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NA - Nord America 2.417
EU - Europa 715
AS - Asia 206
AF - Africa 11
SA - Sud America 7
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
OC - Oceania 1
Totale 3.359
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.358
IT - Italia 198
UA - Ucraina 104
FI - Finlandia 76
DE - Germania 65
SE - Svezia 64
VN - Vietnam 64
CN - Cina 63
CA - Canada 58
GB - Regno Unito 50
IE - Irlanda 47
TR - Turchia 44
AT - Austria 37
CH - Svizzera 16
BE - Belgio 14
IN - India 12
FR - Francia 10
NL - Olanda 10
DK - Danimarca 7
HK - Hong Kong 7
CI - Costa d'Avorio 5
ES - Italia 5
MU - Mauritius 5
BR - Brasile 4
JP - Giappone 4
PL - Polonia 4
SG - Singapore 4
ID - Indonesia 3
KR - Corea 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
EU - Europa 2
PE - Perù 2
AU - Australia 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
CL - Cile 1
CY - Cipro 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
IR - Iran 1
MA - Marocco 1
MX - Messico 1
PT - Portogallo 1
RO - Romania 1
Totale 3.359
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Woodbridge 383
Fairfield 301
Ann Arbor 210
Houston 184
Wilmington 160
Seattle 144
Chandler 139
Ashburn 127
Cambridge 120
Jacksonville 77
Dearborn 66
Lawrence 58
Ottawa 56
Dublin 47
Milan 43
Istanbul 40
Beijing 39
Dong Ket 37
Vienna 36
Princeton 35
Des Moines 31
Helsinki 27
Medford 23
Brescia 19
Redwood City 16
San Diego 16
Bern 15
Redmond 15
Brussels 13
Hong Kong 7
Shanghai 7
Auburn Hills 6
Chennai 6
Abidjan 5
Boardman 5
Costa di Mezzate 5
Lyngby 5
New Delhi 5
Hefei 4
Lecco 4
London 4
Mountain View 4
Málaga 4
Anderson 3
Duisburg 3
Duncan 3
Jakarta 3
Locate di Triulzi 3
Nanjing 3
São Paulo 3
Turin 3
Varese 3
Ankara 2
Arezzo 2
Atlanta 2
Bareggio 2
Chengdu 2
Chicago 2
Chiclayo 2
Como 2
Elizabethtown 2
Genoa 2
Guangzhou 2
Helsingør 2
Kilburn 2
Los Angeles 2
Malnate 2
Marina di Ravenna 2
Montichiari 2
Naples 2
New York 2
Norwalk 2
Palermo 2
Rome 2
Saranac 2
Senago 2
Sesto San Giovanni 2
Sovico 2
Teramo 2
Torrebelvicino 2
Venice 2
Warsaw 2
West Jordan 2
Whyteleafe 2
Acton 1
Americana 1
Amsterdam 1
Andover 1
Barcelona 1
Brampton 1
Buffalo 1
Castelverde 1
Cisnadie 1
Civitanova Marche 1
Clarks Summit 1
Corvallis 1
Edinburgh 1
Erding 1
Falkenstein 1
Findlay 1
Totale 2.655
Nome #
Comparison among standard method, dedicated toolbox and kinematic-based approach in assessing risk of developing upper limb musculoskeletal disorders 111
Anatomic double-bundle and over-the-top single-bundle with additional extra-articular tenodesis: an in vivo quantitative assessment of knee laxity in two different ACL reconstructions 103
Can the pivot-shift be eliminated by anatomic double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? 95
Quantitative assessment of pivot-shift using inertial sensors 91
Relationship between femoroacetabular contact areas and hip position in the normal joint: an in vitro evaluation 82
Do pre-operative knee laxity values influence post-operative ones after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? 82
An original clinical methodology for non-invasive assessment of pivot-shift test 82
In vivo validation of a realistic kinematic model for the trapezio-metacarpal joint using an optoelectronic system 81
Restoration of The Seal Function of The Acetabular Labrum: A Cadaveric Study. 80
The evaluation of existing large-scale retailers’ furniture using DHM 77
In-Vitro Evaluation of Femoroacetabular Contact Areas During Physical Examination Maneuvres of The Hip Joint. 76
Clinical Validation of a Novel Approach used to Quantify Pivot-Shift Test 75
Unicompartmental knee prostheses: in vitro wear assessment of the menisci tibial insert after two different fixation methods 75
Automatic Screening of Acceleration Signal during Pivot-Shift Test based on Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient 74
Novel nanobiocomposite hydrogels based on gelatin/chitosan and functionalized graphene 73
In vitro evaluation of Hip Joint Center Localization with an Unscented Kalman Filter 71
In vitro analysis of peri-articular soft tissues passive constraining effect on hip kinematics and joint stability 71
Estimation of Hip Joint Contact Areas During Pivoting Motion: An In-Vitro Study. 69
A software toolbox to improve time-efficiency and reliability of an observational risk assessment method 69
Proactive Analysis of Complex Systems Through DHM: Paradigmatic Application of an Innovative Ergonomic Cumulative Index to Large Retail Stores 69
Navigation for Revision ACL Reconstruction 68
Derivation of centers and axes of rotation for wrist and fingers in a hand kinematic model: methods and reliability results. 66
Computer Assisted Surgery in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Needful Tool in the Development of Intra-Operative Orthopaedic Research 66
Finger kinematic modeling and real-time hand motion estimation 65
Innovative Technology for Knee Laxity Evaluation. Clinical Applicability and Reliability of Inertial Sensors for Quantitative Analysis of the Pivot-Shift Test 65
One-Step Functional Registration for Kinematic Analysis in Computer Aided Surgery 63
Tibiofemoral Joint Kinematics 61
Preliminary Validation of a Non-Invasive Device used to Quantitatively Assess Pivot-Shift Test 60
Using digital human modeling to evaluate large scale retailers’ furniture: Two case studies 58
Accuracy characterization of an integrated optical-based method for loads measurements in computer aided surgery 51
Preliminary Intra-operative Validation of a new System dedicated to Quantify Pivot-Shift Phenomenon 50
