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From health-related Corporate Welfare initiatives to Employee Engagement: unveiling the role of Employee Legitimization 1-gen-2021 A. CarreraA. NardoniE. LettieriG. Toletti
Community Health Centers for Resilient Communities in the post-COVID-19 era: an overview of strategies 1-gen-2021 Maddalena BuffoliMarco GolaErica Isa MoscaMichele UgoliniEmanuele LettieriStefano Capolongo
Exploitation, dissemination, and communication: an integrated framework in EU research 1-gen-2021 E. LettieriL. MaroneN. Spezia +
SROI Methods for Impact Assessment in Economy of Wellbeing 1-gen-2021 E. LettieriL. IsellaR. Onofrio +
Development and psychometric testing of a new measure of the determinants that influence the adoption of WhatsApp in hospitals 1-gen-2021 Lettieri E.Gualandi R. +
Stability over time of the “hospital effect” on 30-day unplanned readmissions: Evidence from administrative data 1-gen-2021 Roshanghalb A.Mazzali C.Lettieri E.Paganoni A. M. +
Individuals’ adoption of smart technologies for preventive health care: a structural equation modeling approach 1-gen-2020 Bettiga, DeboraLamberti, LucioLettieri, Emanuele
Acceptance model of an innovative assistive technology by neurological patients with a motor disability of their upper limb 1-gen-2020 Onofrio R.Gandolla M.Lettieri E. +
Electronic medical records implementation in hospital: An empirical investigation of individual and organizational determinants 1-gen-2020 Lettieri E.Gastaldi L.Masella C.Tartaglini D. +
Data mining application to healthcare fraud detection: a two-step unsupervised clustering method for outlier detection with administrative databases 1-gen-2020 Michela Carlotta MassiFrancesca IevaEmanuele Lettieri
Acceptance of Digital Technology in Hospitals: What Pressure from Managers and Peers? 1-gen-2020 Onofrio R.Lettieri E.Gastaldi L. +
Predicting soccer consumption: do eSports matter? Empirical insights from a machine learning approach 1-gen-2020 Lettieri E.Orsenigo C.
Data Mining Application to Healthcare Fraud Detection: Two-Step Unsupervised Clustering Method for Outlier Detection with Administrative Databases 1-gen-2019 MASSI, MICHELA CARLOTTAF. IevaE. Lettieri
Professionals' use of ICT in hospitals: The interplay between institutional and rational factors 1-gen-2019 Gastaldi L.Lettieri E.Luzzini D.Corso M. +
Consumer Adoption of Digital Technologies for Lifestyle Monitoring 1-gen-2019 Gastaldi L.Lettieri E.MANDOLFO, MARCO
Consumer Adoption of Digital Technologies for Lifestyle Monitoring 1-gen-2019 Gastaldi, LucaBettiga, DeboraLettieri, EmanueleLamberti, Lucio
Use of health apps and wearable devices: Survey among Italian associations for patient advocacy 1-gen-2019 E. Lettieri +
WhatsApp in hospital? An empirical investigation of individual and organizational determinants to use 1-gen-2019 Benedictis, Anna DeLettieri, EmanueleMasella, CristinaGastaldi, Luca +
What drives hospital wards’ ambidexterity: Insights on the determinants of exploration and exploitation 1-gen-2019 Lettieri E.Gastaldi L. +
Effects of ‘green’ training on pro-environmental behaviors and job satisfaction: Evidence from the Italian healthcare sector 1-gen-2019 Pinzone, MartaGuerci, MarcoLettieri, EmanueleHUISINGH, DONALD
Healthcare for All: A New Multidisciplinary Approach for Designing and Managing Hospital Layouts in India 1-gen-2018 Rebecchi, AndreaGola, MarcoLettieri, EmanueleCapolongo, Stefano +
Exploring and Managing Digital Innovation in Teaching Hospitals 1-gen-2018 Lettieri, EmanueleGastaldi, LucaMasella, Cristina +
What evidence on evidence-based management in healthcare? 1-gen-2018 Roshanghalb, AfsanehLettieri, Emanuele +
Big data in adolescent psychiatry: Do patients share their psychiatric symptoms on social networking sites? 1-gen-2018 Lettieri, Emanuele +
Evidence-Based Management for Performance Improvement in HealthCare 1-gen-2018 Lettieri, Emanuele +
Myth #2: The Healthcare System Can Be Fixed by Clever Social Engineering 1-gen-2018 E. LettieriC. Masella +
