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Effects and correctability of pile‑up distortion using established figures of merit in time‑domain diffuse optics at extreme photon rates 1-gen-2022 Elisabetta AvanziAnurag BeheraDavide ContiniLorenzo SpinelliAlberto Dalla MoraLaura Di Sieno
Effect of adipose tissue thickness and tissue optical properties on the differential pathlength factor estimation for NIRS studies on human skeletal muscle 1-gen-2021 Ileana PirovanoRebecca ReLorenzo SpinelliDavide ContiniAlessandro Torricelli +
Time-domain diffuse optics with 8.6 mm2 fast-gated SiPM for extreme light harvesting 1-gen-2021 L. Di SienoE. FerocinoE. ConcaV. SestaM. ButtafavaF. VillaF. ZappaD. ContiniA. TorricelliP. TaroniA. TosiA. PifferiA. Dalla Mora
Fast-gated digital silicon photomultiplier maximizes light harvesting and depth sensitivity in time-domain diffuse optics 1-gen-2021 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Conca E.Sesta V.Buttafava M.Villa F.Zappa F.Contini D.Torricelli A.Taroni P.Tosi A.Pifferi A. +
Monitoring the motor cortex hemodynamic response function in freely moving walking subjects: A time-domain fNIRS pilot study 1-gen-2021 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Dalla Mora A.Zappa F.Pifferi A.Tosi A.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Depth selectivity in time-domain fNIRS by analyzing moments and time windows 1-gen-2021 Contini, DavideTorricelli, Alessandro +
A compact multi-distance dcs and time domain nirs hybrid system for hemodynamic and metabolic measurements 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Tosi A.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Recipes for diffuse correlation spectroscopy instrument design using commonly utilized hardware based on targets for signal-to-noise ratio and precision 1-gen-2021 Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Zanoletti M. +
Accuracy of homogeneous models for photon diffusion in estimating neonatal cerebral hemodynamics by TD-NIRS 1-gen-2021 AMENDOLA C.CONTINI D.TORRICELLI A. +
“Walking” into freely moving brain monitoring via real-time TD-NIRS 1-gen-2021 Lacerenza, MicheleButtafava, MauroTosi, AlbertoDalla Mora, AlbertoPifferi, AntonioTorricelli, AlessandroZappa, FrancoContini, Davide +
The LUCA device: a multi-modal platform combining diffuse optics and ultrasound imaging for thyroid cancer screening 1-gen-2021 Zanoletti, MartaButtafava, MauroContini, DavideDalla Mora, AlbertoDi Sieno, LauraRenna, MarcoTosi, Alberto +
In vivo time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy at 1 μm 1-gen-2021 Colombo, LorenzoKonugolu Venkata Sekar, SanathanaContini, DavidePifferi, Antonio +
Time resolved speckle contrast optical spectroscopy at quasi-null source-detector separation for non-invasive measurement of microvascular blood flow 1-gen-2021 Lorenzo ColomboSanathana Konugolu Venkata SekarLaura Di SienoDavide ContiniAlessandro TorricelliAntonio PifferiAlberto Dalla Mora +
A multi-laboratory comparison of photon migration instruments and their performances: the BitMap exercise 1-gen-2021 Lanka, PranavLanka, Sri Rama Pranav KumarBehera, AnuragZanoletti, MartaPirovano, IleanaLacerenza, MicheleQiu, LinaFerocino, EdoardoMaffeis, GiuliaAmendola, CaterinaColombo, LorenzoButtafava, MauroRenna, MarcoDi Sieno, LauraRe, RebeccaFarina, AndreaSpinelli, LorenzoDalla Mora, AlbertoContini, DavideTorricelli, AlessandroTosi, AlbertoTaroni, PaolaPifferi, Antonio +
Time-domain near-infrared spectroscopy in subjects with asymptomatic cerebral small vessel disease 1-gen-2021 Zanoletti M.Re R.Contini D.Spinelli L.Torricelli A. +
Monitoring the haemodynamic response to visual stimulation in glaucoma patients 1-gen-2021 Re R.Spinelli L.Pirovano I.Contini D.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A. +
Time-domain diffuse optics beyond pile-up limits: a simulation study based on relevant figures of merit 1-gen-2021 Avanzi E.Di Sieno L.Behera A.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.
A hybrid DCS and TD-NIRS device for monitoring tissue oxygenation and perfusion, towards ICU applications 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Tosi A.Spinelli L.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Motor cortex hemodynamic response function in freely moving subjects recorded via time domain fNIRS 1-gen-2021 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Spinelli L.Tosi A.Dalla Mora A.Zappa F.Pifferi A.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Optical characterization of 3D printed PLA and ABS filaments for diffuse optics applications 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Pirovano I.Contini D.Spinelli L.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A.Re R.
