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Response of an aluminium Schwarz triply periodic minimal surface lattice structure under constant amplitude and random fatigue 1-gen-2022 Gavazzoni M.Beretta S.Foletti S.
Static assessment of flawed thin AlSi10Mg parts produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion 1-gen-2022 Minerva G.Patriarca L.Foletti S.Beretta S.
Life prediction of P91 piping accounting for creep fatigue conditions 1-gen-2022 A. Lo ConteF. BassiS. BerettaS. Foletti +
Experimental and numerical investigation on fatigue damage in micro-lattice materials by Digital Volume Correlation and μCT-based finite element models 1-gen-2022 Boniotti L.Gavazzoni M.Foletti S. +
Cyclic response of 3D printed metamaterials with soft cellular architecture: The interplay between as-built defects, material and geometric non-linearity 1-gen-2022 Gavazzoni M.Foletti S. +
Multi-Physics Inverse Homogenization for the Design of Innovative Cellular Materials: Application to Thermo-Elastic Problems 1-gen-2022 Matteo GavazzoniNicola FerroSimona PerottoStefano Foletti
Mode III threshold under Rolling Contact Fatigue and development of a test gearbox for planet gears: Conference Proceedings 1-gen-2022 Rao P. M.Foletti S.Bonaiti L.Concli F.Gorla C.Beretta S.
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Cumulative Fatigue Damage under Random Dynamic Cyclic Loads of Lattice Structures Manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion 1-gen-2021 Pisati, MarcoBeretta, StefanoRiva, EmanueleBraghin, FrancescoFoletti, Stefano +
Influence of specimen size on the mechanical properties of microlattices obtained by selective laser melting 1-gen-2021 GAVAZZONI, MATTEOBoniotti L.Foletti S.
Strain localizations in notches for a coarse-grained Ni-based superalloy: Simulations and experiments 1-gen-2021 Sausto F.Patriarca L.Foletti S.Beretta S. +
Multiaxial static strength of a 3D printed metallic lattice structure exhibiting brittle behavior 1-gen-2021 Gavazzoni M.Beretta S.Foletti S. +
Anisotropic mechanical and fatigue behaviour of Inconel718 produced by SLM in LCF and high-temperature conditions 1-gen-2021 Sausto F.Foletti S.Beretta S. +
Improving fatigue resistance of railway axles by cold rolling: Process optimisation and new experimental evidences 1-gen-2020 Foletti S.Pourheidar A.Beretta S. +
Fatigue strength assessment of “as built” AlSi10Mg manufactured by SLM with different build orientations 1-gen-2020 Beretta S.Gargourimotlagh M.Foletti S. +
Fretting fatigue analysis of full-scale railway axles in presence of artificial micro-notches 1-gen-2020 Pourheidar A.Foletti S.Beretta S. +
A probabilistic framework to define the design stress and acceptable defects under combined-cycle fatigue conditions 1-gen-2020 Patriarca L.Beretta S.Foletti S. +
A low-cycle fatigue life prediction model for Alloy625 arc wire welding repairs of gas turbine blades 1-gen-2020 Patriarca L.Foletti S.Beretta S. +
Experimental and numerical investigation on compressive fatigue strength of lattice structures of AlSi7Mg manufactured by SLM 1-gen-2019 Boniotti L.Beretta S.Patriarca L.Foletti S. +
Analysis of strain and stress concentrations in micro-lattice structures manufactured by SLM 1-gen-2019 Boniotti L.Foletti S.Beretta S.Patriarca L.
A critical plane approach for LCF evaluation of gas turbine disks and rotors 1-gen-2019 Foletti S.Beretta S. +
Crack-closure simulations of Ni-based super-alloy polycrystal, a comparison between experiments and crystal plasticity 1-gen-2019 Luccarelli P. G.Rabbolini S.Beretta S.Foletti S.
Microstructure-based modelling and Digital Image Correlation measurement of strain fields in austenitic stainless steel 316L during tension loading 1-gen-2019 Patriarca L.Foletti S. +
LCF behaviour and a comprehensive life prediction model for AlSi10Mg obtained by SLM 1-gen-2018 Romano, S.Patriarca, L.Foletti, S.Beretta, S.
