Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 7600
EU - Europa 4019
AS - Asia 641
AF - Africa 25
SA - Sud America 23
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 12
OC - Oceania 10
Totale 12330
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 7412
IT - Italia 1954
UA - Ucraina 403
SE - Svezia 394
AT - Austria 343
DE - Germania 281
VN - Vietnam 255
GB - Regno Unito 220
CN - Cina 191
CA - Canada 183
FI - Finlandia 166
FR - Francia 58
NL - Olanda 51
JP - Giappone 50
IN - India 44
PL - Polonia 29
BE - Belgio 22
KR - Corea 21
ES - Italia 18
RU - Federazione Russa 16
BR - Brasile 15
TW - Taiwan 15
TR - Turchia 14
RO - Romania 13
CH - Svizzera 12
EU - Europa 12
IR - Iran 12
AU - Australia 10
PK - Pakistan 10
SG - Singapore 10
MU - Mauritius 8
RS - Serbia 8
DK - Danimarca 6
EE - Estonia 6
PT - Portogallo 6
CO - Colombia 5
GR - Grecia 5
MX - Messico 5
NO - Norvegia 5
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 4
HK - Hong Kong 4
ID - Indonesia 4
MA - Marocco 4
SC - Seychelles 4
SA - Arabia Saudita 3
ZW - Zimbabwe 3
NG - Nigeria 2
AR - Argentina 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CL - Cile 1
EG - Egitto 1
ET - Etiopia 1
HR - Croazia 1
IE - Irlanda 1
IL - Israele 1
LS - Lesotho 1
MY - Malesia 1
NP - Nepal 1
PE - Perù 1
TH - Thailandia 1
TN - Tunisia 1
Totale 12330
Città #
Fairfield 1227
Woodbridge 872
Wilmington 620
Houston 600
Ann Arbor 591
Ashburn 509
Seattle 467
Cambridge 437
Chandler 405
Vienna 339
Milan 328
Jacksonville 250
Dearborn 236
Lawrence 198
Medford 190
Ottawa 174
Dong Ket 139
Beijing 90
San Diego 75
Redwood City 72
Des Moines 62
Tokyo 49
Rome 40
Amsterdam 38
Trieste 25
Norwalk 23
Busto Arsizio 21
Redmond 21
Montecatini Terme 20
Casorate Primo 16
Como 16
Princeton 16
Parabiago 15
Taipei 15
Brussels 14
Guangzhou 14
Bologna 13
Mountain View 13
Dallas 12
Los Angeles 12
Verona 12
Pioltello 11
Auburn Hills 10
Florence 10
Hangzhou 10
Hefei 10
Torino 10
Mumbai 9
Munich 9
Phoenix 9
Rende 9
Calcinato 8
Chengdu 8
Irvine 8
Nanchang 8
Portici 8
Brescia 7
Catania 7
Codogno 7
Darmstadt 7
Nanjing 7
Napoli 7
Pescantina 7
Salerno 7
Seongnam 7
Venezia 7
Abbiategrasso 6
Falls Church 6
Jülich 6
Nardò 6
Padova 6
Parma 6
Perugia 6
Rowville 6
Turin 6
Udine 6
Zurich 6
Cardano al Campo 5
Carugate 5
Denver 5
Dörtyol 5
Jackson 5
Kunming 5
Luft 5
Naples 5
Novi Sad 5
Stuttgart 5
Abu Dhabi 4
Anaheim 4
Campo San Martino 4
Changsha 4
Dalmine 4
Duncan 4
Genova 4
Gurgaon 4
Hennef 4
Indiana 4
Jinan 4
Magenta 4
Marigliano 4
Totale 8661
Nome #
La micro-cogenerazione a gas naturale 246
Libro bianco sulla cogenerazione, vol. IV: la Micro-cogenerazione, le tecnologie del futuro 242
Experimental and numerical study of a micro-cogeneration Stirling unit under diverse conditions of the working fluid 175
Dispositivo e metodo per il recupero di energia termica dalla scoria di acciaieria 164
Power-to-gas plants and gas turbines for improved wind energy dispatchability: Energy and economic assessment 156
A rolling-horizon optimization algorithm for the long term operational scheduling of cogeneration systems 144
Dynamic Quality Tracking of Natural Gas and Hydrogen Mixture in a Portion of Natural Gas Grid 119
Experimental and numerical study of a micro-cogeneration Stirling engine for residential applications 117
Preliminary assessment of sCO2cycles for power generation in CSP solar tower plants 117
Impact of hydrogen energy storage on California electric power system: Towards 100% renewable electricity 116
Potential of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) based cycles in low-CO2 emission power generation 114
Comparison of pressure driven electrolytic membranes (PDEM) and solid electrolyte oxygen pumps (SEOP) for small scale oxygen production 112
Cogeneration systems optimization: Comparison of multi-step and mixed integer linear programming approaches 112
Performance assessment of turbocharged Pem fuel cell systems for civil aircraft onboard power production 105
Comparative assessment and safety issues in state-of-the-art hydrogen production technologies 103
Sistema di conversione di energia 97
Simulation comparison of PEMFC micro-cogeneration units with conventional and innovative fuel processing 96
