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Dispositivo di protezione e trasporto 1-gen-2022 ANDREONI GiuseppeBERTARELLI ChiaraSTANDOLI Carlo EmilioPEREGO PaoloPALMERI Lorenzo +
Design Perspectives for the New Normal in the Healthcare System 1-gen-2022 Standoli Carlo Emilio
Learning from the patients 1-gen-2022 Penati Antonella ValeriaStandoli Carlo Emilio
Multimodal Wearable System for Motor Rehabilitation: Usability and Acceptability 1-gen-2022 Paolo PeregoRoberto SironiMartina ScagnoliMaria TerraroliCarlo Emilio Standoli +
The NESTORE e-Coach: Designing a Multi-Domain Pathway to Well-Being in Older Age 1-gen-2022 Elena MugelliniSimone PorcelliAlfonso MastropietroGiovanna RizzoCarlo Emilio StandoliGiuseppe Andreoni +
Designing the Future: An Intelligent System for Zero-Mile Food Production by Upcycling Wastewater 1-gen-2021 Costa, FiammettaAmati, AlessandraAntonelli, ManuelaMauro, Michele DiKrasojevic, KlaudiaMangiarotti, RaffaellaMeraviglia, MatteoNebuloni, AttilioPerego, PaoloSironi, RobertoStandoli, Carlo EmilioVignati, GiorgioVolonté, PaoloZiyaee, Maryam +
Dialectic and Result: How Dynamics and Interactions of Students' Workgroups Have Changed within Design Schools 1-gen-2021 C. SediniP. BolzanC. E. Standoli
Listen, Observe, Make: Moving the Traditional Design Teaching Domains in the Distance Learning Age 1-gen-2021 C. E. StandoliP. BolzanA. V. Penati
The Shape of Drugs: a matter of Human-Centred Design 1-gen-2021 Penati, A.Pizzocaro, S. L.Standoli, C.Iannilli, V. M.
Inclusion Design and Functionalities of a Personalized Virtual Coach for Wellbeing to Facilitate a Universal Access for Older Adults 1-gen-2021 Standoli, Carlo EmilioPerego, PaoloAndreoni, GiuseppeMastropietro, Alfonso +
MATERIALS MATTER: AN EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP TO DESIGN ICONS TOWARDS THE ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION 1-gen-2021 Italia, MattiaSanti, RominaSossini, LiaStandoli, Carlo EmilioDel Curto, BarbaraZurlo, Francescode Liguori, Mario
Post-pandemic medicines: towards a new normality 1-gen-2021 Penati A. V.Standoli C. E.Bolzan P.
Practicing the Test of New System-Services for Elderly Care: How to Introduce and Measure User Experience and Related Outcomes 1-gen-2021 Standoli, Carlo EmilioTerraroli, MariaScagnoli, MartinaSpelta, FrancescoPerego, PaoloAndreoni, Giuseppe +
A Reliable and Inexpensive Integration of Virtual Reality and Digital Human Modelling to Estimate Cervical Spine Function 1-gen-2020 Standoli C. E.Perego P.Andreoni G. +
Proactive Analysis of Complex Systems Through DHM: Paradigmatic Application of an Innovative Ergonomic Cumulative Index to Large Retail Stores 1-gen-2020 Standoli, Carlo EmilioAndreoni, Giuseppe +
Design Interstitial Practices - Le pratiche interstiziali del Design 1-gen-2020 Carlo Emilio StandoliDaria CascianiPatrizia Bolzan
Prodotto, Interazione ed Esperienza d'uso 1-gen-2020 C. E. Standoli
MIND THE GAP. Learning Nodes on Objects, Subjects, and Design Processes in the Cultural of Social Distancing 1-gen-2020 Patrizia BolzanAntonella Valeria PenatiCarlo Emilio Standoli
System for recycling wastewater resulting form the washing and rinsing proces sof a dishwasher, expecially for reuse in said process and for irrigation of plants, and process for the use of said system 1-gen-2020 C. A. VezzoliF. CostaG. VignatiA. AmatiA. CarbonieroK. KrasojevicM. AntonelliR. MangiarottiM. MeravigliaG. BurattiM. Di MauroA. NebuloniP. PeregoR. SironiC. E. StandoliM. Ziyaee +
Design Culture Within the B2B Needs Roadmap 1-gen-2020 TERRAROLI, MARIASPELTA, FRANCESCOStandoli C. E. +
Scienza al quotidiano: farmaci come oggetti / Daily Science: Pharmaceuticals as Objects 1-gen-2020 Antonella PenatiSilvia PizzocaroCristina TonelliCarlo Emilio StandoliValeria IannilliValeria BucchettiAgnese RebaglioDina RiccòGiuseppe AndreoniElena CarattiUmberto Tolino
