Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 6415
EU - Europa 3252
AS - Asia 496
SA - Sud America 16
AF - Africa 9
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 9
OC - Oceania 8
Totale 10205
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 6201
IT - Italia 1284
SE - Svezia 450
UA - Ucraina 375
AT - Austria 307
DE - Germania 254
VN - Vietnam 249
CA - Canada 210
GB - Regno Unito 148
CN - Cina 143
FI - Finlandia 141
FR - Francia 73
GR - Grecia 34
ES - Italia 33
BE - Belgio 32
NL - Olanda 28
IN - India 25
PL - Polonia 24
TR - Turchia 16
PT - Portogallo 14
CH - Svizzera 13
HK - Hong Kong 11
IR - Iran 10
AU - Australia 8
EU - Europa 8
CY - Cipro 7
DK - Danimarca 7
JP - Giappone 7
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
CO - Colombia 5
ID - Indonesia 5
KR - Corea 5
MT - Malta 5
BR - Brasile 4
HR - Croazia 4
IL - Israele 4
PE - Perù 4
PK - Pakistan 4
RO - Romania 4
RU - Federazione Russa 4
SG - Singapore 4
SI - Slovenia 4
IE - Irlanda 3
MA - Marocco 3
MX - Messico 3
CL - Cile 2
EG - Egitto 2
IQ - Iraq 2
MY - Malesia 2
NG - Nigeria 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
TW - Taiwan 2
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 1
AR - Argentina 1
GL - Groenlandia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
MU - Mauritius 1
NO - Norvegia 1
RS - Serbia 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
Totale 10205
Città #
Fairfield 916
Woodbridge 795
Chandler 568
Wilmington 540
Houston 434
Ann Arbor 380
Ashburn 371
Seattle 363
Cambridge 338
Vienna 297
Dearborn 237
Jacksonville 224
Milan 201
Ottawa 190
Lawrence 163
Dong Ket 137
Medford 107
Beijing 77
Rome 76
Princeton 65
Des Moines 55
San Diego 47
Redwood City 36
Brussels 27
Norwalk 23
Amsterdam 20
Mcallen 18
Phoenix 18
Los Angeles 17
Torino 17
Redmond 16
Montréal 15
Munich 15
Warsaw 15
Boardman 13
Como 13
Mountain View 13
Florence 12
London 12
Lucca 12
Falls Church 11
Auburn Hills 10
Xian 9
Catania 8
Central District 8
Dallas 8
Nanjing 8
Bergamo 7
Bologna 7
Fars 7
Genova 7
Pordenone 7
Satriano 7
Siracusa 7
Verona 7
Villanovafranca 7
Dolo 6
Grafing 6
Hollywood 6
Istanbul 6
Nerviano 6
Nicosia 6
San Giuliano 6
St Louis 6
Valencia 6
Venezia 6
Biassono 5
Brescia 5
Copenhagen 5
Graz 5
Hefei 5
Padova 5
Sevilla 5
Bogotá 4
Cadelbosco 4
Chengdu 4
Guangzhou 4
Jakarta 4
Kraków 4
Lima 4
Madrid 4
Napoli 4
Prato 4
Santiago De Compostela 4
Viareggio 4
Vicenza 4
Albuzzano 3
Athens 3
Avezzano 3
Busto Arsizio 3
Cardano al Campo 3
Changsha 3
Cremona 3
Desenzano Del Garda 3
Dortmund 3
Gent 3
Groningen 3
Happy Valley 3
Izmir 3
Lecco 3
Totale 7207
Nome #
A novel classification method for multispectral imaging combined with portable Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of a painting by vincent van gogh 146
Pulitura con gel di agar delle superfici marmoree del tornacoro del Duomo di Milano 130
Commercial NHL-containing mortars for the preservation of historical architecture. Part 1: Compositional and mechanical characterisation. 128
Innovative diagnostic models of artefacts: the case study of Michelangelo’s Pietà Rondanini. 125
Commercial NHL-containing mortars for the preservation of historical architecture. Part 2: Durability to salt decay 119
Advantages of using microbial technology over traditional chemical technology in removal of black crusts from stone surfaces of historical monuments 110
Time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy and imaging: New approaches to the analysis of cultural heritage and its degradation 109
N-vanillylnonanamide tested as a non-toxic antifoulant, applied to surfaces in a polyurethane coating 109
A portable UV-fluorescence multispectral imaging system for the analysis of painted surfaces 108
Nd, Er and Excimer Laser sources: laboratory evaluation of cleaning efficacy and of interaction with substrate 106
Efficient self-cleaning treatments for built heritage based on highly photo-active and well-dispersible TiO2 nanocrystals 105
Anoxic treatment for the disinfestation of wood cultural heritage: assessment of the effects and harmfulness on different species 104
Layered Nano-TiO2Based Treatments for the Maintenance of Natural Stones in Historical Architecture 97
On-site monitoring of the performance of innovative treatments for marble conservation in architectural heritage 96
