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0d/1d thermo‐fluid dynamic modeling tools for the simulation of driving cycles and the optimization of ic engine performances and emissions 1-gen-2021 Marinoni A.Tamborski M.Cerri T.Montenegro G.D'errico G.Onorati A.Piatti E.Pisoni E. E.
Numerical Optimization of a SCR System Based on the Injection of Pure Gaseous Ammonia for the NOx Reduction in Light-Duty Diesel Engines 1-gen-2020 Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Cerri T.Tronconi E.Nova I.
Prediction of Driving Cycles by Means of a Co-Simulation Framework for the Evaluation of IC Engine Tailpipe Emissions 1-gen-2020 Montenegro, GianlucaOnorati, AngeloD'Errico, GianlucaCerri, TarcisioMarinoni, Andrea +
A Novel 1D Co-Simulation Framework for the Prediction of Tailpipe Emissions under Different IC Engine Operating Conditions 1-gen-2019 Cerri T.D'Errico G.Montenegro G.Onorati A. +
CFD Investigation of the Impact of Electrical Heating on the Light-off of a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst 1-gen-2018 Della Torre, AugustoMontenegro, GianlucaOnorati, AngeloCerri, Tarcisio
Experimental Validation of Combustion Models for Diesel Engines Based on Tabulated Kinetics in a Wide Range of Operating Conditions 1-gen-2017 Lucchini, TommasoD'Errico, GianlucaCerri, TarcisioOnorati, Angelo +
1D-3D Coupled Simulation of the Fuel Spray Propagation Inside the Air-Box of a Moto3 Motorbike: Analysis of Spray Targeting and Injection Timing 1-gen-2017 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCADELLA TORRE, AUGUSTOCERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELONOCIVELLI, LORENZOFIOCCO, MARCO
A 1D/Quasi-3D Coupled Model for the Simulation of I.C. Engines: Development and Application of an Automatic Cell-Network Generator 1-gen-2017 DELLA TORRE, AUGUSTOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCACERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO
Fluid dynamic optimization of a moto3™ engine by means of 1D and 1D-3D simulations 1-gen-2016 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCACERRI, TARCISIODELLA TORRE, AUGUSTOONORATI, ANGELO +
CFD modelling of a beta-type stirling machine 1-gen-2014 A. Della TorreG. MontenegroT. CerriA. Onorati +
1D simulation of a turbocharged Diesel engine with comparison of short and long EGR route solutions 1-gen-2013 CORNOLTI, LUCAONORATI, ANGELOCERRI, TARCISIOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAPISCAGLIA, FEDERICO
Experimental investigations on high octane number gasoline formulations for internal combustion engines 1-gen-2013 CERRI, TARCISIOD'ERRICO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
Fluid Dynamic and Acoustic Optimization Methodology of a Motorbike Intake Airbox Using Multilevel Numerical CFD Models and Experimental Validation Tests 1-gen-2013 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCADELLA TORRE, AUGUSTOCERRI, TARCISIO +
A Quasi-3D Model for the Simulation of the Unsteady Flows in I.C. Engine Pipe Systems 1-gen-2012 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELOCERRI, TARCISIODELLA TORRE, AUGUSTO
Modeling the Unsteady Flows in I.C. Engine Pipe Systems By Means of a Quasi-3D Approach 1-gen-2012 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCACERRI, TARCISIODELLA TORRE, AUGUSTOONORATI, ANGELO
Multi-objective optimization of internal combustion engine by meansof 1D fluid-dynamic models 1-gen-2011 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCACERRI, TARCISIOPERTUSI, GIANLUIGI
1D-3D Fluid Dynamic Simulation and Experimental Analysis of a High Performance V4 Engine 1-gen-2010 CERRI, TARCISIOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAFERRARI, GIANCARLO +
1D Engine Simulation of a Small HSDI Diesel Engine Applying a Predictive Combustion Model 1-gen-2008 CERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO +
Application of Derivative-Free Search Algorithms for Performance Optimization of Spark Ignition Engines 1-gen-2008 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCACERRI, TARCISIO
Quasi-D and CFD modeling of combustion in a turbocharged common rail DI Diesel engine 1-gen-2007 CERRI, TARCISIOLUCCHINI, TOMMASOONORATI, ANGELO
1D engine simulation of a small HSDI Diesel engine applying a predictive combustion model 1-gen-2006 CERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO +
1D fluid dynamic simulation of Lamborghini S.I. engines for the prediction of silencer performances and radiated exhaust noise 1-gen-2006 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO +
Development and application of S.I. combustion models for emissions prediction 1-gen-2006 CERRI, TARCISIOD'ERRICO, GIANLUCALUCCHINI, TOMMASO
Experimental Analysis and 1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a High Performance Lamborghini V10 S.I. Engine 1-gen-2005 CERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELO +
1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a High Performance Lamborghini V12 S.I. Engine 1-gen-2005 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELO +
Previsione dell'insorgere della detonazione nei motori ad accensione comandata 1-gen-2004 CERRI, TARCISIOD'ERRICO, GIANLUCALUCCHINI, TOMMASO
Modelling the Pollutant Emissions from a S.I. Engine 1-gen-2003 D'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFERRARI, GIANCARLOONORATI, ANGELOCERRI, TARCISIO
Modello di simulazione integrato termofluidodinamico per motori a ciclo Diesel 1-gen-2003 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCA
Previsione del ricircolo di gas combusti interno ed esterno nei motori a c.i. 1-gen-2002 CERRI, TARCISIOD'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFERRARI, GIANCARLO
Previsione delle emissioni inquinanti di motori ad accensione comandata 1-gen-2001 CERRI, TARCISIOD'ERRICO, GIANLUCAFERRARI, GIANCARLO
Development and Validation of a Thermo-fluid Dynamic Model for S.I. Engine Emission Prediction 1-gen-2001 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
An Integrated Simulation Model for the Prediction of S.I. Engine Cylinder Emissions and Exhaust After-Treatment System Performance 1-gen-2001 CERRI, TARCISIOFERRARI, GIANCARLOMONTENEGRO, GIANLUCAONORATI, ANGELO
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