A parametric thermodynamic evaluation of high performance gas turbine based power cycles 93
Modeling and testing of a micro-cogeneration Stirling engine under diverse conditions of the working fluid 93
Assessment of finite volume modeling approaches for intermediate temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells working with CO-rich syngas fuels 93
Celle a combustibile: stato dell’arte 92
Analysis of direct carbon fuel cell (DCFC) based coal fired power cycles with CO2 capture 90
High Efficiency SOFC Power Cycles with Indirect Natural Gas Reforming and CO2 Capture 90
Zero-dimensional dynamic modeling of PEM electrolyzers 89
Dynamic modeling of natural gas quality within transport pipelines in presence of hydrogen injections 88
Multi objective optimization of flexible supercritical CO2 coal-fired power plants 88
Hydrogen for High-RES Energy Sector Integration: Comparison of End-Use Pathways 88
CFD simulation of Pd-based membrane reformer whenthermally coupled within a fuel cell micro-CHP system 88
Modeling an alkaline electrolysis cell through reduced-order and loss-estimate approaches 87
A detailed MILP optimization model for combined cooling, heat and power system operation planning 87
Sizing of integrated solar photovoltaic and electrolysis systems for clean hydrogen production 87
Fixed bed membrane reactor for hydrogen production from steam methane reforming: Experimental and modeling approach 86
Simulation of Oxygen Transport Membranes for CPO Reactors in Small-scale Hydrogen or Syngas Production Applications 86
Dynamic analysis and control of a planar IT-SOFC system 85
Modelling the integrated power and transport energy system: The role of power-to-gas and hydrogen in long-term scenarios for Italy 85
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells retrofits for CO2 capture and enhanced energy production in the steel industry 85
Performance assessment of turbocharged PEM fuel cell systems for civil aircraft onboard power production 84
On-off cyclic testing of a micro-cogeneration Stirling unit 84
Modeling of 2-MW co-generative PEM fuel cell for hydrogen recovering from Chlorine industry 82
Techno-economic analysis of calcium looping processes for low CO2 emission cement plants 82
Carbon dioxide separation from high temperature fuel cell power plants 80
Simulation of Intermediate-Temperature SOFC for 60%+ Efficiency Distributed Generation 80
Analysis of direct carbon fuel cell (DCFC) based coal fired power cycles with CO2 capture 80
Comparison of battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for freight transportation through WTW driving cycle simulations 79
Long-term power-to-gas potential from wind and solar power: A country analysis for Italy 79
Energy analysis of electric vehicles using batteries or fuel cells through well-to-wheel driving cycle simulations 79
Celle a combustibile 78
Application of MCFCs for active CO2 capture within natural gas combined cycles 78
Preliminary Assessment of sCO2Power Cycles for Application to CSP Solar Tower Plants 78
The Calcium looping process for low CO2 emission cement plants 78
Comparison of detailed and simplified optimization approaches for the performance simulation of cogeneration plants 77
Application of MCFC in coal gasification plants for high efficiency CO2 capture 77
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells as means for post-combustion CO2 capture: retrofitting coal-fired steam plants and natural gas-fired combined cycles 77
Comparison of gas turbines and power-to-gas plants for improved wind park energy dispatchability 77
Enhancement of the electrical efficiency of commercial fuel cell units by means of an organic rankine cycle: a case study 76
Optimization of the managing strategy of a cogenerative power park in a liberalized market 75
CO2 separation from combined cycles using molten carbonate fuel cells 75
Techno-economic assessment of membrane reactor technologies for pure hydrogen production for fuel cell vehicle fleets 75
CO2 capture from combined cycles integrated with Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells 75