Advanced non-invasive fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging for mapping photo-oxidative degradation in acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene: A study of model samples and of an object from the 1960s 96
"Mi Fuma il Cervello" self-portrait series of Alighiero Boetti: Evaluation of a conservation and maintenance strategy based on sacrificial coatings 95
Non-invasive identification of plastic materials in museum collections with portable FTIR reflectance spectroscopy: Reference database and practical applications 94
Una tecnica innovativa per la diagnosi dei beni culturali: fluorimetria per immagini e spettroscopia di fluorescenza portatile 91
A portable NMR device for the evaluation of water presence in building materials 90
On the discovery of an unusual luminescent pigment in Van Gogh’s painting “Les bretonnes et le pardon de pont Aven” 89
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Michelangelo's David 89
“Mi Fuma il Cervello”: The Challenging Conservation of Alighiero Boetti Selfportrait 88
Biofilm colonization of metamorphic lithotypes of a renaissance cathedral exposed to urban atmosphere 87
Multi-spectral fluorescence imaging for Cultural Heritage 85
Early Detection and Monitoring Procedures by Means of Multispectral Image Analysis 85
A round robin exercise in archaeometry: Analysis of a blind sample reproducing a seventeenth century pharmaceutical ointment 85
La Pietà Rondanini: il Michelangelo di Milano. Conoscenza e conversazione 84
Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Microscopy Combined with X-ray Analyses and Raman Spectroscopy Sheds Light on the Imperfect Synthesis of Historical Cadmium Pigments 84
Conservation of the Built Heritage: Pilot Site Approach to Design a Sustainable Process 83
Inspecting adhesion and cohesion of protectives and consolidants in sandstones of architectural heritage by X-ray microscopy methods 83
Messa a punto e monitoraggio della metodologia di pulitura di bronzi con tecniche non invasive 82
Analytical investigation of calcium oxalate films on marble monuments 81
Commercial Ready-Mixed Mortars for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Characterization and Preliminary Durability Test 81
The Oslo Opera House–Condition Analysis and Proposal for Cleaning, Protection and Maintenance of Exterior Marble 81
The Silk Road, Marco Polo, a bible and its proteome: A detective story 81
The application of the contact angle in monument protection: new materials and methods 79
Comparison of salt decay susceptibility of NHL repair mortars under different testing conditions, 79
Photocatalytic nanocomposites for the protection of European architectural heritage 78
Self-cleaning and antifouling nanocomposites for stone protection: Properties and performances of stone-nanomaterial systems 78
Highly transparent poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)-TiO2 nanocomposite coatings for the conservation of matte painted artworks 78
BuiltHeritage: Monitoring, Conservation Management 77
Successful combination of chemical and biological treatments for the cleaning of stone artworks 77
The degradation of poly(vinyl acetate) as a material for design objects: A multi-analytical study of the effect of dibutyl phthalate plasticizer. Part 1 76
Synchrotron-based FTIR microspectroscopy for the mapping of photo-oxidation and additives in acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene model samples and historical objects 76
Assessment of the ageing of triterpenoid paint varnishes using fluorescence, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy 76
The deterioration of metamorphic serpentinites used in historical architecture under atmospheric conditions 76
Use of nanocoatings for the restoration of matte paintings 75
Fluorescence lifetime imaging in Cutlural Heritage: experiences on Renaissance fresco paintings and Michelagelo's marble masterpieces 73
Characterization of painting materials by micro-FTIR measurements with traditional and synchrotron source 72
Importance of subaerial biofilms and airborne microflora in the deterioration of stonework: a molecular study 72
The combined effect of roughness and heterogeneity on contact angles: the case of polymer coating for stone protection 70
The façade of Milan cathedral: a case of diagnosis for the intervention 70
Stone/coating interaction and durability of Si-based photocatalytic nanocomposites applied to porous lithotypes 69
