for driver assistance in public transport 1-gen-2020 Bersani, MattiaMentasti, SimoneArrigoni, StefanoVignati, MicheleSabbioni, EdoardoTarsitano, DavideCheli, Federico +
The road connecting Massawa to Asmara: present scenario and future perspectives for increasing road safety 1-gen-2020 Sabbioni EdoardoCheli Federico
Powertrain multibody modelling of front engine - RWD to analyse idle dynamic and NVH 1-gen-2019 Quattromani G.Sabbioni E.
Comparison of AWD vehicle powertrains 1-gen-2019 Holjevac N.Sabbioni E.
Experimental Assessment of the Effect of Different Tires on Comfort of Construction Truck Operators 1-gen-2019 Cinquemani, S.Sabbioni, E. +
Force-based braking control algorithm for vehicles with electric motors 1-gen-2019 Vignati M.Sabbioni E.
Control Strategy for Vehicle Lateral Dynamics Combining Torque Vectoring With Four Wheel Steering 1-gen-2019 Vignati, MicheleSabbioni, Edoardo +
Aerodynamic Study on a Heavy Truck Passing by a Bridge Pylon under Crosswinds Using CFD 1-gen-2018 SALATI, LUIGISchito, P.Rocchi, D.Sabbioni, E.
A torque vectoring control for enhancing vehicle performance in drifting 1-gen-2018 Vignati, MicheleSabbioni, EdoardoCheli, Federico
Parameter optimization of an inerter-based isolator for passive vibration control of Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà 1-gen-2018 Siami, A.Karimi, H. R.Cigada, A.Zappa, E.Sabbioni, E.
Multibody model of fruit harvesting trucks: comparison with experimental data and rollover analysis 1-gen-2018 Melzi, StefanoSabbioni, EdoardoVignati, Michele +
Force and friction estimation based braking control algorithm for vehicles with electric motors 1-gen-2018 E. SabbioniM. Vignati
Advanced Driver Assistance Control for Drifting with Torque Vectoring 1-gen-2018 M. VignatiE. SabbioniF. Cheli
Roll center position and active control of rear suspension geometry 1-gen-2018 I. Ramirez RuizF. CheliE. Sabbioni +
Wireless sensor nodes for diagnostics and monitoring of freight vehicles 1-gen-2018 CII, STEFANOE. SabbioniD. TarsitanoG. Tomasini
Torque vectoring control for different powertrain layouts of hybrid and electric vehicles 1-gen-2017 Vignati, M.Sabbioni, E.
Aging models for high capacity LiFePO4 cells 1-gen-2017 BACCI, MARIA LAURAF. CheliE. SabbioniD. TarsitanoM. Vignati
Development of a Mathematical Model to Design the Control Strategy of a Full Scale Roller-Rig 1-gen-2017 RESTA, FERRUCCIOSABBIONI, EDOARDOTARSITANO, DAVIDE +
Nonlinear 3D Dynamic Model of an Automotive Dual Mass Flywheel 1-gen-2017 QUATTROMANI, GIANLUCASABBIONI, EDOARDOCHELI, FEDERICO +
A decentralized algorithm for control of autonomous agents coupled by feasibility constraints 1-gen-2017 ROSOLIA, UGOBRAGHIN, FRANCESCOSABBIONI, EDOARDO +
Electric powertrain layouts analysis for controlling vehicle lateral dynamics with torque vectoring 1-gen-2017 Vignati, MicheleSabbioni, EdoardoTarsitano, DavideCheli, Federico
A Study of the Lateral Stability of Self-Propelled Fruit Harvesters 1-gen-2017 MELZI, STEFANOSABBIONI, EDOARDOVIGNATI, MICHELE +
Using inerter-based isolator for passive vibration control of Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà 1-gen-2017 SIAMI, ALICIGADA, ALFREDOKarimi, H. R.ZAPPA, EMANUELESABBIONI, EDOARDO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 236
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