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Vibration Monitoring and Seismic Response of the Milan Cathedral 1-gen-2023 Gentile, CarmeloRuccolo, AntonelloSaisi, Antonella
Continuous Dynamic Monitoring and Automated Modal Identification of an Arch Bridge 1-gen-2023 Borlenghi P.Gentile C.Pirro M.
Effects of changing temperature in the vibration-based model updating of a masonry bridge 1-gen-2023 Borlenghi, P.Saisi, A.Gentile, C.
ND testing and establishing models of a multi-span masonry arch bridge 1-gen-2023 Borlenghi, PaoloSaisi, AntonellaGentile, Carmelo
Between Safety and Conservation—Procedure for the Assessment of Heritage Buildings Based on Historic Research 1-gen-2023 Saisi, AntonellaBorlenghi, PaoloGentile, Carmelo
Estimating the Tensile Force in Ancient Metallic Tie-Rods from Vibration Tests 1-gen-2023 Ruccolo A.Gentile C.
The structural monitoring guidelines for the management of bridges in the Lombardia region in Italy 1-gen-2022 M. P. LimongelliC. GentileF. BiondiniM. di PriscoF. BallioM. BelloliF. Resta +
Continuous dynamic monitoring of the Milan Cathedral: influence of environmental changes on the dynamic characteristics 1-gen-2022 Carmelo GENTILEAntonello Ruccolo
StradeNet: A regional road information system 1-gen-2022 S. BianchiG. ZaniA. ScalbiK. Flores FerreiraM. AnghileriL. CapacciF. BiondiniM. di PriscoF. BallioP. BorlenghiG. ZonnoC. GentileL. BenedettiM. Belloli +
Determining and Tuning Models of a Masonry Bridge for Structural Assessment 1-gen-2022 Borlenghi P.Saisi A.Gentile C.
Monitoring Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges with Operational Modal Analysis 1-gen-2022 Borlenghi P.Gentile C.Zonno G.
The MoRe Guidelines for Monitoring of Transport Infrastructures 1-gen-2022 Limongelli M. P.Gentile C.Biondini F.di Prisco M.Ballio F.Belloli M.Resta F. +
P3P: a software suite for autonomous SHM of bridge networks 1-gen-2022 Gentile, Carmelo +
Hydraulic Safety Evaluation and Dynamic Investigations of Baghetto Bridge in Italy 1-gen-2022 Manuel D'AngeloAlessandro MenghiniPaolo BorlenghiLorenzo BernardiniLorenzo BenedettiFrancesco BallioMarco BelloliCarmelo Gentile
Signal Processing Methodology of Response Data from a Historical Arch Bridge toward Reliable Modal Identification 1-gen-2022 Gentile, C +
Bridge structural monitoring: the Lombardia regional guidelines 1-gen-2022 Limongelli, MPGentile, CBiondini, Fdi Prisco, MBallio, FBorlenghi, PBianchi, SCapacci, LAnghileri, MZani, GScalbi, AFlores Ferreira, KD'Angelo, MCazzulani, GBenedetti, LSomaschini, CBernardini, LBelloli, MResta, F +
Monitoring the Cathedral of Milan: An Archive with More Than 50 Years of Measurements 1-gen-2022 Barazzetti L.Della Torre S.Gentile C.Previtali M.Roncoroni F. +
Continuous Monitoring of Masonry Arch Bridges to Evaluate the Scour Action 1-gen-2022 Borlenghi P.D'Angelo M.Ballio F.Gentile C.
Structural novelty detection based on sparse autoencoders and control charts 1-gen-2022 Gentile, C +
Vibration Testing and System Identification of a Monumental Building in Sabbioneta, Italy 1-gen-2021 Gentile C.Saisi A. +
Vibration-Based Novelty Detection of Masonry Towers Using Pattern Recognition 1-gen-2021 Marrongelli G.Gentile C.Saisi A.