Phantoms for performance verification and quality control in developing a photonics-based medical device (VASCOVID): A regulatory driven approach 1-gen-2021 Zanoletti M.Lanka P.Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.Contini D. +
Brain activations during programming tasks: TD-NIRS and EEG study 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Calcagno A.Re R.Pirovano I.Contini D.Spinelli L.Bianchi A. M.Torricelli A. +
Assessment of Muscular Sustained Fatigue: A TD-NIRS and sEMG Study 1-gen-2021 Re R.Pirovano I.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Rehabilitation Monitoring After Bed Rest in Elderly: TD-NIRS and sEMG Preliminary Study 1-gen-2021 Pirovano I.Re R.Spinelli L.Contini D.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A. +
Compact Time-Domain NIRS oximeter for non-invasive brain and muscle monitoring 1-gen-2021 Michele LacerenzaMauro ButtafavaMarco RennaAlessandro TorricelliAlberto TosiAlberto Dalla MoraLorenzo SpinelliFranco ZappaAntonio PifferiDavide Contini
Adipose tissue thickness and optical properties affect differential pathlength factor in NIRS studies on human skeletal muscle 1-gen-2021 Pirovano I.Re R.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Time domain NIRS sensitivity to neonatal brain haemodynamics 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A.
Discrimination between healthy and glaucomatous subjects with TD-fNIRS 1-gen-2021 Re R.Spinelli L.Pirovano I.Contini D.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A. +
VASCOVID: An integrated platform to evaluate endothelial and microvascular impairment in severe COVID-19 patients 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Contini D.Frabasile L.Lacerenza M.Torricelli A.Tosi A. +
Filament 3D printing technology for diffuse optics applications: Advantages and drawbacks 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Pirovano I.Contini D.Spinelli L.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A.Re R.
Sensitivity of TD-NIRS in estimating neonatal cerebral hemodynamics with homogenous models of analysis 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Potential for improved thyroid cancer screening aided by multi-modal clinical ultrasound and hybrid diffuse optics (LUCA platform) 1-gen-2021 Buttafava M.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Renna M.Taroni P.Tosi A.Zanoletti M. +
Performance assessment of laser sources for time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Colombo L.Contini D.Torricelli A.Pifferi A. +
Time-Gated single-photon detection in time-domain diffuse optics: A review 1-gen-2020 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Re R.Pifferi A.Contini D.
Real-time dual-wavelength time-resolved diffuse optical tomography system for functional brain imaging based on probe-hosted silicon photomultipliers 1-gen-2020 Di Sieno L.Behera A.Ferocino E.Contini D.Herve L.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A. +
Instrument response function acquisition in reflectance geometry for time-resolved diffuse optical measurements 1-gen-2020 Pirovano I.Re R.Candeo A.Contini D.Torricelli A.Spinelli L.
The SiPM revolution in time-domain diffuse optics 1-gen-2020 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Behera A.Taroni P.Contini D.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.
High signal-to-noise ratio and depth penetration in time-domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy combining large area detector and high throughput electronics 1-gen-2020 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Behera A.Ferocino E.Contini D.Torricelli A.Pifferi A. +
In vivo time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy above the water absorption peak 1-gen-2020 Colombo L.Konugolu Venkata Sekar S.Contini D.Pifferi A. +
Multi-laboratory efforts for the standardization of performance assessment of diffuse optics instruments - The BitMap Exercise 1-gen-2020 Lanka P.Behera A.Zanoletti M.Pirovano I.Lacerenza M.Qiu L.Ferocino E.Maffeis G.Amendola C.Colombo L.Buttafava M.Renna M.Di Sieno L.Re R.Dalla Mora A.Contini D.Taroni P.Tosi A.Torricelli A.Pifferi A. +
LUCA device: A multi-wavelength time-resolved spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy device with an integrated clinical ultrasound module/probe 1-gen-2020 Zanoletti M.Buttafava M.Renna M.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Taroni P.Tosi A. +
Effects of Different Hardware and Measurement Parameters on Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Zanoletti, M.Dalla Mora, A.Contini, D. +
Wearable and wireless time-domain near-infrared spectroscopy system for brain and muscle hemodynamic monitoring 1-gen-2020 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Renna M.Dalla Mora A.Zappa F.Pifferi A.Torricelli A.Tosi A.Contini D. +
Probe-hosted large area silicon photomultiplier and high-throughput timing electronics for enhanced performance time-domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Di Sieno L.Behera A.Ferocino E.Contini D.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.Dalla Mora A. +
Depth-selective data analysis for time-domain fNIRS: Moments vs. time windows 1-gen-2020 Contini D.Spinelli L.Torricelli A. +
Validation of diffuse correlation spectroscopy against 15O-water PET for regional cerebral blood flow measurement in neonatal piglets 1-gen-2020 Contini D.Spinelli L.Torricelli A. +
Broadband extraction of tissue optical properties using a portable hybrid time-resolved continuous wave instrumentation: Characterization of ex vivo organs 1-gen-2020 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Pifferi A.Tosi A.Contini D. +
Large-Area, Fast-Gated Digital SiPM with Integrated TDC for Portable and Wearable Time-Domain NIRS 1-gen-2020 Conca E.Sesta V.Buttafava M.Villa F.Di Sieno L.Dalla Mora A.Contini D.Taroni P.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.Zappa F.Tosi A.
Sustained fatigue assessment during isometric exercises with time-domain near infrared spectroscopy and surface electromyography signals 1-gen-2020 Pirovano I.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A.Re R. +
Time-resolved NIRS: A clinical study on ischemic stroke patients 1-gen-2020 Zanoletti M.Contini D.Re R.Spinelli L.Torricelli A. +
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