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Nome #
Biotechnological tools to produce natural flavors and methods to authenticate their origin 123
Cascade Coupling of Ene Reductases with Alcohol Dehydrogenases: Enantioselective Reduction of Prochiral Unsaturated Aldehydes 117
Enoate Reductase-Mediated Preparation of Methyl (S)-2-Bromobutanoate, a Useful Key Intermediate for the Synthesis of Chiral Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 109
Addition of TMSCN to chiral ketimines derived from isatin. Synthesis of an oxindole-based peptidomimetic and a bioactive spirohydantoin 101
Exploiting the vicinal disubstituent effect on the diastereoselective synthesis of γ and δ lactones 94
Biocatalytic Methods for the Synthesis of Enantioenriched Odor Active Compounds 91
Influencing intramolecular motion with an alternating electric field 89
Exploitation of a Multienzymatic Stereoselective Cascade Process in the Synthesis of 2-Methyl-3-Substituted Tetrahydrofuran Precursors 88
Biocatalytic approach to chiral beta-nitroalcohols by enantioselective alcohol dehydrogenase-mediated reduction of alpha-nitroketones 87
Enantioselective Synthesis of (R)-2-Arylpropanenitriles Catalysed by Ene-Reductases in Aqueous Media and in Biphasic Ionic Liquid–Water Systems 84
Photoinduced dynamics in hydrogen-bonded rotaxanes 82
Enantioselective synthesis of cis-7-methoxy-calamenene via Claisen rearrangement of an enzymatically resolved allyl alcohol 82
Chemo-Enzymatic Oxidative Rearrangement of Tertiary Allylic Alcohols: Synthetic Application and Integration into a Cascade Process 82
A general method for the synthesis of the most powerful naturally occurring Maillard flavors 81
Rationalisation of the stereochemical outcome of ene-reductase-mediated bioreduction of α,β-difunctionalised alkenes 81
Odor and biodiversity: single enantiomers of chiral fragrant substances 81
Biotechnological Development of a Practical Synthesis of Ethyl (S)-2-Ethoxy-3-(p-methoxyphenyl)propanoate (EEHP): Over 100-Fold Productivity Increase from Yeast Whole Cells to Recombinant Isolated Enzymes 79
Substituent and catalyst effects on GAC lactonization of gamma-hydroxy esters 79
Substrate-engineering approach to the stereoselective chemo-multienzymatic cascade synthesis of Nicotiana tabacum lactone 79
Experimental and theoretical study of the adsorption of fumaramide (2)rotaxane on Au(111) and Ag(111) surfaces 77
A Rapid and High-Throughput Assay for the Estimation of Conversions of Ene-Reductase-Catalysed Reactions 76
Productivity enhancement of C=C bioreductions by coupling the in situ substrate feeding product removal technology with isolated enzymes. 76
p-Menthandiol-vanillin acetals: Synthesis and study of their chemo-sensorial properties 74
Chemoselective Biohydrogenation of Alkenes in the Presence of Alkynes for the Homologation of 2-Alkynals/3-Alkyn-2-ones into 4-Alkynals/Alkynols 73
Old Yellow Enzyme-mediated reduction of β-cyano-α,β- unsaturated esters for the synthesis of chiral building blocks: Stereochemical analysis of the reaction 73
Synthesis of Robalzotan, Ebalzotan, and Rotigotine Precursors via the Stereoselective Multienzymatic Cascade Reduction of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes 73
Enzyme-mediated preparation of enantioenriched forms of trans- and cis-p-menthan-1,8-dien-5-ol 72
Photoinduction of fast, reversible translational motion in a hydrogen-bonded molecular shuttle 72
Enzyme-mediated synthesis of EEHP and EMHP, useful pharmaceutical intermediates of PPAR agonists 72
Chirality and fragrance chemistry: Stereoisomers of the commercial chiral odorants Muguesia and Pamplefleur 71
New stereospecific synthesis of Tesaglitazar and Navaglitazar precursors 71
Photoinduced Shuttling Dynamics of Rotaxanes in Viscous Polymer Solutions 71
Conversion of oleic acid into azelaic and pelargonic acid by a chemo-enzymatic route 71
