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AS - Asia 348
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 12
SA - Sud America 9
OC - Oceania 4
AF - Africa 2
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IT - Italia 448
SE - Svezia 408
AT - Austria 344
DE - Germania 263
UA - Ucraina 217
VN - Vietnam 178
CA - Canada 138
GB - Regno Unito 111
CN - Cina 110
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FR - Francia 35
IN - India 14
IR - Iran 14
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GR - Grecia 8
KR - Corea 6
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PL - Polonia 5
TW - Taiwan 5
AU - Australia 4
HK - Hong Kong 4
TR - Turchia 4
IE - Irlanda 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 3
ES - Italia 2
JP - Giappone 2
MU - Mauritius 2
MY - Malesia 2
TH - Thailandia 2
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EE - Estonia 1
HR - Croazia 1
IL - Israele 1
IQ - Iraq 1
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PT - Portogallo 1
RO - Romania 1
SG - Singapore 1
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Vienna 344
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Cambridge 273
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Chandler 128
Jacksonville 126
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Lawrence 117
Medford 110
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Milan 47
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Redmond 34
Auburn Hills 18
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Nürnberg 11
Oldham 11
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Hefei 7
Kumar 7
Verona 7
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Samarate 5
Udine 5
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Gatineau 4
Cinisello Balsamo 3
Detroit 3
Falls Church 3
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Pavia 3
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Seongnam 3
Shanghai 3
Trescore Balneario 3
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Bellano 2
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Changchun 2
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Encinitas 2
Florence 2
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Grafing 2
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London 2
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Montréal 2
Nanchang 2
Nanjing 2
New York 2
Ningbo 2
Nuoro 2
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Pisa 2
Potsdam 2
Secaucus 2
Seoul 2
Turin 2
Villa Cortese 2
Waltham 2
Wuhan 2
Zhengzhou 2
Aachen 1
Adelaide 1
Albiate 1
Alpharetta 1
Amadora 1
Armeno 1
Ascoli Piceno 1
Asti 1
Atatürk 1
Athens 1
Augusta 1
Avezzano 1
Bainbridge Island 1
Bari 1
Bassano Del Grappa 1
Bergisch Gladbach 1
Bloomsbury 1
Totale 5260
Nome #
Does soccer cleat design influence the rotational interaction with the playing surface? 168
Instrumentation failure following pedicle subtraction osteotomy: the role of rod material, diameter, and multi-rod constructs 114
Analysis of a Unilateral Bridging Cage for Lumbar Interbody Fusion: 2-Year Clinical Results and Fusion Rate with a Focus on Subsidence 113
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Experimental evaluation of the testing conditions influence on shoulder prostheses subluxation and edge displacement during ASTM F2028-05 testing 106
Comparative analysis of international standards for the fatigue testing of posterior spinal fixation systems: The importance of preload in ISO 12189 105
null 105
Influence of Complex Loading Conditions on Intervertebral Disc Failure 105
Preclinical evaluation of posterior spine stabilization devices: can we compare in vitro and in vivo loads on the instrumentation? 103
Experimental evaluation of the biomechanical performances of a PMMA-based knee spacer 91
Reply to the letter to the editor entitled: Response to "Comparative analysis of international standards for the fatigue testing of posterior spinal fixation systems". 91
An in vitro methodology for evaluating the mechanical properties of aortic vascular prostheses 88
An in vitro methodology for evaluating the mechanical properties of aortic vascular prostheses. 87
Finite Element Shape Optimization for Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy Stents. 84
Planning the Surgical Correction of Spinal Deformities: Toward the Identification of the Biomechanical Principles by Means of Numerical Simulation 84
Design of a "driven cylinder" viscometer for bone cement rheological characterization 83
Experimental evaluation of the biomechanical performances of a PMMA-based knee spacer 82
ASTM F1717 standard for the preclinical evaluation of posterior spinal fixators: can we improve it? 82
Anterior support reduces the stresses on the posterior instrumentation after pedicle subtraction osteotomy: a finite-element study 78
Material Models and Properties in the Finite Element Analysis of Knee Ligaments: A Literature Review 77
Performances Analysis of Titanium Prostheses Manufactured by Superplastic Forming and Incremental Forming 77
Prototyping and experimental characterization of shape memory alloy grippers 76
Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for the treatment of thoracic fractures in osteoporotic patients: a finite element comparative analysis 76
Toward the definition of a new worst-case paradigm for the preclinical evaluation of posterior spine stabilization devices 76
Predicting fatigue life of a PMMA based knee spacer using a multiaxial fatigue criterion 75
Effect of intermediate ZrO2-CaO coatings deposited by cold thermal spraying on the titanium-porcelain bond in dental restorations. 75
Spine stability after implantation of an interspinous device: an in vitro and finite element biomechanical study 74
Form and function of resorbable materials–based medical devices 73
Total knee prosthesis polyethylene wear reduction by a new metal part finishing method 72
Contact stresses, pressure and area in a fixed-bearing total ankle replacement: a finite element analysis 72
ISO 12189 standard for the preclinical evaluation of posterior spinal stabilization devices - II: A parametric comparative study 71
Finite element analysis of the lumbar destabilization following pedicle subtraction osteotomy 71
Numerical prediction of the mechanical failure of the intervertebral disc under complex loading conditions 70
A comparative analysis of a disposable and a reusable pedicle screw instrument kit for lumbar arthrodesis: integrating HTA and MCDA 70
In vitro study on silk fibroin textile structure for Anterior Cruciate Ligament regeneration 69
Biomechanical in vitro evaluation of two full-arch rehabilitations supported by four or five implants 69