Ergonomic Design Process of the Shape of a Diagnostic Ultrasound Probe 1-gen-2020 Standoli C. E.Andreoni G. +
Digital human modelling and ergonomic design of sleeping systems 1-gen-2019 Sironi, RobertoStandoli, Carlo EmilioPerego, PaoloAndreoni, Giuseppe
DHM applied to ergonomic design and assessment of diagnostic ultrasound systems 1-gen-2019 Standoli, Carlo EmilioAndreoni, Giuseppe +
Sistema per il riciclo di reflui del processo di lavaggio e risciacquo di una lavastoviglie, specialmente per riutilizzo nel processo stesso e per irrigazione di vegetali, e processo per l’utilizzo di detto sistema 1-gen-2019 M. AntonelliC. VezzoliF. CostaG. VignatiA. CarbonieroK. KRASOJEVICS. SavioR. MangiarottiM. MeravigliaG. BurattiM. Di MauroA. NebuloniP. PeregoR. SironiC. StandoliM. ZIYAEEA. Amati +
Design for sustainability and ICT: a household prototype for waste water recycling 1-gen-2019 Fiammetta CostaMarco AureggiPaolo PeregoMargherita PillanCarlo Emilio StandoliGiorgio Vignati +
Comparison among standard method, dedicated toolbox and kinematic-based approach in assessing risk of developing upper limb musculoskeletal disorders 1-gen-2019 Standoli C. E.Andreoni G.Perego P. +
Using digital human modeling to evaluate large scale retailers’ furniture: Two case studies 1-gen-2019 Standoli C. E.Perego P.Andreoni G. +
Learning from mistakes. Patient centric design education experience 1-gen-2019 V. M. IannilliA. V. PenatiC. E. Standoli
A software toolbox to improve time-efficiency and reliability of an observational risk assessment method 1-gen-2019 Standoli C. E.Andreoni G.Perego P. +
The evaluation of existing large-scale retailers’ furniture using DHM 1-gen-2019 Standoli C. E.Perego P.Andreoni G. +
Chapter 3. Digital Diorama: An Interactive Multimedia Resource for Learning the Life Sciences 1-gen-2018 Alessandra MazzolaSabrina MuschiatoCarlo Emilio StandoliFiammetta Costa +
Digital human modelling method for the evaluation of the ultrasound system and transducer design adherence to the SDMS industry standards 1-gen-2018 Andreoni G.Standoli C. E. +
A didactic experience in designing smart systems for mhealth services 1-gen-2017 Standoli, Carlo EmilioFerrara, MarinellaAndreoni, Giuseppe +
A Didactic Experience in Designing Smart Systems for mHealth 1-gen-2016 C. E. StandoliM. R. GuarneriM. FerraraG. Andreoni
Defining Requirements and Related Methods for Designing Sensorized Garments 1-gen-2016 ANDREONI, GIUSEPPESTANDOLI, CARLO EMILIOPEREGO, PAOLO
A smart wearable sensor system for counter-fighting overweight in teenagers 1-gen-2016 Standoli, Carlo EmilioGuarneri, Maria RenataPerego, PaoloMazzola, MarcoMazzola, AlessandraAndreoni, Giuseppe
Wearable lifestyle tracking devices: Are they useful for teenagers? 1-gen-2015 MAZZOLA, MARCOPEREGO, PAOLOSTANDOLI, CARLO EMILIO +
User Experience of Digital Dioramas for Interactive Whiteboard 1-gen-2015 STANDOLI, CARLO EMILIOCOSTA, FIAMMETTA CARLA ENRICAMAZZOLA, ALESSANDRA +
An innovative bike for children play and rehabilitation 1-gen-2014 STANDOLI, CARLO EMILIOROMERO, MAXIMILIANO ERNESTOANDREONI, GIUSEPPE +
Using Santos DHM to Design the Working Environment for Sonographers in Order to Minimize the Risks of Musculoskeletal Disorders and to Satisfy the Clinical Recommendations 1-gen-2014 MAZZOLA, MARCOSTANDOLI, CARLO EMILIOANDREONI, GIUSEPPE +
Wearable Monitoring Devices for Assistive Technology: Case Studies in Post-Polio Syndrome 1-gen-2014 ANDREONI, GIUSEPPEMAZZOLA, MARCOPEREGO, PAOLOSTANDOLI, CARLO EMILIO +
Learning product design for particular needs: 3ike case study, a bike for children with cerebral palsy 1-gen-2012 STANDOLI, CARLO EMILIOROMERO, MAXIMILIANO ERNESTO +
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