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Bifacial and Monofacial PV Systems Performance Assessment Based on IEC 61724-1 Standard 1-gen-2023 Ogliari, EDolara, AMazzeo, DManzolini, GLeva, S
Implementation of Nonlinear Controller to Improve DC Microgrid Stability: A Comparative Analysis of Sliding Mode Control Variants 1-gen-2023 Zehra S. S.Dolara A.Amjed M. A.Mussetta M.
Characterization of Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules Based on I-V Curves Outdoor Measurement 1-gen-2023 Dolara A.Leva S.Mazzeo D.Ogliari E.
Photovoltaic Plant State-of-Health estimation by means of UAV and Electric Measurements 1-gen-2023 Dolara, AlbertoNiccolai, AlessandroGrimaccia, Francesco
Modelling of a Free-Piston Generator Based on Spark-Ignition Engine, Linear Electric Machine and Active Rectifier 1-gen-2023 Dolara A.Gianetti G. G.Leva S.Lucchini T. +
Outdoor Performance of Organic Photovoltaics: Comparative Analysis 1-gen-2022 Dolara A.Leva S.Manzolini G.Simonetti R. +
Performance and Thermal Analysis of Organic Photovoltaic Modules in Outdoor Conditions 1-gen-2022 Dolara A.Leva S. +
An Overview of Data-Driven Methods for the Online State of Charge Estimation 1-gen-2022 Eleftheriadis P.Dolara A.Leva S.
Performance Assessment of Mismatch Mitigation Methodologies Using Field Data in Solar Photovoltaic Systems 1-gen-2022 Dolara A.Leva S. +
Oxidation Impact of CIGS Photovoltaic Modules Performance after 10 Years of Operation 1-gen-2021 Dolara A.Eleftheriadis P.Leva S.Simonetti R.
Design of a resonant converter for a regenerative braking system based on ultracap storage for application in a formula sae single-seater electric racing car 1-gen-2021 Dolara A.Leva S.Mussetta M. +
Hybrid PV Power Forecasting Methods: A Comparison of Different Approaches 1-gen-2021 Niccolai, AlessandroDolara, AlbertoOgliari, Emanuele
Outdoor Assessment and Performance Evaluation of OPV Modules 1-gen-2021 Dolara A.Leva S.Manzolini G.Simonetti R. +
Improved PSO: A comparative study in MPPT algorithm for PV system control under partial shading conditions 1-gen-2020 Ogliari E.Dolara A. +
Organic Photovoltaic Modules Installation: Italy and Algeria Case Studies 1-gen-2020 S. LevaA. Dolara +
A review on dynamic wireless charging systems 1-gen-2019 Dolara A.Longo M. +
State of the Art on Modelling Inductive Power Transfer for EVs 1-gen-2019 Dolara A.Longo M. +
Design and performance analysis of pads for dynamic wireless charging of EVs using the finite element method 1-gen-2019 Dolara A.Longo M. +
Battery energy storage system and improved communication topology for enhancing power quality of microgrid 1-gen-2019 Dolara A.Leva S. +
Ground fault analysis in a microgrid scenario 1-gen-2019 Dolara A.Ogliari E. +
Experimental validation of a model for PV systems under partial shading for building integrated applications 1-gen-2019 Piccoli, EmanueleDama, AlessandroDolara, AlbertoLeva, Sonia
Vehicle-to-Grid for peak shaving in a Medium Voltage Grid with PV plants 1-gen-2019 Dolara A.Leva S. +
Day-ahead photovoltaic forecasting: A comparison of the most effective techniques 1-gen-2019 Nespoli A.Ogliari E.Leva S.Dolara A. +
Sustainable solutions for internal mobility in spread university campuses 1-gen-2018 Brenna, MorrisDolara, AlbertoFoiadelli, FedericaLeva, SoniaLongo, Michela
Impact of Cell Microcracks Size and Spatial Distribution on Output Power of PV Modules 1-gen-2018 Dolara, A.Leva, S.Manzolini, G.Niccolai, A. +
An evolutionary-based MPPT algorithm for photovoltaic systems under dynamic partial shading 1-gen-2018 Dolara, AlbertoGrimaccia, FrancescoMussetta, MarcoOgliari, EmanueleLeva, Sonia
Stability Analysis and Optimal Energy Management of a Stand-Alone Hybrid Micro-Grid 1-gen-2018 Dolara, A.Grimaccia, F.Leva, S.Mussetta, M.Ogliari, E.
