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A model-based approach for data integration to improve maintenance management by mixed reality 1-gen-2013 FUMAGALLI, LUCAGARETTI, MARCO +
Open automation of manufacturing systems through integration of ontology and web services 1-gen-2013 GARETTI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Smart Sensors for Condition Based Maintenance: a Test Case in the Manufacturing Industry 1-gen-2014 PALA, SIMONEFUMAGALLI, LUCAGARETTI, MARCOMACCHI, MARCO
A web service-based toolbox for machine diagnostics based on statistical analysis 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, LUCAPALA, SIMONEMACCHI, MARCO
Identification of wear statistics to determine the need for a new approach to maintenance 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, LUCA +
La norma UNI 11420 e l’Ingegneria di Manutenzione, l'importanza di disporre di un sistema di qualificazione condiviso per la gestione degli asset industriali 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Maturity Assessment and Change Management for Manufacturing Innovation Ecosystems 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, LUCANEGRI, ELISA
A review of semantic languages for the conceptual modelling of the manufacturing domain 1-gen-2014 NEGRI, ELISAFUMAGALLI, LUCAGARETTI, MARCOTANCA, LETIZIA
Value-driven engineering of E-maintenance platforms 1-gen-2014 MACCHI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Ontology-Based Modeling of Manufacturing and Logistics Systems for a New MES Architecture 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, LUCAPALA, SIMONEGARETTI, MARCONEGRI, ELISA
Industrial implementation of models for joint production and maintenance planning 1-gen-2014 MACCHI, MARCOPOZZETTI, ALESSANDROFUMAGALLI, LUCA
Exploring the Integration of Maintenance with Production Management in SMEs 1-gen-2014 MACCHI, MARCOPOZZETTI, ALESSANDROFUMAGALLI, LUCA
A review of multi-criteria classification of spare parts: From literature analysis to industrial evidences 1-gen-2014 RODA, IRENEMACCHI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Ontology-Based Modeling of Production and Logistics Systems 1-gen-2015 GARETTI, MARCONEGRI, ELISAFUMAGALLI, LUCA
Approach for the use of ontologies for KPI calculation in the manufacturing domain 1-gen-2015 NEGRI, ELISAFUMAGALLI, LUCAGARETTI, MARCO
Experimental comparison of spare parts inventory models through simulation: The case of a railway line 1-gen-2015 FUMAGALLI, LUCARODA, IRENESCOTTON, LORENZOMACCHI, MARCO +
Implementation of a condition monitoring system on an electric arc furnace through a risk-based methodology 1-gen-2015 FUMAGALLI, LUCAPALA, SIMONEMACCHI, MARCO +
Integrating Maintenance within the Production Process through a Flexible E-Maintenance Platform 1-gen-2015 FUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCO
Risk Driven Engineering of Prognostics and Health Management Systems in Manufacturing 1-gen-2015 MACCHI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Ontology for Service-Based Control of Production Systems 1-gen-2015 NEGRI, ELISAFUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCOGARETTI, MARCO
The use of mobile technologies and their economic benefits in maintenance 1-gen-2015 FUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Role of ontologies for CPS implementation in manufacturing 1-gen-2015 GARETTI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCANEGRI, ELISA
Maintenance Business Model: a concept for driving performance improvement 1-gen-2015 HOLGADO GRANADOS, MARIAMACCHI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCA
Business performance measurements in asset management with the support of big data technologies 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, LUCA +
New methodology for smart manufacturing research and education: The lab approach 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCOPOZZETTI, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCOTAVOLA, GIACOMOTERZI, SERGIO
A performance model for medium voltage equipment 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Synchro-push: A new production control paradigm 1-gen-2016 GARETTI, MARCOMACCHI, MARCOPOZZETTI, ALESSANDROFUMAGALLI, LUCANEGRI, ELISA
An E-maintenance platform based on SOA and smart sensors 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCO
The Challenges of Cybersecurity Frameworks to Protect Data Required for the Development of Advanced Maintenance 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, LUCA +
Value-in-use of e-maintenance in service provision: survey analysis and future research agenda 1-gen-2016 MACCHI, MARCOFUMAGALLI, LUCA +
A Smart Maintenance tool for a safe Electric Arc Furnace 1-gen-2016 FUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCOALFIERI, ALESSANDRO +
Requirements and languages for the semantic representation of manufacturing systems 1-gen-2016 NEGRI, ELISAFUMAGALLI, LUCAGARETTI, MARCOTANCA, LETIZIA
Simulation-supported framework for job shop scheduling with genetic algorithm 1-gen-2017 Fumagalli, L.Macchi, M.Negri, E.POLENGHI, ADALBERTOSOTTORIVA, EDOARDO
Framework for PHM in the smart manufacturing context: integration of different approaches 1-gen-2017 FUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCO
Maturity Assessment for Systematic Performance Improvement in Manufacturing Networks 1-gen-2017 Fumagalli L. +
Generic platform for manufacturing execution system functions in knowledge-driven manufacturing systems 1-gen-2017 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca +
Orchestration of preventive maintenance interventions 1-gen-2017 Fumagalli, LucaMacchi, MarcoGIACOMIN, ALICE
Modelling internal logistics systems through ontologies 1-gen-2017 NEGRI, ELISAPEROTTI, SARAFUMAGALLI, LUCAMARCHET, GINOGARETTI, MARCO
A Review of the Roles of Digital Twin in CPS-based Production Systems 1-gen-2017 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, LucaMacchi, Marco
Cross-Correlation Method for Orchestration of Preventive Maintenance Interventions 1-gen-2017 L. FumagalliM. MacchiI. RodaA. Giacomin
On the Advancement of Maintenance Management Towards Smart Maintenance in Manufacturing 1-gen-2017 M. MacchiI. RodaL. Fumagalli
A novel scheduling framework: Integrating genetic algorithms and discrete event simulation 1-gen-2018 Fumagalli, LucaNegri, ElisaSottoriva, EdoardoPolenghi, AdalbertoMacchi, Marco
Customized knowledge discovery in databases methodology for the control of assembly systems 1-gen-2018 Cattaneo L.Polenghi A.Fumagalli L. +
The future of maintenance within industry 4.0: An empirical research in manufacturing 1-gen-2018 Roda, IreneMacchi, MarcoFumagalli, Luca
Distributed control via modularized CPS architecture Lessons learnt from an industrial case study 1-gen-2018 Fumagalli, LucaNegri, Elisa +
Clarifying Data Analytics Concepts for Industrial Engineering 1-gen-2018 Cattaneo, LauraFumagalli, LucaMacchi, MarcoNegri, Elisa
Role of simulation in industrial engineering: focus on manufacturing systems 1-gen-2018 Polenghi, A.Fumagalli, L.Roda, I.
Cost-driven and reliability-driven analyses of the Y25 bogie to identify needs and opportunities for predictive maintenance 1-gen-2018 A. PolenghiLuca FumagalliS. Bruni +
Exploring the role of Digital Twin for Asset Lifecycle Management 1-gen-2018 Macchi, MarcoRoda, IreneNegri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca
Mostrati risultati da 51 a 100 di 137
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