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Cerebrovascular reactivity to carbon dioxide tension in newborns: Data from combined time-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy 1-gen-2023 Contini D.Amendola C.Torricelli A. +
Non-invasive estimation of in vivo optical properties and hemodynamic parameters of domestic animals: a preliminary study on horses, dogs, and sheep 1-gen-2023 Frabasile, LorenzoAmendola, CaterinaButtafava, MauroContini, DavideLacerenza, MicheleQiu, LinaSpinelli, LorenzoTorricelli, Alessandro +
Fast time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy with superconducting nanowire single-photon detector: system validation and in vivo results 1-gen-2023 Dalla Mora, AlbertoRe, RebeccaContini, DavideTorricelli, AlessandroPifferi, Antonio +
Motor cortex hemodynamic response to goal-oriented and non-goal-oriented tasks in healthy subjects 1-gen-2023 Frabasile L.Amendola C.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Assessment of power spectral density of microvascular hemodynamics in skeletal muscles at very low and low-frequency via near-infrared diffuse optical spectroscopies 1-gen-2023 Amendola C.Contini L.Frabasile L.Re R.Torricelli A.Tosi A.Contini D. +
The VASCOVID: A portable and non-invasive platform for the stratification of COVID-19 patients in ICU 1-gen-2022 Amendola C.Frabasile L.Lacerenza M.Konugolu Venkata Sekar S.Torricelli A.Tosi A.Contini D. +
Vastus Lateralis Muscle's Characterization on bedridden patients: a Time Domain fNIRS study 1-gen-2022 R. ReL. SpinelliD. ContiniR. CubedduA. Torricelli +
Effects and correctability of pile‑up distortion using established figures of merit in time‑domain diffuse optics at extreme photon rates 1-gen-2022 Elisabetta AvanziAnurag BeheraDavide ContiniLorenzo SpinelliAlberto Dalla MoraLaura Di Sieno
Pushing Time-Domain Diffuse Optics to Its Ultimate Limits: New Large-Area Detector and Operation Modality 1-gen-2022 Avanzi E.Contini D.Behera A.Dalla Mora ADi Sieno L. +
Time-domain diffuse optics can break the pile-up bottleneck thanks to high light harvesting single-photon detectors 1-gen-2022 E. AvanziA. BeheraD. ContiniA. Dalla MoraL. Di Sieno +
Multi-laboratory performance assessment of diffuse optics instruments: the BitMap exercise 1-gen-2022 Lanka, PranavBehera, AnuragZanoletti, MartaPirovano, IleanaLacerenza, MicheleQiu, LinaFerocino, EdoardoMaffeis, GiuliaAmendola, CaterinaColombo, LorenzoFrabasile, LorenzoLevoni, PietroDi Sieno, LauraRe, RebeccaDalla Mora, AlbertoContini, DavideTaroni, PaolaTosi, AlbertoTorricelli, AlessandroPifferi, Antonio +
Reliable Fast (20 Hz) Acquisition Rate by a TD fNIRS Device: Brain Resting-State Oscillation Studies 1-gen-2022 Re, RebeccaPirovano, IleanaContini, DavideAmendola, CaterinaContini, LetiziaFrabasile, LorenzoLevoni, PietroTorricelli, Alessandro +
Breaking the rules of time-domain diffuse optics: working with 1 cm2 SiPM and well-beyond the single-photon statistics 1-gen-2022 Di Sieno, LauraAvanzi, ElisabettaLacerenza, MicheleBehera, AnuragContini, DavideDalla Mora, Alberto +
Performance and reproducibility assessment across multiple time-domain near-infrared spectroscopy device replicas 1-gen-2022 Lacerenza, MicheleTorricelli, AlessandroTosi, AlbertoContini, DavideDalla Mora, AlbertoPifferi, AntonioZappa, FrancoButtafava, Mauro
Compact Time-Domain NIRS oximeter for non-invasive brain and muscle monitoring 1-gen-2021 Michele LacerenzaMauro ButtafavaMarco RennaAlessandro TorricelliAlberto TosiAlberto Dalla MoraLorenzo SpinelliFranco ZappaAntonio PifferiDavide Contini
“Walking” into freely moving brain monitoring via real-time TD-NIRS 1-gen-2021 Lacerenza, MicheleButtafava, MauroTosi, AlbertoDalla Mora, AlbertoPifferi, AntonioTorricelli, AlessandroZappa, FrancoContini, Davide +
