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Robust spacecraft relative pose estimation via CNN-aided line segments detection in monocular images 1-gen-2024 Bechini, MicheleLunghi, PaoloLavagna, Michèle +
Mission Performance Assessment of the Recovery and Vertical Landing of a Reusable Launch Vehicle 1-gen-2024 Guadagnini, JacopoLavagna, Michèle +
The Dimorphos ejecta plume properties revealed by LICIACube 1-gen-2024 Zanotti, G.Ceresoli, M.Ferrari, F.Lavagna, M. +
Planetary Soil Simulant Characterisation: NU-LHT-2M Study Case to Support Oxygen Extraction Lab Tests with a Low-Temperature Carbothermal Process 1-gen-2024 Zanotti, GiovanniTroisi, IvanDottori, AliceLavagna, Michèle Roberta
AIVIONIC - Artificial intelligence techniques in on-board avionics and software 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, StefanoPiccinin, MargheritaBrandonisio, AndreaLunghi, PaoloLavagna, Michèle +
Solid-Gas Carbothermal Reduction for Water Production from Lunar Regolith Simulant: Experimental Results 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Troisi, I.Dottori, A.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J. +
Lunar Oxygen Production System Study and Equipment Breadboarding 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Troisi, I.Dottori, A.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J. +
HERMES Mission Software: from Design to Implementation of the Finite State Machine 1-gen-2023 Brandonisio, A.Piccinin, M.Colagrossi, A.Zanotti, G.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M. +
ORACLE: an ISRU Technological Demonstrator for Oxygen Production on the Moon 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Dottori, A.Troisi, I. +
Flat-Sat Facility for Processor-In-the-loop Verification and Testing of Nanosatellite ADCS 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, A.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M.
Advanced and Robust Guidance & Control System for the Recovery of Reusable Launchers 1-gen-2023 De Oliveira, A. M. A.Lavagna, M.
Robust Control Design via Structured H-Infinity for the Atmospheric Re-Entry of Reusable Launchers 1-gen-2023 De Oliveira, A. M. A.Lavagna, M.
Advanced Guidance Design via Successive Convex Optimization for the 6-DoF Atmospheric Re-entry of Reusable Launchers 1-gen-2023 De Oliveira, A. M. A.Lavagna, M.
Design of a Flexible Optimal Trajectory Definition Tool for a Multi-Payload Multi-Orbit Injection Mission 1-gen-2023 Alforja Ruiz, I.Lavagna, M.
Spacecraft Adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning Guidance with Input State Uncertainties in Relative Motion Scenario 1-gen-2023 Brandonisio, AndreaCapra, LorenzoLavagna, Michèle
ORIGO: A mission concept to challenge planetesimal formation theories 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, Michèle R.Prinetto, JacopoDottori, Alice +
Lunar Pilot Plant Payload Design Toward in Situ Demonstration of Oxygen Extraction by Carbothermal Reduction 1-gen-2023 Dottori, A.Troisi, I.Lavagna, M. +
Sensitivity Analysis of Propulsion System Parameters on GNC Strategies for Multi-Orbit Deliveries 1-gen-2023 Alforja Ruiz, I.Lavagna, M. +
Characterization of the DART Impact Ejecta Plume on Dimorphos from LICIACube Observations 1-gen-2023 Ceresoli, M.Lavagna, M.Zanotti, G. +
Multi-Sensor Fusion for Improved Navigation in Lunar Landing Missions 1-gen-2023 Ceresoli, MicheleLavagna, Michele +
Relative and absolute on-board optimal formation acquisition and keeping for scientific activities in high-drag low-orbit environment 1-gen-2023 Belloni E.Silvestrini S.Prinetto J.Lavagna M.
VULCAIN: a SmallSat Formation Flying Mission for Volcanoes Survey and Monitoring with Multispectral Observations 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Prinetto, J.Zanotti, G.Silvestrini, S.Belloni, E.De Cecio, F. +
Formation Keeping in Very Low-Earth Orbit: the VULCAIN Mission Case Study 1-gen-2023 Belloni, E.Lavagna, M.
