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A hybrid method for the integration between an instrumented wheelset and the measure of the deflection of the primary suspension 1-gen-2017 DI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOBIONDA, STEFANOBOCCIOLONE, MARCO FRANCESCOBRAGHIN, FRANCESCO
Freight trains dynamics: effect of payload and braking power distribution on coupling forces 1-gen-2017 CHELI, FEDERICODI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOMELZI, STEFANO
Using support vector machines for the computationally efficient identification of acceptable design parameters in computer-aided engineering applications 1-gen-2017 DI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOBRAGHIN, FRANCESCO +
The effect of train composition on the running safety of low-flatcar wagons in braking and curving manoeuvres 1-gen-2017 DI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOCAZZULANI, GABRIELEMELZI, STEFANOBRAGHIN, FRANCESCO
A new method for the improvement of the accuracy of the estimation of wheel-rail contact forces using instrumented wheelsets 1-gen-2017 BIONDA, STEFANODI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOCAZZULANI, GABRIELEBRAGHIN, FRANCESCO
A new approach for the evaluation and the improvement of the metrological characteristics of an instrumented wheelset for the measure of wheel-rail contact forces 1-gen-2017 CAZZULANI, GABRIELEDI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOBIONDA, STEFANOBRAGHIN, FRANCESCO +
Fuzzy logic approach for the improvement of the estimation of wheel-rail contact forces 1-gen-2018 E. Di GialleonardoS. BiondaG. CazzulaniF. Braghin
Algorithm development to classify the deterioration of insulated rail joints by means of onboard measurements 1-gen-2018 Claudio SomaschiniEgidio Di GialleonardoAndrea CollinaMarco Bocciolone
International benchmarking of longitudinal train dynamics simulators: results 1-gen-2018 Melzi, StefanoCheli, Federicodi Gialleonardo, Egidio +
Progress in modeling railway hunting behaviors by means of chaotic equations 1-gen-2018 E. Di Gialleonardo +
Numerical and experimental analysis on the corrugation caused by a vehicle equipped with resilient wheels 1-gen-2018 BIONDA, STEFANOBOCCIOLONE, MARCO FRANCESCOCOLLINA, ANDREACORRADI, ROBERTODI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIODIANA, GIORGIO
Design of experiment approaches for the calibration of instrumented wheelset 1-gen-2018 E. DI GIALLEONARDOS. BIONDAF. BRAGHINC. SOMASCHINI
Nonlinear model of an embedded rail system for the simulation of train-track dynamic interaction and the analysis of vibration transmission 1-gen-2019 Andrea CollinaRoberto CorradiEgidio Di GialleonardoLI, QIANQIAN
Analysis of the effect of running speed and bogie attitude on rail corrugation growth in sharp curves 1-gen-2019 Andrea CollinaRoberto CorradiEgidio Di GialleonardoQianqian Li
Wireless Sensor Node for Wheelset Defects Identification 1-gen-2019 S. BruniF. Castelli-DezzaS. CiiE. Di GialleonardoG. Tomasini +
Mimicking Railway Vehicles Hunting Behaviors by Means of Sequence Generators Based on Optimized Sums of Chaotic Standard Equations 1-gen-2019 E. Di Gialleonardo +
A fast method for determination of creep forces in non-Hertzian contact of wheel and rail based on a book of tables 1-gen-2019 Bruni, StefanoLiu, BinbinDi Gialleonardo, Egidio +
Analysis of the Effect of Running Speed and Bogie Attitude on Rail Corrugation Growth in Sharp Curves 1-gen-2021 Collina, AndreaCorradi, RobertoDi Gialleonardo, EgidioLi, Qianqian
Nonlinear Model of an Embedded Rail System for the Simulation of Train-Track Dynamic Interaction and the Analysis of Vibration Transmission 1-gen-2021 Collina, AndreaCorradi, RobertoDi Gialleonardo, EgidioLi, Qianqian
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 83
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