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Kharagpur 1
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Nome #
Adaptive prognosis of lithium-ion batteries based on the combination of particle filters and radial basis function neural networks 134
Adaptive training of neural networks by a particle filter for prognosis of damaged structures 121
A particle filter-based model selection algorithm for fatigue damage identification on aeronautical structures 119
Application of multi-objective genetic algorithms to two case studies of reliability efficiency analysis and optimal expansion of electrical transmission networks. 107
State-of-life prognosis and diagnosis of lithium-ion batteries by data-driven particle filters 97
Employing Neural Network to determine the position of interaction of medium-high energy gamma rays 86
A Bayesian Monte Carlo-based algorithm for the estimation of small failure probabilities of systems affected by uncertainties 86
Estimation of rare event probabilities in power transmission networks subject to cascading failures 85
An integrated simulation framework for the performance assessment of radioactive waste repositories 84
Adaptive prognosis of fatigue damage based on the combination of particle filters and neural networks 84
Using centrality measures to rank the importance of the components of a complex network infrastructure 83
A model based on bootstrapped neural networks for computing the maximum fuel cladding temperature in an Rmbk-1500 nuclear reactor accident 83
A neural-network-based variance decomposition sensitivity analysis 83
A novel particle tracking scheme for modeling contaminant transport in a dual-continua fractured medium 82
Cascading failure behavior in randomly generated power transmission networks 82
Neutron shielding for a new projected proton therapy facility: A Geant4 simulation study 82
A modeling and simulation framework for the reliability/availability assessment of a power transmission grid subject to cascading failures under extreme weather conditions 82
Electrical and topological drivers of the cascading failure dynamics in power transmission networks 82
Industry 4.0 and Automotive 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities for Designing New Vehicle Components for Automated and/or Electric Vehicles 81
A neural-network-based variance decomposition sensitivity analysis 80
Application of Particle Filtering for Estimating the Dynamics of Nuclear Systems 80
Optimized Direct Fuzzy Model Reference Adaptive Control Applied to Nuclear Reactor Dynamics 80
Simulating the dynamics of the neutron flux in a nuclear reactor by locally recurrent neural networks 79
Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a Model-Free Fuzzy Control System 79
System state estimation by particle filtering for fault diagnosis and prognosis 79
A Neural-Network-Based Variance Decomposition Sensitivity Analysis 77
Preliminary evaluation of a radioactive waste repository safety performance by a Monte Carlo simulation-based reliability model 77
Using centrality measures to rank the importance of the components of a complex network infrastructure 76
An improved adaptive kriging-based importance technique for sampling multiple failure regions of low probability 74
Model-based Monte Carlo state estimation for condition-based component replacement 73
Model-based and data-driven prognostics under different available information 72
Optimized Adaptive Fuzzy Controller of the Water Level of a Pressurized Water Reactor Steam Generator 71
Upscaling of a dual-permeability Monte Carlo simulation model for contaminant transport in fractured networks by genetic algorithm parameter identification 71
Simulation of reactive diffusion in clays by a continuous-time Markovian particle-tracking scheme 71
Biased Monte Carlo unavailability analysis for systems with time-dependent failure rates 70
Estimation of passive systems functional failure probabilities by the modified meta-IS algorithm 70
Monte Carlo-based assessment of the safety performance of a radioactive waste repository 69
Optimal expansion of an existing electrical power transmission network by multi-objective genetic algorithms 69
A combination of Gaussian Processes and Principal Component Analysis for prediction of radionuclide migration 69
Detection of the Time of Failure of a Hybrid System by Particle Filtering in a Log-Likelihood Ratio Approach 68
Uncertainty propagation in a model for the estimation of the ground level concentration of dioxin/furans emitted from a waste gasification plant 68
Passive systems failure probability estimation by the meta-AK-IS 2 algorithm 68
A monte carlo method for the model-based estimation of nuclear reactor dynamics 67
Particle Filtering for the Detection of Fault Onset Time in Hybrid Dynamic Systems With Autonomous Transitions 67
Multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization of electrical power transmission networks 67
An Improvement of a Metamodel-Based Importance Sampling Algorithm for Estimating Small Failure Probabilities 66
Uncertainty propagation methods in dioxin/furans emission estimation models 66
Monte Carlo simulation of radionuclide migration in fractured rock for the performance assessment of radioactive waste repositories 65
Improved metamodel-based importance sampling for the performance assessment of radioactive waste repositories 65
Polynomial chaos expansion for global sensitivity analysis applied to a model of radionuclide migration in a randomly heterogeneous aquifer 65
Robust identification of strain waves due to low-velocity impact with different impactor stiffness 64
Validation of infinite impulse response multi-layer Perceptron for modelling nuclear dynamics 63
Monte Carlo-based filtering for fatigue crack growth estimation 62
Monte Carlo estimation of radionuclide release at a repository scale 62
Modeling the effects of tolerances and assembly errors on the optical performances of parabolic collectors in a concentrating solar power system 59
Impact of uncertainties on the safety performances of the LBE-XADS concept nuclear reactor 59
Sequential Monte Carlo method to assess the availability of power station layouts with generator circuit-breakers 58
null 57
Subset Simulation of a reliability model for radioactive waste repository performance assessment 57
Particle filtering-based adaptive training of neural networks for real-time structural damage diagnosis and prognosis 56
Basics of Reliability and Risk Analysis - Worked Out Problems and Solutions 54
Dealing with uncertainty in modelling of wastewater disinfection by peracetic acid 54
Recurrent Neural Networks for Dynamic Reliability Analysis 53
A Monte Carlo-based Technique for Estimating the Operation Modes of Hybrid Dynamic Systmes 53
Chapter 1 - Nuclear Dynamics Modelling by Recurrent Neural Networks 51
null 51
Advanced monte carlo methods and applications 50
Condition-based maintenance by particle filtering 47
A multi-objective genetic algorithm for the optimization of electrical transmission networks 46
A Monte Carlo Simulation Model for Radionuclide Migration at theRepository Scale 45
Experimental investigation on the mechanical behavior of an innovative parabolic trough collector 45
Dynamic Systems Modelling by Locally Recurrent Neural Networks 43
Recurrent Neural Networks For Dynamic Reliability Analysis 42
Challenges in Monte Carlo Simulation of Non-Linear Radioactive Contaminant Release Processes 42
Particle filtering for the estimation of system mode of operation 38
Global reliability sensitivity analysis by Sobol-based dynamic adaptive kriging importance sampling 37
Online Estimation of Fatigue Crack Growth by Monte Carlo-Based Filtering 35
Chapter 24. Nuclear Dynamics Modelling by Recurrent Neural Networks 35
Surrogate modelling for observation likelihood calculation in a particle filter framework for automated diagnosis and prognosis 35
Finite Element Modelling of a Parabolic Trough Collector for Concentrated Solar Power 35
An Adaptive Model-Free Fuzzy Controller 33
Fatigue damage diagnosis and prognosis of an aeronautical structure based on surrogate modelling and particle filter 33
Guest Editorial 31
Modeling the release and transport of 90Sr radionuclides from a superficial nuclear storage facility 31
Prognostics under different available information 30
Particle filter-based hybrid damage prognosis considering bias 29
Condition-based maintenance by particle filtering 28
Assessment of the ultimate actual strength of rock-climbing protection devices: Extraction tests in the field and the human capability to predict the ultimate strength 28
Unavailability of Systems with Time-Dependent Failure Rates and Stress-Dependent Aging 27
Monte Carlo simulation-based reliability model for the PSA of a radioactive waste repository 27
Nominal range sensitivity analysis of peak radionuclide concentrations in randomly heterogeneous aquifer 24
A combined framework for automated diagnosis and prognosis based on surrogate modelling and a particle filter 24
Global sensitivity analysis from given data: An application to a model for radionuclide migration in a randomly heterogeneous aquifer 23
Effects of machine-tool parameters on geometry and contact pattern for face hobbed hypoid gears 23
Multi-objective genetic algorithms for the reliability analysis and optimization of electrical transmission networks 22
Investigation on low velocity impact damage identification with ultrasonic techniques under different sensor network conditions 22
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