Cascade Coupling of Ene-Reductases and w-Transaminases for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Diastereomerically Enriched Amines 70
Steric Effects on the Stereochemistry of Old Yellow Enzyme-Mediated Reductions of Unsaturated Diesters: Flipping of the Substrate within the Enzyme Active Site Induced by Structural Modifications 69
Enantiospecific synthesis of (+)-hernandulcin 68
Electrochemically switchable hydrogen-bonded molecular shuttles 68
An 'off-on-off' fluorescent sensor for pH based on ligand-proton and ligand-metal-proton interactions 68
Synthesis of Enantiomerically Enriched 2-Hydroxymethylalkanoic Acids by Oxidative Desymmetrisation of Achiral 1,3-Diols Mediated by Acetobacter aceti 68
Multi-enzyme cascade synthesis of the most odorous stereoisomers of the commercial odorant Muguesia 68
Stereoselective synthesis of hernandulcin, peroxylippidulcine A, lippidulcines A, B and C and taste evaluation 68
Biocatalyzed enantioselective reduction of activated C=C bonds: synthesis of enantiomerically enriched alpha -halo-beta -arylpropionic acids. 68
Substrate scope and synthetic applications of the enantioselective reduction of α-alkyl-β-arylenones mediated by Old Yellow Enzymes 67
Photoisomerization of a rotaxane hydrogen bonding template: Light-induced acceleration of a large amplitude rotational motion 66
Synthesis of L- and D-4,6-dideoxyhexoses and 4,6-dideoxy-C-phenylglycosides from enzyme-generated products 66
Synthesis of conformationally restricted and optically pure analogues of serine-proline dipeptide via aldol condensation 65
Stereochemical outcome of the biocatalyzed reduction of activated tetrasubstituted olefins by old yellow enzymes 1-3 65
Enoate Reductases for Reduction of Electron Deficient Alkenes 64
First stereoselective acylation of a primary diol possessing a prochiral quaternary center mediated by lipase TL from Pseudomonas stutzeri 64
One-pot multi-enzymatic synthesis of the four stereoisomers of 4-methylheptan-3-ol 64
Lipase-catalysed synthesis of homotartaric acid enantiomers 63
New synthetic approach to atypical retinoids: application of a versatile annulation procedure 63
Enzyme-catalysed approach to the preparation of triazole antifungals: synthesis of (−)-genaconazole. 63
A chemoenzymatic, preparative synthesis of the isomeric form of p-Menth-1-en-9-ol: application to the synthesis of the isomeric forms of the cooling agent 1-Hydroxy-2,9-cineole 62
Oxygenated Stereotriads with Definite Absolute Configuration by Lipase-Mediated Kinetic Resolution: De Novo Synthesis of Imino Sugars and 6-Deoxy-C-glycosides 62
Synthesis of isoaminile mediated by enzymes 61
Adsorption of fumaramide [2]rotaxane and its components on a solid substrate: a coverage-dependent study 61
Enzymatic approach to enantiomerically pure 5-alken-2,4-diols and 4-hydroxy-5-alken-2-ones: Application to the synthesis of chiral synthons 60
Opposite Enantioselectivity in the Bioreduction of (Z)-beta-Aryl-eta-cyanoacrylates Mediated by the Tryptophan 116 Mutants of Old Yellow Enzyme 1: Synthetic Approach to (R)- and (S)-beta-Aryl-gamma-lactams 60
Rotaxanes: novel photonic molecules 58
Stiff, and sticky in the right places: The dramatic influence of preorganizing guest binding sites on the hydrogen bond-directed assembly of rotaxanes 56
Odor and biodiversity: single enantiomers of chiral fragrant substances 56
Light Induced Changes in NO 2 -Substituted Rotaxanes: Switching Behavior in Mechanically Interlocked Architecture 56
Preparation of the enantiomerically enriched isomers of the odorous cyclic ethers Clarycet (R), Florol (R), and Rhubafuran (R) by enzymatic catalysis 55
Multistate Photo-Induced Relaxation and Photoisomerization Ability of Fumaramide Threads: A Computational and Experimental Study 55
Lipase-catalysed preparation of enantiomerically enriched odorants 54
