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Triadic Supply Network Relationship in Supplier Involved New Product Development: Case study research in China and Italy 1-gen-2018 XU, JINOUMargherita PeroMonica Rossi
Moving towards circular economy in the fashion industry: a systematic review of New Product Development and Supply Chain Management practices 1-gen-2019 F. CicculloJ. XuH. KaraosmanM. PeroA. Brun
A landscape of Big data analytics in Supply chain planning: completing the puzzle and vision to the future 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroF. CicculloA. Sianesi
Toward triadic supply network relationships in collaborative new product development: An investigation on supplier-supplier relationship 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroM. Rossi
Supply Network in New Product Development: Beyond the buyer-supplier relationship 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroM. Rossi
Bridging the technical and managerial side of big data analytics for supply chain planning: insight from a Delphi study 1-gen-2020 J. XuM. PeroF. Ciccullo
On the impact of blockchain technology on business models and supply chain management 1-gen-2020 Xu J.Abdelkafi N.Pero M.
An empirical investigation on Big data in Supply chains: Case from the Smart Connected Products 1-gen-2020 J. XuF. CicculloA. Sianesi
Designing supplier networks in global product development 1-gen-2021 Pero M.Rossi M.Xu J.Cigolini R.
Incorporating sustainability in inventory planning models: a systematic literature review of existing approaches 1-gen-2021 A. MasiF. CicculloM. PeroJ. XuA. Sianesi
On relating big data analytics to supply chain planning: towards a research agenda 1-gen-2021 J. XuM. PeroF. CicculloA. Sianesi
Unfolding the link between big data analytics and supply chain planning 1-gen-2023 Jinou Xumargherita peromargherita fabbri
Assessing circularity along the agri-food supply chain: a decision making tool 1-gen-2023 jinou xufederica ciccullomargherita pero
Does the combination of sustainable business model patterns lead to truly sustainable business models? Critical analysis of existing frameworks and extensions 1-gen-2023 N. AbdelkafiJ. XuM. PeroF. CicculloA. Masi
A resource orchestration perspective of organizational big data analytics adoption: Evidence from supply chain planning 1-gen-2023 jinou xumargherita pero
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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