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Mixing retrieval and tracking using compact visual descriptors 1-gen-2013 MARCON, MARCO +
Improving action classification with volumetric data using 3D morphological operators 1-gen-2013 FRIGERIO, ELIANAMARCON, MARCOTUBARO, STEFANO
Does the Skin Texture Contain Useful Information to State the Identity? 1-gen-2013 FRIGERIO, ELIANAMARCON, MARCOTUBARO, STEFANO
Surface reconstruction using 3D morphological operators for objects acquired with a multi-Kinect system 1-gen-2013 Frigerio E.Marcon M.Tubaro S.
sistema per la verifica di una corretta procedura di igiene orale 1-gen-2014 MARCON, MARCO +
Iris image correction method from unconstrained images 1-gen-2014 FRIGERIO, ELIANAMARCON, MARCO
Validation Results of Satellite Mock-Up Capturing Experiment Using Nets 1-gen-2015 BENVENUTO, RICCARDOMARCON, MARCOLAVAGNA, MICHÈLE +
Accurate characterization of embedded Structure from Motion 1-gen-2015 Paracchini, Marco BrandoMarcon, MarcoPLEBANI, EMANUELE +
Piecewise distortion correction for fisheye lenses 1-gen-2015 MARCON, MARCOSARTI, AUGUSTOTUBARO, STEFANO
Piezomusicolor. A natural Form of Technological Art 1-gen-2016 CAGLIOTI, GIUSEPPEMARCON, MARCO +
Visual Search of multiple objects from a single query 1-gen-2016 PARACCHINI, MARCO BRANDO MARIOMARCON, MARCO +
Accurate omnidirectional multi-camera embedded structure from motion 1-gen-2016 PARACCHINI, MARCO BRANDO MARIOMARCON, MARCO +
3D Reconstruction of a Space Debris Capturing Net Trajectory During Microgravity Experiments - Results and Lesson Learnt 1-gen-2016 Benvenuto, R.Pesce, V.Lavagna, M.Marcon, M.
Toothbrush motion analysis to help children learn proper tooth brushing 1-gen-2016 MARCON, MARCOSARTI, AUGUSTOTUBARO, STEFANO
A low-cost solution to 3D pinna modeling for HRTF prediction 1-gen-2016 CANCLINI, ANTONIOANTONACCI, FABIOMARCON, MARCOSARTI, AUGUSTOTUBARO, STEFANO +
Smart Toothbrushes: Inertial Measurement Sensors Fusion with Visual Tracking 1-gen-2016 MARCON, MARCOSARTI, AUGUSTOTUBARO, STEFANO
A New Experimental Facility for Testing of Vision-Based GNC Algorithms for Planetary Landing 1-gen-2017 Lunghi, P.Ciarambino, M.Marcon, M.Lavagna, M.
Multicamera rig calibration by double-sided thick checkerboard 1-gen-2017 Marcon, MarcoSarti, AugustoTubaro, Stefano
Validation results of satellite mock-up capturing experiment using nets 1-gen-2017 BENVENUTO, RICCARDOPESCE, VINCENZOMARCON, MARCOLAVAGNA, MICHÈLE +
Training an object detector using only positive samples 1-gen-2017 Marcon M. +
Embedded Real-Time Visual Search with Visual Distance Estimation 1-gen-2017 Paracchini, MarcoPlebani, EmanueleMarcon, Marco +
Accurate cyber-physical system simulation for distributed visual search applications 1-gen-2017 MARTINO, DANILO MARIASHEN, YUNParacchini, MarcoMarcon, MarcoPlebani, Emanuele +
Postural Assessment in Dentistry Based on Multiple Markers Tracking 1-gen-2017 Marcon M.Tubaro S. +
An open-source extendable, highly-accurate and security aware simulator for cloud applications 1-gen-2018 Paracchini, MarcoMarcon, MarcoPlebani, Emanuele +
A framework for interpreting, modeling and recognizing human body gestures through 3D eigenpostures 1-gen-2018 Marcon, MarcoParacchini, Marco Brando MarioTubaro, Stefano
Studying the effects of feature extraction settings on the accuracy and memory requirements of neural networks for keyword spotting 1-gen-2018 Shahnawaz M.Marcon M. +
COSSIM: An open-source integrated solution to address the simulator gap for systems of systems 1-gen-2018 Plebani, EmanueleParacchini, MarcoMarcon, Marco +
Hyperspectral X-ray denoising: Model-based and data-driven solutions 1-gen-2019 Bonettini N.Paracchini M.Bestagini P.Marcon M.Tubaro S.