Baker's Yeast Reduction of beta -Hydroxy Ketones 53
Enantioselective synthesis of benzylic stereocentres via Claisen rearrangement of enantiomerically pure allylic alcohols: preparation of R)- and S)-3-methyl-2-phenylbutylamine 53
Exploitation of Soybean Oil Acid Degumming Waste: Biocatalytic Synthesis of High Value Phospholipids 52
Spaced out binding sites: structural requirements for the hydrogen bond-directed assembly of rotaxanes 50
On the stereochemistry of the Baker's Yeast-mediated reduction of regioisomeric unsaturated aldehydes: Examples of enantioselectivity switch promoted by substrate-engineering 50
Multienzymatic Stereoselective Reduction of Tetrasubstituted Cyclic Enones to Halohydrins with Three Contiguous Stereogenic Centers 50
New stereoselective synthesis of Paeonilactone-B 45
Substrate Scope Evaluation of the Enantioselective Reduction of β-Alkyl-β-arylnitroalkenes by Old Yellow Enzymes 1-3 for Organic Synthesis Applications 45
Biocatalytic synthesis of chiral cyclic gamma-oxoesters by sequential C-H hydroxylation, alcohol oxidation and alkene reduction 44
Stereoselectivity switch in the reduction of α-Alkyl-β-arylenones by structure-guided designed variants of the ene reductase OYE1 43
null 42
Reactive Deep Eutectic Solvents (RDESs): A New Tool for Phospholipase D-Catalyzed Preparation of Phospholipids 42
Old Yellow Enzyme – mediated reduction of unsaturated diesters and cyanoesters for applications in organic synthesis: stereochemical analysis of the reaction 40
Instrumentation for UV/EUV Astronomy and Solar Missions 39
Productivity Improvement of the Bioreduction of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes by Coupling of the In Situ Substrate Feeding Product Removal (SFPR) Strategy with Isolated Enzymes 39
Multi-enzymatic stereoselective synthesis of chiral synthons and pharmaceutical intermediates 38
Synthesis and olfactory evaluation of all stereoisomers of the fragrance Nectaryl 34
Differentiation of Extractive and Synthetic Salicin. The 2H Aromatic Pattern of Natural 2-Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol 32
Instrumentation for UV/EUV Astronomy and Solar Missions 32
Stereochemical Analysis of the Enzymic Reduction of the Double Bond of alpha - and beta -Substituted Nitrostyrenes and alpha -Ethoxycinnamaldehyde through Deuterium Labelling Experiments 31
Asymmetric Bioreduction of beta-Acylaminonitroalkenes: Easy Access to Chiral Building Blocks with Two Vicinal Nitrogen-Containing Functional Groups 27
“A Study in Yellow”: Investigations in the Stereoselectivity of Ene-Reductases 27
Lipase-mediated resolution of the hydroxy-cyclogeraniol isomers: application to the synthesis of the enantiomers of karahana lactone, karahana ether, crocusatin C and gamma -cyclogeraniol. 26
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Enantioenriched (R)‐ and (S)‐Aryloxyalkanoic Herbicides 26
Enzyme-mediated preparation of the enantiomerically enriched isomers of the odorous tetrahydropyranyl acetates Jasmal and Jessemal, and their olfactory evaluation 25
Enzymatic approach to and odor description of the twelve enantiomerically pure isomers of pelargene 25
Redox-Driven intramolecular anion translocation betwee transition metal centres 24
Chemo-enzymatic oxidative cleavage of isosafrole for the synthesis of piperonal 24
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of the Most Pleasant Stereoisomer of Jessemal 23
Stable isotope characterization of the ortho-oxygenated phenylpropanoids: Coumarin and Melilotol 21
Dependence of 1H-NMR T1 relaxation time of trimethylglycine betaine deep eutectic solvents on the molar composition and on the presence of water 6
Synthesis of Polycyclic Fused Indoline Scaffolds through a Substrate-Guided Reactivity Switch 5
Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 4
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