Development of a micro-cogeneration laboratory and testing of a natural gas CHP unit based on PEM fuel cells 75
A Rolling-Horizon MILP Optimization Method for the Operational Scheduling of Tri-generation Systems with Incentives 74
Predicting the ultimate potential of natural gas SOFC power cycles with CO2 capture - Part B: Applications 74
Economic analysis of CO2 capture from natural gas combined cycles using Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells 74
Integration of Ca-Looping Systems for CO2Capture in Cement Plants 74
High Efficiency Gas Turbine Based Power Cycles – A Study of the Most Promising Solutions: Part 2 - A Parametric Performance Evaluation 73
SOFC-based hybrid cycle integrated with a coal gasification plant 73
Solar hydrogen production: Techno-economic analysis of a parabolic dish-supported high-temperature electrolysis system 73
Experimental analysis and modeling for a circular planar type IT-SOFC 72
Application of molten carbonate fuel cells in cement plants for CO2 capture and clean power generation 71
A SOFC-based integrated gasification fuel cell cycle with CO2 capture 70
Methane steam reforming in a Pd-Ag membrane reformer: an experimental study on reaction pressure influence at middle temperature 70
Preliminary design and performance assessment of an underwater CAES system (UW-CAES) for wind power balancing 70
Technical and tariff scenarios effect on microturbine trigenerative applications 69
Comparison of finite volume SOFC models for the simulation of a planar cell geometry 69
Definition and sensitivity analysis of a finite volume SOFC model for a tubular cell geometry 68
Thermodynamic analysis of advanced power cycles based upon solid oxide fuel cells, gas turbines and rankine bottoming cycles 68
The Calcium Looping Process for Low CO2 Emission Cement and Power 68
Performance assessment of natural gas and biogas fueled molten carbonate fuel cells in carbon capture configuration 66
The Integration of Atmospheric Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells with Gas Turbine and Steam Cycles 66
Microturbines and trigeneration: optimization strategies and multiple engine configuration effects 65
Wind power plant and power-to-gas system coupled with natural gas grid infrastructure: Techno-economic optimization of operation 65
Integration of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and chemical looping combustion (CLC) for ultra-high efficiency power generation and CO 2 production 64
Modeling on/off-design performance of solar tower plants using saturated steam 64
Comparison between fixed bed and fluidized bed membrane reactor configurations for PEM based micro-cogeneration systems 63
A multi-scale modelling approach and experimental calibration applied to commercial SOFCs 63
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of IT-SOFC based integrated coal gasification fuel cell power plants 63
Techno-economic assessment of membrane reactor technologies for pure hydrogen production for fuel cell vehicle fleets 63
Development of a 3D MCFC Model and Application to Hybrid Cycle Simulations 61
Research activities of the Università di Genova and Politecnico di Milano in the project: "High temperature fuel cell hybrid systems with high efficiency and low environmental impact (FISR 2000) - II year 61
Comparative analysis of hybrid cycles based on Molten Carbonate and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 61
Parametric analysis of a planar SOFC model with geometric optimization 60
Sviluppare la mobilità elettrica: tecnologie, ambiente, infrastrutture, mercato e regole. 60
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell: Towards negative emissions in wastewater treatment CHP plants 60
Predicting the ultimate potential of natural gas SOFC power cycles with CO2 capture – Part A: Methodology and reference cases 60
Integrating IT-SOFC and gasification combined cycle with methanation reactor and hydrogen firing for near zero-emission power generation from coal 60
Potential of molten carbonate fuel cells to enhance the performance of CHP plants in sewage treatment facilities 59
Totale 8607
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