Comparison of training approaches for photovoltaic forecasts by means of machine learning 1-gen-2018 Dolara, AlbertoGrimaccia, FrancescoLeva, SoniaMussetta, MarcoOgliari, Emanuele
Analysis of Photovoltaic Five-Parameter Model 1-gen-2018 Niccolai, AlessandroDolara, AlbertoGrimaccia, Francesco
Validation of ANN Training Approaches for Day-Ahead Photovoltaic Forecasts 1-gen-2018 NESPOLI, ALFREDOOgliari, EmanueleDolara, AlbertoGrimaccia, FrancescoLeva, SoniaMussetta, Marco
Optimization Models for islanded micro-grids: A comparative analysis between linear programming and mixed integer programming 1-gen-2017 Dolara, AlbertoGrimaccia, FrancescoMagistrati, Giulia +
Sustainable campus: Renovation of lighting fixtures for the reduction of CO2emissions 1-gen-2017 Leva, S.Dolara, A. +
Analysis and validation of 24 hours ahead neural network forecasting of photovoltaic output power 1-gen-2017 LEVA, SONIADOLARA, ALBERTOGRIMACCIA, FRANCESCOMUSSETTA, MARCOOGLIARI, EMANUELE GIOVANNI CARLO
Physical and hybrid methods comparison for the day ahead PV output power forecast 1-gen-2017 OGLIARI, EMANUELE GIOVANNI CARLODOLARA, ALBERTOMANZOLINI, GIAMPAOLOLEVA, SONIA
Weather-based Machine Learning Technique for Day-Ahead Wind Power Forecasting 1-gen-2017 Dolara, AGandelli, AGrimaccia, FLeva, SMussetta, M
Performance analysis of a hybrid micro-grid in Somalia 1-gen-2017 Dolara, A.Leva, S.Magistrati, G. +
Analysis of Electrodynamic Forces in Switching Devices for Railway Applications 1-gen-2017 Dolara, AlbertoGrimaccia, Francesco +
Analysis of control strategies for compensated inductive power transfer system for electric vehicles charging 1-gen-2017 Dolara, A.Leva, S.Longo, M.Castelli-Dezza, F.Mauri, M.
Power pad design and optimization for contactless electric vehicle battery charging system 1-gen-2017 Castelli-Dezza, F.Mauri, M.Dolara, A.Leva, S.Longo, M.
Coil design and magnetic shielding of a resonant wireless power transfer system for electric vehicle battery charging 1-gen-2017 Dolara, A.Leva, S.Longo, M.Castelli-Dezza, F.Mauri, M.
Survey on PV Modules’ Common Faults After an O&M Flight Extensive Campaign Over Different Plants in Italy 1-gen-2017 GRIMACCIA, FRANCESCOLEVA, SONIADOLARA, ALBERTOAGHAEI, MOHAMMADREZA
Optimal playing of electric vehicle charging Stations 1-gen-2017 Brenna, MorrisDolara, AlbertoLeva, SoniaLongo, MichelaZaninelli, Dario
Day-ahead forecasting for photovoltaic power using artificial neural networks ensembles 1-gen-2016 DOLARA, ALBERTOMAGISTRATI, GIULIAMUSSETTA, MARCOOGLIARI, EMANUELE GIOVANNI CARLO +
Efficiency analysis of PV power plants shaded by MV overhead lines 1-gen-2016 DOLARA, ALBERTOLAZAROIU, GEORGE CRISTIANOGLIARI, EMANUELE GIOVANNI CARLO
PV hourly day-ahead power forecasting in a micro grid context 1-gen-2016 DOLARA, ALBERTOLEVA, SONIAMUSSETTA, MARCOOGLIARI, EMANUELE GIOVANNI CARLO
Optimal management algorithm for battery energy storage system included in an islanded Micro-Grid 1-gen-2016 DOLARA, ALBERTOGRIMACCIA, FRANCESCOMAGISTRATI, GIULIA +
Snail Trails and Cell Microcrack Impact on PV Module Maximum Power and Energy Production 1-gen-2016 DOLARA, ALBERTOLEVA, SONIAMANZOLINI, GIAMPAOLO +
Experimental comparison of MPPT methods for PV systems under dynamic partial shading conditions 1-gen-2016 AGHAEI, MOHAMMADREZADOLARA, ALBERTOGRIMACCIA, FRANCESCOLEVA, SONIA +
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