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Nome #
A telescope detection system for direct and high resolution spectrometry of intense neutron fields 138
Experimental investigation of silicon photomultipliers as compact light readout systems for gamma-ray spectroscopy applications in fusion plasmas 126
A novel avalanche-confinement TEPC for microdosimetry at nanometric level 121
Characterization of the energy distribution of neutrons generated by 5 MeV protons on a thick beryllium target at different emission angles 103
A spectral analyzer for the thermoelastic and thermoplastic response of solids to low frequency dynamic loads 101
A modular prototype detector for scintimammography imaging 100
Bipolar feedback transistor integrated on detector with JFET for continuous reset 96
Beam characterization of a monolithic Δe/E silicon device 91
A novel position and time sensing Active Pixel Sensor with field-assisted electron collection for charged particle tracking and electron microscopy 88
Advanced experimental application of a digital signal processor in high resolution x-ray spectroscopy 83
Performance of a Proton Irradiation Chamber 83
Performance of an X-ray spectroscopic system based on a double-gate double-feedback charge preamplifier 83
A digital system for "optimum" resolution in X-ray spectroscopy 82
Radiation Detectors Based on Silicon Monolithic Telescope in Medical Applications 81
A Portable Instrument for Scintigraphic Recording of Blood Volume Shifts 81
A Novel Electronic Chain for High Level Neutron Coincidence Counters 81
Feasibility Study of a Monolithic Silicon Telescope for BNCT Applications 80
A double-gate double-feedback JFET charge-sensitive preamplifier 80
Study of a solid state microdosemeter based on a monolithic silicon telescope: irradiations with low-energy neutrons and direct comparison with a cylindrical TEPC 80
Diamond detectors for fast neutron irradiation experiments 79
A Neutron Spectrometer with High Spatial Resolution for the Characterization of Mixed Fast Neutron Fields 78
Detector embedded device for continuous reset of charge amplifiers: choice between bipolar and MOS transistor 78
A Recoil-Proton Spectrometer Based on a p-i-n Diode Implementing Pulse-Shape Discrimination 78
Diamond detector for high rate monitors of fast neutrons beams 78
The INFN Micro-Si experiment: A silicon microdosimeter for assessing radiation quality of hadrontherapy beams 77
Performance of a Neutron Spectrometer Based on a PIN Diode 76
First results of an active-converter neutron spectrometer 76
A monolithic silicon telescope for hadron beams: numerical and experimental study of the effect of ΔE detector geometry on microdosimetric distributions 76
A Micrometric Thickness Silicon Diode Proposed as a Microdosimeter 76
Neutron/γ discrimination by an emission-based phoswich approach 76
Fission diamond detectors for fast neutron ToF spectroscopy 75
Study of a monolithic silicon telescope for solid state microdosimetry: Response to a 100 MeV proton beam 74
An EPLD-based time-of-arrival acquisition board for neutron coincidence counting 74
PIN Diode and Integrated JFET on High Resistivity Silicon : A New Test Structure 72
A Solid State Microdosimeter Based on a Monolithic Silicon Telescope 72
Low noise, high count-rate charge amplifier with detector embedded front-end transistor and continuous reset 72
A novel tepc for microdosimetry at nanometric level: Response against different neutron fields 72
Characterization of a pixelated silicon microdosimeter in micro-beams of light ions 72
A functionally reconfigurable detector head for scintimammography 72
Charge Preamplifier for Hole Collecting PIN Diode and Integrated Tetrode N-JFET 71
Embedded front-end for charge amplifier configuration with sub-threshold MOSFET continuous reset 71
The LILIA (laser induced light ions acceleration) experiment at LNF 70
Two-chip charge amplifier system for high resolution, high count rate readout 69
Study of the direct response of a monolithic silicon telescope to charged particles at different energies 69
A nano-microdosimetric characterization of a therapeutic carbon ion beam at CNAO 69
A micrometric thickness silicon diode proposed as a microdosimeter 69
A digital Spectrometer for 'Optimum' Pulse Processing 69
Pulse Discrimination between Recoil Protons and Secondary Electrons for a Silicon Diode Based Neutron Spectrometer 68
Pulsed neutron beam measurements with diamond detectors 68