Supporting Innovation in the Healthcare Sector: The Role of Ambidexterity 1-gen-2018 Gastaldi, LucaSALI, MARTALettieri, Emanuele +
Why laparoscopists may opt for three-dimensional view: a summary of the full HTA report on 3D versus 2D laparoscopy by S.I.C.E. (Società Italiana di Chirurgia Endoscopica e Nuove Tecnologie) 1-gen-2018 Lettieri, Emanuele +
Stratified cost-utility analysis of C-Leg versus mechanical knees: Findings from an Italian sample of transfemoral amputees 1-gen-2017 LETTIERI, EMANUELEMASELLA, CRISTINA +
Users' search mechanisms and risks of inappropriateness in healthcare innovations: The role of literacy and trust in professional contexts 1-gen-2017 LETTIERI, EMANUELEFRATTINI, FEDERICO +
The Role of Managers in Enacting Two-Step Institutional Work for Radical Innovation in Professional Organizations 1-gen-2017 FRATTINI, FEDERICOLETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Advancing MCDA and HTA into Coverage Decision-Making 1-gen-2017 LETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Professionals’ Use of IT in Hospitals: Evidence of User Acceptance and Institutional Factors for the EMRs in Italy 1-gen-2017 GASTALDI, LUCASEGATO, FEDERICARADAELLI, GIOVANNILETTIERI, EMANUELECORSO, MARIANO
Progressing in the change journey towards sustainability in healthcare: the role of ‘Green’ HRM 1-gen-2016 PINZONE, MARTALETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Organizing Hospital Wards for Continuous Innovation: Determinants of Exploration, Exploitation and Ambidexterity 1-gen-2016 LETTIERI, EMANUELEGASTALDI, LUCA +
Big data in healthcare: results and directions for further research from a systematic literature review 1-gen-2016 ROSHANGHALB, AFSANEHLETTIERI, EMANUELESEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINA
Organizing Hospital Wards for Continuous Innovation: Determinants of Exploration, Exploitation and Ambidexterity 1-gen-2016 GASTALDI, LUCALETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Evidence-Based Knowledge Generation from Health Administrative Databases: The case of High/Low Performing Hospitals 1-gen-2016 MAZZALI, CRISTINALETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Innovating hospital patient flow: an experience based co-design study 1-gen-2016 GUALANDI, RAFFAELLASEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINALETTIERI, EMANUELE
Big data and innovation in health care: results from a literature review 1-gen-2016 ROSHANGHALB, AFSANEHSEGATO, FEDERICALETTIERI, EMANUELEMASELLA, CRISTINA
Understanding social innovation and social entrepreneurship in healthcare 1-gen-2016 AL TAJI, FARAH NABIL ADELSEGATO, FEDERICALETTIERI, EMANUELEMASELLA, CRISTINA
Electronic Medical Record implementation in Teaching Hospitals: a literature review 1-gen-2016 De BENEDICTIS, ANNALETTIERI, EMANUELESEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINA
Evaluating technical efficiency and the effect of innovative healthcare delivery on Italian hospitals: A two stage DEA approach 1-gen-2016 AGASISTI, TOMMASOLETTIERI, EMANUELE +
A Role for Startups in Unleashing the Disrupting Power of Social Media 1-gen-2016 GHEZZI, ANTONIOGASTALDI, LUCALETTIERI, EMANUELECORSO, MARIANO +
Behavioural operations in healthcare: a knowledge sharing perspective 1-gen-2016 LETTIERI, EMANUELESPILLER, NICOLA +
Stakeholder pressure and the adoption of proactive environmental strategies in healthcare: The mediating effect of “green” HRM 1-gen-2016 M. PinzoneE. Lettieri
Healthcare for all in emerging countries: a preliminary investigation of facilities in Kolkata, India 1-gen-2016 REBECCHI, ANDREAGOLA, MARCOLETTIERI, EMANUELEPAOLETTI, INGRIDCAPOLONGO, STEFANO +
New Business Models in Health Care: Consumers’Technology Acceptance and Willingness To Pay for an eHealth Service for cardiovascular prevention. 1-gen-2015 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIOLETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Improving Sustainability During Hospital Design and Operation: A Multidisciplinary Evaluation Tool 1-gen-2015 CAPOLONGO, STEFANOBUFFOLI, MADDALENALETTIERI, EMANUELE +
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