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FIGARO: reinForcement learnInG mAnagement acRoss the computing cOntinuum In corso di stampa Federica FilippiniRiccardo CavadiniDanilo Ardagna +
Performance Models for Distributed Deep Learning Training Jobs on Ray In corso di stampa Federica FilippiniDanilo Ardagna +
D-SPACE4Cloud: Towards Quality-Aware Data Intensive Applications in the Cloud In corso di stampa Eugenio GiannitiDanilo Ardagna +
A Stochastic Approach for Scheduling AI Training Jobs in GPU-based Systems In corso di stampa Federica FilippiniJonatha AnselmiDanilo Ardagna +
Runtime Management of Artificial Intelligence Applications for Smart Eyewears 1-gen-2023 A. W. KambaleH. SedghaniF. FilippiniG. VerticaleD. Ardagna
SPACE4AI-R: a Runtime Management Tool for AI Applications Component Placement and Resource Scaling in Computing Continua 1-gen-2023 F. FilippiniH. SedghaniD. Ardagna
Fixed-Point Iteration Approach to Spark Scalable Performance Modeling and Evaluation 1-gen-2023 Danilo Ardagna +
A Path Relinking Method for the Joint Online Scheduling and Capacity Allocation of DL Training Workloads in GPU as a Service Systems 1-gen-2023 Federica FilippiniMarco LattuadaMichele CiavottaDanilo ArdagnaEdoardo Amaldi +
OSCAR-P and aMLLibrary: Performance Profiling and Prediction of Computing Continua Applications 1-gen-2023 Enrico GalimbertiBruno GuindaniFederica FilippiniHamta SedghaniDanilo ArdagnaGermán Moltó +
AMLLibrary: An AutoML Approach for Performance Prediction 1-gen-2023 Bruno GuindaniMarco LattuadaDanilo Ardagna
POPNASv3: A pareto-optimal neural architecture search solution for image and time series classification 1-gen-2023 Falanti A.Lomurno E.Ardagna D.Matteucci M.
Tunable and Portable Extreme-Scale Drug Discovery Platform at Exascale: the LIGATE Approach 1-gen-2023 Palermo, G.Accordi, G.Gadioli, D.Vitali, E.Silvano, C.Guindani, B.Ardagna, D. +
Bayesian optimization with machine learning for big data applications in the cloud 1-gen-2022 B. GuindaniD. ArdagnaA. Guglielmi
Scheduling Deep Learning Jobs Training in the Cloud: Comparing Multiple Approaches 1-gen-2022 Michele PrecuzziFederica FilippiniDanilo Ardagna
MALIBOO: When Machine Learning meets Bayesian Optimization 1-gen-2022 B. GuindaniD. ArdagnaA. Guglielmi
A Stackelberg Game approach for Managing AI Sensing Tasks in Mobile Crowdsensing 1-gen-2022 Sedghani, HamtaVerticale, GiacomoArdagna, Danilo +
A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Performance Modeling of Cloud-Based Big Data Applications 1-gen-2022 Ehsan AtaieAthanasia EvangelinouEugenio GiannitiDanilo Ardagna
Performance Prediction of Deep Learning Applications Training in GPU as a Service Systems 1-gen-2022 Marco LattuadaEugenio GiannitiDanilo Ardagna +
POPNASv2: An Efficient Multi-Objective Neural Architecture Search Technique 1-gen-2022 Andrea FalantiEugenio LomurnoStefano SameleDanilo ArdagnaMatteo Matteucci
Pareto-Optimal Progressive Neural Architecture Search 1-gen-2021 D. ArdagnaE. LomurnoM. MatteucciS. Samele
A Random Greedy based Design Time Tool for AI Applications Component Placement and Resource Selection in Computing Continua 1-gen-2021 H. SedghaniF. FilippiniD. Ardagna
A Hierarchical Receding Horizon Algorithm for QoS-driven control of Multi-IaaS Applications 1-gen-2021 Danilo ArdagnaMichele Guerriero +
Advancing Design and Runtime Management of AI Applications with AI-SPRINT 1-gen-2021 H. SedghaniD. ArdagnaM. MatteucciG. FontanaG. VerticaleF. Amarilli +
Predicting the Performance of Big Data Applications on the Cloud 1-gen-2021 D. ArdagnaE. BarbieratoE. GiannitiM. Gribaudo +
Optimizing Quality-Aware Big Data Applications in the Cloud 1-gen-2021 E. GiannitiM. CiavottaD. Ardagna