A large area SiPM array coupled to a LaBr3 crystal for a TPR spectrometer 68
Sicilia—silicon carbide detectors for intense luminosity investigations and applications 68
Development of a Prototype Detector for Use in Scintimammography Imaging 67
Improvement of the minimum detectable energy of a recoil-proton spectrometer based on a silicon telescope 67
New silicon microdosimeter production based on improved monolithic silicon telescope technology 67
Miniaturized microdosimeters as LET monitors: First comparison of calculated and experimental data performed at the 62 MeV/u12C beam of INFN-LNS with four different detectors 67
Response of a single-crystal diamond detector to fast neutrons 66
Time-stability of a Single-crystal Diamond Detector for fast neutron beam diagnostic under alpha and neutron irradiation 65
Role of laser contrast and foil thickness in target normal sheath acceleration 65
A FPGA-based software for microdosimetric data processing 65
An improved PIN photodetector with integrated JFET on high-resistivity silicon 64
Diamond detectors for fast neutron measurements at pulsed spallation sources 64
A feasibility study of a solid-state microdosimeter 63
The LILIA (Light ions laser induced acceleration) experiment at LNF 62
Single-crystal diamond detector for time-resolved measurements of a pulsed fast-neutron beam 62
A Portable Dual-input Multichannel Analyzer with Large Onboard Memory for Dual Isotope Diagnostic Techniques 61
An Optimum Digital Signal Processing for Radiation Spectroscopy 61
On-Chip Tetrode JFET for RT X-Ray Spectroscopy: New Results 61
Investigation of ion acceleration mechanism through laser-matter interaction in femtosecond domain 61
Gate-to-Gate BJT Obtained from a Double-Gate Input JFET to Reset Charge Preamplifiers 61
Study of a silicon telescope for solid state microdosimetry: preliminary measurements at the therapeutic proton beam line of CATANA 59
Improvement of the Low Energy Limit of a Silicon-Based Neutron Spectrometer 59
Charge Sensitive Amplifier front-end with an nJFET and a forward biased reset diode 59
Study of a silicon microdosimeter for radiation quality assessment in hadron therapy fields 59
A Thermoelastic Method to Measure the Thermal Expansion Coefficient 58
Neutron spectrometry with a monolithic silicon telescope 58
A wall-less Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter as connecting bridge from microdosimetry to nanodosimetry 58
High resolution X-ray spectroscopy with silicon drift detectors and integrated electronics 57
Charge Preamplifier for Hole Collecting PIN Diode and Integrated Tetrode N-JFET 57
Monolithic integration of Si-PIN diodes and n-channel double-gate JFET's for room temperature X-ray spectroscopy 57
Light response of YAP:Ce and LaBr3:Ce scintillators to 4-30 MeV protons for applications to Telescope Proton Recoil neutron spectrometers 57
Charge Collection Imaging of a Monolithic DeltaE-E Telescope for Radiation Protection Applications 56
Microdosimetria allo Stato Solido 56
Feasibility study of a personal dosemeter based upon silicon diodes used in remote controlling 56
A Spectral Analyzer for the Thermomechanical Response of Solids to Low Frequency Dynamic Loads 56
High spatial resolution microdosimetry with monolithic ΔE-E detector on12C beam: Monte Carlo simulations and experiment 56
Monte Carlo simulation of a new TEPC for microdosimetry at nanometric level: Response against a carbon ion beam 55
Thin YAP:Ce and LaBr3:Ce scintillators as proton detectors of a thin-film proton recoil neutron spectrometer for fusion and spallation sources applications 54
Nano-microdosimetric investigation at the therapeutic proton irradiation line of CATANA 54
Nuclear fragment identification with ΔE-E telescopes exploiting silicon carbide detectors 52
Pulse shape discrimination of CLYC scintillator coupled with a large SiPM array 51
Fission diamond detector tests at the ISIS spallation neutron source 50
A new line for laser-driven light ions acceleration and related TNSA studies 49
Microdosimetry on nanometric scale with a new low-pressure avalanche-confinement TEPC 49
Pulse discrimination between recoil protons and secondary electrons for a silicon diode based neutron spectrometer 45
Experimental investigation at CATANA facility of n-10B and p-11B reactions for the enhancement of proton therapy 45
Characterisation of a ΔE-E Particle Telescope Using the ANSTO Heavy Ion Microprobe 44
Totale 6983
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