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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A mathematical model to predict railway wheel profile evolution due to wear 1-gen-2006 BRAGHIN, FRANCESCOBRUNI, STEFANO +
A numerical 3D model to study ratcheting damage of a tramcar line 1-gen-2010 FOLETTI, STEFANOBERETTA, STEFANOBUCCA, GIUSEPPE
A procedure for the wear prediction of collector strip and contact wire in pantograph-catenary system 1-gen-2009 BUCCA, GIUSEPPECOLLINA, ANDREA
A semi-analytical approach for two-dimensional rolling/sliding contact with applications to shakedown analysis 1-gen-2007 FOLETTI, STEFANODESIMONE, HERNAN
An experimental investigation of the scratch behaviour of polymers: 1. Influence of rate-dependent bulk mechanical properties 1-gen-2012 KURKCU, PINARANDENA, LUCAPAVAN, ANDREA
An experimental-numerical approach for the analysis of internally cracked railway wheels 1-gen-2008 GUAGLIANO, MARIO +
An integrated approach to rolling contact sub-surface fatigue assessment of railway wheels 1-gen-2005 BERNASCONI, ANDREADAVOLI, PIERMARIA CARLOFILIPPINI, MAUROFOLETTI, STEFANO
A CFD-based method for slurry erosion prediction 1-gen-2018 Messa, Gianandrea VittorioMalavasi, Stefano
Complex eigenvalue analysis and parameters analysis to investigate the formation of railhead corrugation in sharp curves 1-gen-2020 Bruni S. +
Contact point lateral speed effects on contact strip wear in pantograph – catenary interaction for railway operations under 15 kV 16.67 Hz AC systems 1-gen-2021 Collina, AndreaBucca, Giuseppe +
A discussion of the test procedures of the API 6AV1 standard based on wear prediction simulations 1-gen-2019 Messa, Gianandrea VittorioWang, YongboMalavasi, Stefano
The effect of sub-models and parameterizations in the simulation of abrasive jet impingement tests 1-gen-2017 MESSA, GIANANDREA VITTORIOMALAVASI, STEFANO
Effect of wear from cleaning operations on sintered ceramic surfaces: Correlation of surface properties data with touch perception and digital image processing 1-gen-2017 PISELLI, AGNESEBASSO, MARGHERITACIGADA, ALBERTODE NARDO, LUIGIDEL CURTO, BARBARA +
Erosion by turbulence: Discovering the counter-wise vortex events and their effect on wear 1-gen-2023 Espinoza Jara A.Messa G. V. +
Evaluation of erosion-corrosion in multiphase flow via CFD and experimental analysis 1-gen-2003 BOZZINI B.RICOTTI, MARCO ENRICOBONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIOMELE, CAMILLA
Experimental analysis of surface cracks in rails under rolling contact loading 1-gen-2008 GUAGLIANO, MARIOSANGIRARDI, MICHELEVERGANI, LAURA MARIA
An experimental investigation of the scratch behaviour of polymers – 2: Influence of hard or soft fillers 1-gen-2014 KURKCU, PINARANDENA, LUCAPAVAN, ANDREA
A fast simulation algorithm for the wheel profile wear of high-speed trains considering stochastic parameters 1-gen-2021 Liu B. +
A heuristic wear model for the contact strip and contact wire in pantograph – Catenary interaction for railway operations under 15 kV 16.67 Hz AC systems 1-gen-2020 Collina A.Bucca G. +
Impacts of vehicle light-weighting on wheel wear and RCF and a novel ultralight vehicle design 1-gen-2023 Fu, BinBruni, Stefano +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 31
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