ANDREAS: Artificial intelligence traiNing scheDuler foR accElerAted resource clusterS 1-gen-2021 Federica FilippiniDanilo ArdagnaMarco LattuadaEdoardo Amaldi +
An incentive mechanism based on a Stackelberg game for mobile crowdsensing systems with budget constraint 1-gen-2021 Sedghani H.Ardagna D. +
A Randomized Greedy Method for AI Applications Component Placement and Resource Selection in Computing Continua 1-gen-2021 H. SedghaniF. FilippiniD. Ardagna
Optimal Resource Allocation of Cloud-Based Spark Applications 1-gen-2020 M. LattuadaE. BarbieratoE. GiannitiD. Ardagna
Hierarchical Scheduling in on-demand GPU-as-a-Service Systems 1-gen-2020 Federica FilippiniMarco LattuadaDanilo ArdagnaEdoardo Amaldi +
Performance Prediction for Data-driven Workflows on Apache Spark 1-gen-2020 Andrea GulinoArif CanakogluStefano CeriDanilo Ardagna
Architectural Design of Cloud Applications: a Performance-aware Cost Minimization Approach. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing 1-gen-2020 M. CiavottaG. P. GibiliscoD. ArdagnaE. Di NittoM. Lattuada +
Performance Prediction of GPU-based Deep Learning Application 1-gen-2019 E. GiannitiD. Ardagna. +
Optimizing on-demand GPUs in the Cloud for Deep Learning Applications Training 1-gen-2019 Marco LattuadaMichele CiavottaDanilo ArdagnaEdoardo Amaldi +
Machine Learning for Performance Prediction of Spark Cloud Applications 1-gen-2019 Couto da Silva, Ana PaulaLattuada, MarcoGianniti, EugenioHosseini, MarjanArdagna, Danilo +
Hierarchical Stochastic Models for Performance, Availability, and Power Consumption Analysis of IaaS Clouds 1-gen-2019 D. Ardagna +
Gray-Box Models for Performance Assessment of Spark Applications 1-gen-2019 Marco LattuadaEugenio GiannitiMarjan HosseiniDanilo ArdagnaCOUTO da SILVA, ANA PAULA +
BIGSEA: A Big Data analytics platform for public transportation information 1-gen-2019 Ardagna, DaniloLattuada, Marco +
Analytical composite performance models for Big Data applications 1-gen-2019 D. ArdagnaE. Gianniti +
The RISPOSTA procedure for the collection, storage and analysis of high quality, consistent and reliable damage data in the aftermath of floods 1-gen-2018 BALLIO, FRANCESCOMOLINARI, DANIELAMINUCCI, GUIDOMAZURAN, MIRJANAARIAS MUNOZ, CAROLINAMENONI, SCIRAATUN, FUNDAARDAGNA, DANILO +
Power-aware performance analysis of self-adaptive resource management in IaaS clouds 1-gen-2018 Ataie E.Ardagna D. +
Performance Prediction of Cloud-Based Big Data Applications 1-gen-2018 Danilo ArdagnaBARBIERATO, ENRICOEVANGELINOU, ATHANASIAGIANNITI, EUGENIOMarco Gribaudo +
GIS and data: Three applications to enhance mobility 1-gen-2018 Ardagna D. +
Performance Prediction of GPU-based Deep Learning Applications 1-gen-2018 Gianniti, EArdagna, D +
Context-aware Data Quality Assessment for Big Data 1-gen-2018 Danilo ArdagnaCinzia CappielloMonica Vitali +
A framework for joint resource allocation of MapReduce and web service applications in a shared cloud cluster 1-gen-2018 Cano, LorelaCarello, GiulianaArdagna, Danilo
Performance Degradation and Cost Impact Evaluation of Privacy Preserving Mechanisms in Big Data Systems 1-gen-2018 E. GiannitiD. Ardagna +
An optimization framework for the capacity allocation and admission control of MapReduce jobs in cloud systems 1-gen-2018 Malekimajd M.Ardagna D.Ciavotta M.Gianniti E.Rizzi A. M. +
Enterprise applications cloud rightsizing through a joint benchmarking and optimization approach 1-gen-2018 Athanasia EvangelinouMichele CiavottaDanilo Ardagna +
A Game-Theoretic Approach for Runtime Capacity Allocation in MapReduce 1-gen-2017 GIANNITI, EUGENIOARDAGNA, DANILOCIAVOTTA, MICHELE +
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