Effect of adipose tissue thickness and tissue optical properties on the differential pathlength factor estimation for NIRS studies on human skeletal muscle 1-gen-2021 Ileana PirovanoRebecca ReLorenzo SpinelliDavide ContiniAlessandro Torricelli +
Phantoms for performance verification and quality control in developing a photonics-based medical device (VASCOVID): A regulatory driven approach 1-gen-2021 Zanoletti M.Lanka P.Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Torricelli A.Pifferi A.Contini D. +
The LUCA device: a multi-modal platform combining diffuse optics and ultrasound imaging for thyroid cancer screening 1-gen-2021 Zanoletti, MartaButtafava, MauroContini, DavideDalla Mora, AlbertoDi Sieno, LauraRenna, MarcoTosi, Alberto +
Time domain NIRS sensitivity to neonatal brain haemodynamics 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A.
A multi-laboratory comparison of photon migration instruments and their performances: the BitMap exercise 1-gen-2021 Lanka, PranavLanka, Sri Rama Pranav KumarBehera, AnuragZanoletti, MartaPirovano, IleanaLacerenza, MicheleQiu, LinaFerocino, EdoardoMaffeis, GiuliaAmendola, CaterinaColombo, LorenzoButtafava, MauroRenna, MarcoDi Sieno, LauraRe, RebeccaFarina, AndreaSpinelli, LorenzoDalla Mora, AlbertoContini, DavideTorricelli, AlessandroTosi, AlbertoTaroni, PaolaPifferi, Antonio +
Depth selectivity in time-domain fNIRS by analyzing moments and time windows 1-gen-2021 Contini, DavideTorricelli, Alessandro +
A hybrid DCS and TD-NIRS device for monitoring tissue oxygenation and perfusion, towards ICU applications 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Tosi A.Spinelli L.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Accuracy of homogeneous models for photon diffusion in estimating neonatal cerebral hemodynamics by TD-NIRS 1-gen-2021 AMENDOLA C.CONTINI D.TORRICELLI A. +
Time resolved speckle contrast optical spectroscopy at quasi-null source-detector separation for non-invasive measurement of microvascular blood flow 1-gen-2021 Lorenzo ColomboSanathana Konugolu Venkata SekarLaura Di SienoDavide ContiniAlessandro TorricelliAntonio PifferiAlberto Dalla Mora +
A compact multi-distance dcs and time domain nirs hybrid system for hemodynamic and metabolic measurements 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Tosi A.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Time-domain diffuse optics with 8.6 mm2 fast-gated SiPM for extreme light harvesting 1-gen-2021 L. Di SienoE. FerocinoE. ConcaV. SestaM. ButtafavaF. VillaF. ZappaD. ContiniA. TorricelliP. TaroniA. TosiA. PifferiA. Dalla Mora
Rehabilitation Monitoring After Bed Rest in Elderly: TD-NIRS and sEMG Preliminary Study 1-gen-2021 Pirovano I.Re R.Spinelli L.Contini D.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A. +
Time-domain near-infrared spectroscopy in subjects with asymptomatic cerebral small vessel disease 1-gen-2021 Zanoletti M.Re R.Contini D.Spinelli L.Torricelli A. +
Monitoring the motor cortex hemodynamic response function in freely moving walking subjects: A time-domain fNIRS pilot study 1-gen-2021 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Dalla Mora A.Zappa F.Pifferi A.Tosi A.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Fast-gated digital silicon photomultiplier maximizes light harvesting and depth sensitivity in time-domain diffuse optics 1-gen-2021 Dalla Mora A.Di Sieno L.Conca E.Sesta V.Buttafava M.Villa F.Zappa F.Contini D.Torricelli A.Taroni P.Tosi A.Pifferi A. +
Motor cortex hemodynamic response function in freely moving subjects recorded via time domain fNIRS 1-gen-2021 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Spinelli L.Tosi A.Dalla Mora A.Zappa F.Pifferi A.Torricelli A.Contini D. +
Time-domain diffuse optics beyond pile-up limits: a simulation study based on relevant figures of merit 1-gen-2021 Avanzi E.Di Sieno L.Behera A.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.