Continuous monitoring the modal deflections of the Milan Cathedral 1-gen-2021 C. GentileA. Ruccolo
Multidisciplinary Investigations of a Steel–Concrete Composite Bridge 1-gen-2021 Benedetti L.Borlenghi P.D'Angelo M.Menghini A.Zonno G.Ballio F.Belloli M.Gentile C.
Assessment of Similar Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges by Operational Modal Analysis and Model Updating 1-gen-2021 Zonno G.Gentile C.
SHM of Vibrating Stay-Cables by Microwave Remote Sensing 1-gen-2021 Gentile C.Zonno G. +
ONE YEAR STATIC MONITORING OF THE MILAN CATHEDRAL 1-gen-2021 Antonella SaisiAntonello RuccoloCarmelo Gentile
Monitoring an iconic heritage structure with OMA: The main spire of the Milan Cathedral 1-gen-2021 Ruccolo A.Gentile C. +
One-Year Dynamic Monitoring the Main Spire of the Milan Cathedral 1-gen-2021 Gentile C.Ruccolo A.
Anomaly detection and localization on masonry arch bridges using frequency data 1-gen-2021 Paolo BorlenghiAntonella SaisiCarmelo Gentile
Detecting and localizing anomalies on masonry towers from low-cost vibration monitoring 1-gen-2021 Borlenghi P.Gentile C.Saisi A.
Dynamic characteristics of a curved steel–concrete composite cable-stayed bridge and effects of different design choices 1-gen-2021 Gentile C. +
A damage localisation procedure for masonry towers based on frequency data 1-gen-2020 Borlenghi P.Gentile C.Saisi A.
Investigation strategy for the structural assessment of historic towers 1-gen-2020 Saisi A.Gentile C.
Anomaly Detection Based on Automated OMA and Mode Shape Changes: Application on a Historic Arch Bridge 1-gen-2020 Marrongelli G.Gentile C.Saisi A.
Preliminary Structural Assessment of a Multi-span Masonry Arch Bridge 1-gen-2020 Borlenghi P.Saisi A.Gentile C.
Environmental effects on the dynamic characteristics of a historic cathedral 1-gen-2020 Gentile C.Ruccolo A.
Vibration-based anomaly detection using sparse auto-encoder and control charts 1-gen-2020 Gentile C. +
Measuring the dynamic displacements of bridges using geophone data: Application and validation on a lively footbridge 1-gen-2020 Borlenghi P.Gentile C. +
Investigation strategy for structural assessment of historic towers 1-gen-2020 Saisi A.Gentile C.
Measuring the dynamic response of a lively footbridge to ambient and walking excitation 1-gen-2020 Cigada A.Gentile C.Mulas M. G. +
Continuous monitoring of the Milan Cathedral: dynamic characteristics and vibration-based SHM 1-gen-2019 Gentile C.Ruccolo A. +
Long-term monitoring for the condition-based structural maintenance of the Milan Cathedral 1-gen-2019 Gentile C.Ruccolo A. +
Model updating of a historic concrete bridge by sensitivity- and global optimization-based Latin Hypercube Sampling 1-gen-2019 Gentile C. +
Seismic Assessment of a 14th-Century Stone Arch Bridge: Role of Soil-Structure Interaction 1-gen-2019 Zani G.Martinelli P.Galli A.Gentile C.Di Prisco M.
Vibration-Based Assessment of the Tensile Force in the Tie-Rods of the Milan Cathedral 1-gen-2019 Gentile C.Poggi C.Ruccolo A. +
Long-Term Vibration Measurements to Enhance the Knowledge of a Historic Bell-Tower 1-gen-2019 Gentile C.Ruccolo A.Saisi A.
Continuous Dynamic Monitoring to Enhance the Knowledge of a Historic Bell-Tower 1-gen-2019 Gentile C.Ruccolo A.Saisi A.
FE modelling for seismic assessment of an ancient tower from ambient vibration survey 1-gen-2019 Gentile C.Saisi A.BORLENGHI, PAOLO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 281
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