Usage of Hough Transform for Expiry Date Extraction via Optical Character Recognition 1-gen-2019 Scazzoli D.BARTEZZAGHI, GIULIAMagarini M.Melacini M.Marcon M. +
Remote PhotoPlethysmoGraphy Using SPAD Camera for Automotive Health Monitoring Application 1-gen-2019 Paracchini, MarcoMARCHESI, ANDREA LORENZOPASQUINELLI, KLAUSMarcon, MarcoFontana, GiulioGabrielli, AlessandroVilla, Federica
View-synthesis from uncalibrated cameras and parallel planes 1-gen-2019 Canclini, AntonioMalapelle, FrancescoMarcon, MarcoTubaro, Stefano +
The influence of magnification on the quality of adhesive removal in orthodontic debonding 1-gen-2019 Marcon M. +
Breast Lesion Detection from Mammograms Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 1-gen-2020 Paracchini, MarcoMarcon, Marco +
A Low-Cost Data Acquisition System for On-Road Experimental Activity 1-gen-2020 M. MarconN. TomiatiG. Magnani
An experimental investigation of the bicycle motion during a hands-on shimmy 1-gen-2020 Tomiati N.Magnani G.Marcon M.
Biometric Signals Estimation Using Single Photon Camera and Deep Learning 1-gen-2020 Paracchini, MarcoMarcon, MarcoVilla, FedericaZappa, FrancoTubaro, Stefano
Deep Skin Detection on Low Resolution Grayscale Images 1-gen-2020 Paracchini, MarcoMarcon, MarcoVilla, FedericaTubaro, Stefano
Visual Odometry from Omnidirectional Images for Intelligent Transportation 1-gen-2020 Marcon M.Paracchini M. B. M.Tubaro S.
Advanced assistive maintenance based on augmented reality and 5g networking 1-gen-2020 Verde S.Marcon M.Milani S.Tubaro S.
Multitask learning for denoising and analysis of X-ray polymer acquisitions 1-gen-2021 Bonettini N.Gonano C. A.Bestagini P.Marcon M.Garavelli B.Tubaro S.
Posture assessment in dentistry for different visual aids using 2d markers 1-gen-2021 Marcon M.Tubaro S. +
Fast Skin Segmentation on Low Resolution Grayscale Images for Remote PhotoPlethysmoGraphy 1-gen-2022 Marco Brando Mario ParacchiniMarco MarconFederica VillaIris CusiniStefano Tubaro
Comparing AutoEncoder Variants for Real-Time Denoising of Hyperspectral X-Ray 1-gen-2022 Bonettini N.Bestagini P.Marcon M.Tubaro S. +
Robust Water Leak Detection and Localization with Graph Signal Processing 1-gen-2023 Leonzio D. U.Bestagini P.Marcon M.Tubaro S. +
An algebraic geometry perspective for the estimation of the directions of arrival 1-gen-2023 M. CompagnoniR. NotariM. MarconU. Spagnolini
Depth Map Super-Resolution Fusing Color Information 1-gen-2023 Paracchini, MarcoMarcon, MarcoTubaro, Stefano +
Multi-BVOC Super-Resolution Exploiting Compounds Inter-Connection 1-gen-2023 Giganti, AntonioMandelli, SaraBestagini, PaoloMarcon, MarcoTubaro, Stefano
Deep Learning Coronary Artery Centerlines Mapping from Contrast-Enhanced CT Images of the Heart 1-gen-2023 Leccardi, MatteoMario Paracchini, Marco BrandoMainardi, LucaMarcon, MarcoCerveri, Pietro
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