Basic Research 69
Residual Stresses in Titanium Spinal Rods: Effects of Two Contouring Methods and Material Plastic Properties 69
A novel finite element model of the ovine lumbar intervertebral disc with anisotropic hyperelastic material properties 68
Protesi per la ricostruzione di parti mancanti del sistema scheletrico, particolarmente per ricostruzioni mandibolari e mascellari 67
Preclinical evaluation of posterior spine stabilization devices: can the current standards represent basic everyday life activities? 67
Biomechanical advantages of supplemental accessory and satellite rods with and without interbody cages implantation for the stabilization of pedicle subtraction osteotomy 67
Experimental investigation of the mechanical performances of titanium cranial prostheses manufactured by super plastic forming and single-point incremental forming 67
In vitro wear performance of standard, crosslinked, and vitamin-E-blended UHMWPE 65
Effects of Superplastic Forming on Modification of Surface Properties of Ti Alloys for Biomedical Applications 65
Numerical and experimental characterization of shape memory alloy grippers 64
Mechanical Properties of Open-Cell, Self-Expandable Shape Memory Alloy Carotid Stents 64
Contact stresses and fatigue life in a knee prosthesis: comparison between in vitro measurements and computational simulations 63
Numerical comparison of standard experimental setups for spinal fixator fatigue testing 62
The biomechanics of intramedullary nailing: a protocol for laboratory testing 62
Rotational and peak torque stiffness of rugby shoes 61
Titanium craniofacial prostheses manufacturing using non-conventional forming processes 61
The strain distribution in the lumbar anterior longitudinal ligament is affected by the loading condition and bony features: An in vitro full-field analysis 61
Fabrication and multiscale mechanical characterization of Ti alloy/Al2O3 functionally graded materials for orthopaedic applications 59
Animal Models for Spine Biomechanics 58
Improving Bovine Bone Mechanical Characteristics for the Development of Xenohybrid Bone Grafts 57
A Finite Element Study of the Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy (PSO) 56
Stent-screw assisted internal fixation of osteoporotic vertebrae: A comparative finite element analysis on SAIF technique 56
Primary stability of pedicle screws depends on the screw positioning and alignment 56
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aortic Vascular Prostheses: Comparison Among In Vitro, theoretical and Clinical Data. 55
Comparative analysis of international standards for the fatigue testing of posterior spinal fixation systems 55
Posters 54
Finite element comparison between the human and the ovine lumbar intervertebral disc 54
Assessment of the mechanical performance of titanium cranial prostheses manufactured by super plastic forming and single point incremental forming 54
Composite Polymer Coated Mineral Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration: from Material Characterization to Human Studies 53
Optimized Design and Development of a Bioresorbable High Rotational Stability Fixation System for Small Bone Fragments 53
Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Assessment of the Non-Linear Response of the Anterior Longitudinal Ligament of the Spine during Flexion and Extension 53
XXXVIII Italian Spine Society National Congress Roma, Italy 14th–16th May, 2015 ABSTRACTS 52
Numerical simulation of the implant of a cemented femural stem 51
Numerical model for abrasive wear prediction in total knee replacement 51
Investigation of the state of stress generated by high loads in the ovine lumbar intervertebral disc using a new anisotropic hyperelastic model 51
ISO 12189 standard for the preclinical evaluation of posterior spinal stabilization devices - I: Assembly procedure and validation 50
Analisi delle sollecitazioni residue dopo l’applicazione della barra di solidarizzazione in implantologia elettrosaldata 49
Simulated Performance of a Xenohybrid Bone Graft (SmartBone®) in the Treatment of Acetabular Prosthetic Reconstruction 49
Single Point Incremental Forming and Electrospinning to produce biodegradable magnesium (AZ31) biomedical prostheses coated with porous PCL 48
Aortic tissue properties in porcine models: a comparison of ex-vivo mechanical test results after simulated aortic arch reconstructions 47
Implant failure after PSO: how to prevent it? A finite element analysis of different hardware construct after lumbar pedicle subtraction osteotomy 47
The mechanical properties of the chorioamniotic membrane: experiments and consitutive equations 47
A computational approach to predict fatigue life of orthopedic devices. 46
Investigating the mechanical behaviour of the lining system for Raphael's Cartoon “The School of Athens” 46
Vascular stress state and tissue prolapse in an aterosclerotic coronary artery: influence of the stent design by means of finite element analysis 45
Stent Screw−Assisted Internal Fixation (SAIF) of Severe Lytic Spinal Metastases: A Comparative Finite Element Analysis of the SAIF Technique 44
La gestione del rischio negli impianti dentali - I Parte 43
In vitro testing of self-expandable carotid stents 42
Comparison of standard and minimally invasive decompression techniques for lumbar spinal stenosis 42
A computational approach to predict fatigue life of orthopaedic devices 42
Experimental methods in testing of tissues and implants 40
Evaluation on the effectiveness of standards for preclinical mechanical characterization of spinal fixators 40
Biomechanical in vitro comparison between anterior column realignment and pedicle subtraction osteotomy for severe sagittal imbalance correction 38
Experimental Methods in Biomechanics 37
Computer and test methods in designing reliable prosthesis 37
The 'armed concrete' approach: Stent-screw-assisted internal fixation (SAIF) reconstructs and internally fixates the most severe osteoporotic vertebral fractures 37
Mechanical properties of solvent-dehydrated bovine pericardium xenograft for dura mater repair 36
Optimization of implant-abutment connection in electro-welded implantology: study and mechanical characterization 36
Fatigue characterization of the preformed knee spacer 35
Comparative evaluation of the effect of implant length and crown height in edentulous patients: a Finite Element study 35
Preclinical evaluation of posterior spine stabilization devices: how close are we? 35
Influence of the diameters of tendon graft and bone tunnel in hamstring ACL reconstruction. A bovine model 35
Mechanical behaviour of ETICS in presence of water. 35
Totale 6424
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