Investigating the Oxia Planum subsurface with the ExoMars rover and drill 1-gen-2023 Lavagna M. +
Formation flying orbits and GNC design in binary asteroid systems 1-gen-2023 Zanotti G.Lavagna M. +
High performance lunar constellation for navigation services to Moon orbiting users 1-gen-2023 Zanotti, GiovanniCeresoli, MichelePasquale, AndreaPrinetto, JacopoLavagna, Michèle
A Finite State Machine Approach to Nano-Satellite SW Design: the HERMES Case Study 1-gen-2023 Piccinin, M.Brandonisio, A.Colagrossi, A.Zanotti, G.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M.
Filtering Techniques Assessment Towards Pose Estimation Enhancement for Image-Based Proximity Navigation with Uncooperative Space Objects 1-gen-2023 Civardi, G. L.Lavagna, M.
Thermal Image Generation Tool for Spacecraft Relative Navigation in Proximity Maneouvering Phases 1-gen-2023 Quirino, M.Lavagna, M.
Terrestrial demonstrator for a low-temperature carbothermal reduction process on lunar regolith simulant: Design and AIV activities 1-gen-2023 Prinetto, JacopoColagrossi, AndreaDottori, AliceTroisi, IvanLavagna, Michèle Roberta
Multispectral Vision Based Relative Navigation to Enhance Space Debris Proximity Operations 1-gen-2023 Piccinin, M.Civardi, G. L.Lavagna, M. +
MEC - Magnetosphere Monitoring by Heterogeneous Constellation Design 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M. +
Dataset generation and validation for spacecraft pose estimation via monocular images processing 1-gen-2023 Bechini, MicheleLavagna, MichèleLunghi, Paolo
Network architecture and action space analysis for deep reinforcement learning towards spacecraft autonomous guidance 1-gen-2023 Capra, LorenzoBrandonisio, AndreaLavagna, Michèle
Scaled Lunar ISRU Pilot Plant for Oxygen Extraction through Carbothermal Reduction: the ORACLE Payload 1-gen-2023 Dottori, A.Troisi, I.Lavagna, M.Colagrossi, A.Prinetto, J. +
Momentum Transfer from the DART Mission Kinetic Impact on Asteroid Dimorphos 1-gen-2023 Ferrari, FabioLavagna, MichèleZanotti, Giovanni +
X-ray beam diagnostics at the BEaTriX facility 1-gen-2023 Sisana, DavideLavagna, Michèle Roberta +
Vulcain: A Cubesat Mission for Monitoring Volcanoes and Active Thermal Areas 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, Michèle Roberta +
Development of a Controlled Dynamics Simulator for Reusable Launcher Descent and Precise Landing 1-gen-2023 De Oliveira, AliceLavagna, Michèle
The Italian Microsatellite Mission LICIACube as an Enabler for Innovative Strategies in Interplanetary Exploration and Planetary Defense 1-gen-2023 Ceresoli, M.Lavagna, M.Zanotti, G. +
EPOPEA Mission: Addressing the Challenges of Enceladus’ Ocean World Exploration 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M. +
The ORACLE ISRU Demonstrator Payload for Oxygen Extraction on the Moon 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Dottori, A.Troisi, I. +
A Novel Guidance Scheme for Binary Asteroids-Based Gravity Tractor Missions 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M. +
Adaptive Space Robot Motion Synchronization Towards Tumbling Uncooperative Target Grasping 1-gen-2023 Capra, L.Lavagna, M.
Enceladus Moon in Situ Science: Preliminary Mission Analysis and GNC Design for the EPOPEA Mission 1-gen-2023 Califano, P.Lavagna, M. +
HERMES ADCS: from System Design to Pre-Flight Verification and Testing 1-gen-2023 Colagrossi, A.Brandonisio, A.Capra, L.Silvestrini, S.Lavagna, M.
Multiverse: a Novel High Performance Astrodynamic Tool in Julia 1-gen-2023 Ceresoli, M.Pasquale, A.Lavagna, M.
A Flat-Sat Platform for the Development and Testing of the 3U HERMES Constellation Satellites 1-gen-2023 Silvestrini, S.Colagrossi, A.Lavagna, M.
Generation of Fused Visible and Thermal-Infrared Images for Uncooperative Spacecraft Proximity Navigation 1-gen-2023 Civardi, Gaia LetiziaBechini, MicheleQuirino, MatteoPiccinin, MargheritaLavagna, Michèle +
e.INSPECTOR: Multi-Spectral Imaging the VESPA Debris in Preparation to Active Removal 1-gen-2023 Lavagna, M.Silvestrini, S.Prinetto, J.Bechini, M.Civardi, G. L.Quirino, M.Colagrossi, A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 492
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