A chemometric approach to the characterisation of historical mortars 68
Comparative evaluation of fluorinated and unfluorinated acrylic copolymers as water repellent coating materials for stone 68
Fluorinated polymeric materials for the protection of monumental buildings 68
Mechanical behaviour of lime based mortars after surface consolidation 68
Setup of galvanic sensors for the monitoring of gilded bronzes 68
Multi-analytical approach for the morphological, molecular, and mechanical characterization after photo-oxidation of polymers used in artworks 67
Photoluminescence imaging of modern paintings: there is plenty of information at the microsecond timescale 67
Effects of wax-based anti-graffiti on copper patina composition and dissolution during four years of outdoor urban exposure 66
The analysis of polychrome works of art: 40 years of infrared spectroscopic investigations 65
Spectrochemical characterization by micro-FTIR spectroscopy of blue pigments in different polychrome works of art 65
Setup of a sustainable indoor cleaning methodology for the sculpted stone surfaces of the Duomo of Milan 65
The degradation of poly(vinyl acetate) as a material for design objects: A multi-analytical study of the Cocoon lamps. Part 2 65
FLIM: Fluorescence lifetime Imaging 65
Study and Characterization of Environmental Deposition on Marble and Surrogate Substrates at a Monumental Heritage Site 64
Materiali per il design: caratterizzazione di blend polimerici e studio di fenomeni dei degrado 63
Investigation of commercial ready-mixed mortars for the architectural heritage 62
Fluorescence lifetime imaging for the analysis of works of art: application to fresco paintings and marble sculptures 62
Insights into Masolino's wall paintings in Castiglione Olona: Advanced reflectance and fluorescence imaging analysis 62
Fluorescence imaging spectroscopy for Cultural Heritage 61
Advanced imaging and spectroscopy for the conservation and monitoring of cultural heritage 61
On the photoluminescence changes induced by ageing processes on zinc white paints 61
La spettroscopia di fluorescenza UV: ritocchi e trattamenti 60
The experimental test for the evaluation of protective treatments: a critical survey of the Capillary Absorption Index 60
Bacterial and fungal deterioration of the Milan Cathedral marble treated with protective synthetic resins 60
Synthetic consolidants attacked by melanin-producing fungi: Case study of the biodeterioration of Milan (Italy) cathedral marble treated with acrylics 60
The protection of marble surfaces: The challenge to develop suitable nanostructured treatments 60
Experimental evaluation of the efficacy of the efficacy of cleaning methodologies for low porosity natural stones 59
Sguardi ed esperienze sulla conservazione del patrimonio storico architettonico (Book 2) 57
Semi-empirical models to describe the absorption of liquid water in natural stones employed in built heritage before and after the application of water repellent treatments 56
Analisi di opera d’arte mediante l’utilizzo della spettroscopia di fluorescenza per immagini 55
Durability of porous material to salt decay 55
The deterioration of Apuan white marble in contemporary architectural context 55
Characterization of archaeological mortars from Messapian and Roman sites in Lecce (Italy) 53
The diagnostic and monitoring approach for the preventive conservation of the façade of the Milan Cathedral 53
Optimisation of the setup of LPR and EIS measurements for the onsite, non-invasive study of metallic artefacts 53
Corrosion Evaluation of Ghiberti’s “Porta Del Paradiso” in Three Display Environments 52
Characterization of fresh and aged natural ingredients used in historical ointments by molecular spectroscopy techniques: IR, Raman and Fluorescence 2011 52
Fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy 51
Structure control, coating properties and durability of fluorinated acrylic-based polymers 51
Black layers on historical architecture 51
Evaluation of barium hydroxide treatment efficacy on dolomitic marble 51
Degradation of nitrocellulose-based paint by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 13541 51
Il Restauro di Alcuni Bronzi del Cimitero Monumentale di Milano, Descrizione del Progetto e Primi Risultati Diagnostici 50
Totale 7812
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