Assessment of Muscular Sustained Fatigue: A TD-NIRS and sEMG Study 1-gen-2021 Re R.Pirovano I.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Performance assessment of laser sources for time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Colombo L.Contini D.Torricelli A.Pifferi A. +
Recipes for diffuse correlation spectroscopy instrument design using commonly utilized hardware based on targets for signal-to-noise ratio and precision 1-gen-2021 Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Zanoletti M. +
Monitoring the haemodynamic response to visual stimulation in glaucoma patients 1-gen-2021 Re R.Spinelli L.Pirovano I.Contini D.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A. +
Potential for improved thyroid cancer screening aided by multi-modal clinical ultrasound and hybrid diffuse optics (LUCA platform) 1-gen-2021 Buttafava M.Contini D.Dalla Mora A.Pifferi A.Renna M.Taroni P.Tosi A.Zanoletti M. +
Adipose tissue thickness and optical properties affect differential pathlength factor in NIRS studies on human skeletal muscle 1-gen-2021 Pirovano I.Re R.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Optical characterization of 3D printed PLA and ABS filaments for diffuse optics applications 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Pirovano I.Contini D.Spinelli L.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A.Re R.
Sensitivity of TD-NIRS in estimating neonatal cerebral hemodynamics with homogenous models of analysis 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Spinelli L.Contini D.Torricelli A. +
Discrimination between healthy and glaucomatous subjects with TD-fNIRS 1-gen-2021 Re R.Spinelli L.Pirovano I.Contini D.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A. +
Brain activations during programming tasks: TD-NIRS and EEG study 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Calcagno A.Re R.Pirovano I.Contini D.Spinelli L.Bianchi A. M.Torricelli A. +
VASCOVID: An integrated platform to evaluate endothelial and microvascular impairment in severe COVID-19 patients 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Contini D.Frabasile L.Lacerenza M.Torricelli A.Tosi A. +
Filament 3D printing technology for diffuse optics applications: Advantages and drawbacks 1-gen-2021 Amendola C.Lacerenza M.Pirovano I.Contini D.Spinelli L.Cubeddu R.Torricelli A.Re R.
In vivo time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy at 1 μm 1-gen-2021 Colombo, LorenzoKonugolu Venkata Sekar, SanathanaContini, DavidePifferi, Antonio +
Brain function detector 1-gen-2020 Cubeddu R.Torricelli A.Dalla Mora A.Contini D.Pifferi A.Di Sieno L. +
Functional monitoring of lung tissue using a hybrid hyperspectral Time-Resolved GASMAS system: A systematic study on ex vivo sample 1-gen-2020 Lacerenza M.Konugolu Venkata Sekar S.Buttafava M.Tosi A.Pifferi A.Contini D. +
Time-resolved NIRS: A clinical study on ischemic stroke patients 1-gen-2020 Zanoletti M.Contini D.Re R.Spinelli L.Torricelli A. +
Broadband extraction of tissue optical properties using a portable hybrid time-resolved continuous wave instrumentation: Characterization of ex vivo organs 1-gen-2020 Lacerenza M.Buttafava M.Pifferi A.Tosi A.Contini D. +
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