Evaluation of size effect on strain-controlled fatigue behavior of a quench and tempered rotor steel: Experimental and numerical study 1-gen-2018 Foletti, StefanoBeretta, Stefano +
LCF and crack growth: Recent results obtained by DIC 1-gen-2018 Patriarca L.Foletti S.Beretta S.
Temperature dependence of crack growth under LCF for different alloys 1-gen-2018 Rabbolini, S.Foletti, S.Beretta, S.
Short cracks growth in low cycle fatigue under multiaxial in-phase loading 1-gen-2018 Foletti, S.Rabbolini, S.Beretta, S. +
A reference open data vertical axis wind turbine, with individual pitch control, for code validation purposes 1-gen-2018 Bayati, IlmasFoletti, StefanoTarsitano, DavideBelloli, Marco
A comparison of DIC-based techniques to measure crack closure in LCF 1-gen-2018 Patriarca, L.Foletti, S.Beretta, S.
Probabilistic framework for multiaxial LCF assessment under material variability 1-gen-2017 FOLETTI, STEFANOBERETTA, STEFANO +
Experiments on crack propagation and threshold at defects in press-fits of railway axles 1-gen-2017 Foletti, S.Beretta, S.Carboni, M. +
Study of strain localizations in a polycrystalline medium in presence of a quasi-static crack 1-gen-2017 Patriarca, L.Luccarelli, P. G.Foletti, S.
Evaluation of Size Effect in Low Cycle Fatigue for Q&T rotor steel 1-gen-2017 Foletti, S.Beretta, S. +
Optimization of the cold-rolling process to enhance service life of railway axles 1-gen-2017 Foletti, S. +
Strain concentrations in BCC micro lattices obtained by AM 1-gen-2017 BONIOTTI, LAURABeretta, S.Foletti, S.Patriarca, L.
Crack propagation under combined cycle fatigue for a precipitation hardened steel 1-gen-2017 Patriarca, L.Foletti, S.Beretta, S. +
Finite element simulation of single crystal and polycrystalline Haynes 230 specimens 1-gen-2017 LUCCARELLI, PIETRO GIOVANNIFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Fatigue crack propagation in haynes 230: A comparison between single and polycrystal crack closure levels 1-gen-2016 BERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANORABBOLINI, SILVIO +
Fretting fatigue strength and non-propagation of surface cracks 1-gen-2016 FOLETTI, STEFANOBERETTA, STEFANO +
A log-normal format for failure probability under LCF: Concept, validation and definition of design curve 1-gen-2016 BERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Defect acceptability under full-scale fretting fatigue tests for railway axles 1-gen-2016 FOLETTI, STEFANOBERETTA, STEFANO +
Crystal Plasticity Simulations of Haynes 230, an Analysis of Single Crystal and Polycrystalline Experiments 1-gen-2016 LUCCARELLI, PIETRO GIOVANNIFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Crack-Closure Measurements in Low-Cycle Fatigue With Digital Image Correlation 1-gen-2016 RABBOLINI, SILVIOBERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Near-tip closure and cyclic plasticity in Ni-based single crystals 1-gen-2016 RABBOLINI, SILVIOLUCCARELLI, PIETRO GIOVANNIBERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Fatigue crack growth in low cycle fatigue: an analysis of crack closure based on image correlation 1-gen-2016 RABBOLINI, SILVIOBERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANO
Creep fatigue crack growth and fracture mechanisms of T/P91 power plant steel 1-gen-2015 BASSI, FEDERICOFOLETTI, STEFANOLO CONTE, ANTONIETTA
Crack closure effects during low cycle fatigue propagation in line pipe steel: An analysis with digital image correlation 1-gen-2015 RABBOLINI, SILVIOBERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Short crack propagation in LCF regime at room and high temperature in Q & T rotor steels 1-gen-2015 RABBOLINI, SILVIOBERETTA, STEFANOFOLETTI, STEFANO +
Fatigue crack growth in blade attachment of turbine disks: Experimental tests and life prediction 1-gen-2015 FOLETTI, STEFANOBERETTA, STEFANOSCACCABAROZZI, FABIORABBOLINI, SILVIO +
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