Ergonomic Evaluation Methods On Computer Aided Surgery - Preliminary Design 49
Clinical Validation and Preliminary Results of a System for Knee Joint Dynamic Instability Quantification 48
Clinical Validation of a New Non Invasive Device used to Quantitatively Assess Pivot-Shift Test 47
Wearable Ergonomics: Novel Integrated Solutions, Applications and Open Challenges 46
Intra-Operative Analysis of Knee Dynamic Stability during ACL Reconstruction: Anatomic Double Bundle Vs Single-Bundle plus Lateral Plasty 46
Clinical Validation of a Novel Method Dedicated to Quantify Knee Joint Dynamic Instability 46
Novel Nanobiocomposite Hydrogels Based on Gelatin/Chitosan and Functionalized Graphene 46
Intra-Operative Validation of a Novel method Dedicated to Quantify Pivot-Shift Phenomenon 44
The influence of ACL reconstruction on post-operative rotational laxity: do the patients with higher values maintain higher values after the surgery? 43
MRI and motion capture to compute of the kinematic parameters of a realistic kinematic model for the trapezio-metacarpal joint 42
Clinical Validation and Preliminary Results of a New Tool Used to Quantify Pivot-Shift Test 40
A Reliable and Inexpensive Integration of Virtual Reality and Digital Human Modelling to Estimate Cervical Spine Function 40
Do Pre-Operative Knee Dynamic Laxity Values Influence Post-Operative Ones After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction? 39
Anatomic and Non Anatomic double-bundle ACL reconstruction. An In-Vitro kinematic analysis of two different surgical approaches 38
Valutazione In-Vitro delle Aree di Contatto nell’Articolazione dell’Anca durante Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) Tests 38
Hybrid hydrogels based on gelatin, chitosan and functionalized graphene layers 38
In-vitro experimental evaluation of a new robust algorithm for hip joint center estimation 37
A New Tool for Quantifying Knee Dynamic Instability based on Automatic Classification of Acceleration Signal During Pivot-Shift Test 36
A Needful Tool in the Development of Intra-Operative Orthopaedic Research. 35
In Vitro Evaluation of Hip Joint Contact Areas During Pivoting Motion 35
Does pre-operative laxity influence anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction outcomes? A quantitative analysis with a navigation system. 34
Clinical Validation of a Non-Invasive System dedicated to Quantify Pivot-Shift. 31
La Stabilità dopo Ricostruzione di Legamento Crociato Anteriore è Influenzata dalla Lassità Pre operatoria? Analisi Quantitativa basata sulla Navigazione Chirurgica. 30
Analysis of the knee rotation as predictor factor for postoperative laxity after acl reconstruction 30
SU¢CEDE - SUrgeon CEntre DEsign: Ergonomic Evaluation Methods on Computer Aided Surgery 29
Intra-Operative Laxity Assessment of Two Different ACL Reconstruction: Anatomic Double-Bundle vs Over-the-Top Single Bundle with additional Extra-Articular Tenodesis. 28
The influence of tibial tunnel positioning on pivot-shift magnitude after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 23
Design and Development of a Novel Wearable System for Assessing the Biomechanical and Psychological Risk of the Healthcare Worker 21
Surgical Navigation in ACL Assessment. 21
Automatic Classification of Working Activities for Risk Assessment in Large-Scale Retail Distribution by Using Wearable Sensors: A Preliminary Analysis 10
Technological Solutions for Human Movement Analysis in Obese Subjects: A Systematic Review 6
Use of inertial sensor system for upper limb motion analysis in obese subjects: preliminary setting and analysis 4
Assessment of an IMU-Based Experimental Set-Up for Upper Limb Motion in Obese Subjects 4
Muscle Power in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 2
Metodo per la produzione di impianti ortopedici anti-usura 2
Ergonomics in Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery: A Survey of the North American Skull Base Society 2
No proof for the best instrumented device to grade the pivot shift test: a systematic review 2
La chirurgia computer-assisitita nella ricostruzione del LCA 2
Quantitative evaluation of the pivot shift - Relationship to clinical pivot shift grade: A prospective international multicenter study 2
Human Ergonomic Assessment Within “Industry 5.0” Workplace: Do Standard Observational Methods Correlate with Kinematic-Based Index in Reaching Tasks? 2
Quantifying the contribution of single joint kinematics to the overall ergonomic discomfort 2
Contrast-Enhanced Microtomography For Volumetric Analysis Of Microstructure In Ligaments And Tendons 2
Anterior cruciate ligament force during landing from different block jumps techniques in volleyball players 2
A Repertoire of Virtual-Reality, Occupational Therapy Exercises for Motor Rehabilitation Based on Action Observation 2
3D visualization of the human anterior cruciate ligament combining micro-CT and histological analysis 2
An Integrated Rehabilitation Platform Based on Action Observation Therapy, Mixed Reality and Wearable Technologies 1
Novel Wearable System for Surface EMG Using Compact Electronic Board and Printed Matrix of Electrodes 1
Optimization of In Situ Indentation Protocol to Map the Mechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage 1
Validation of a numerical model for the mechanical behavior of a continuous positive airway pressure mask 1
Designing Biomimetic Conductive Gelatin-Chitosan–Carbon Black Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering 1
Reliability and Validity of Hand-Held Dynamometer and Hand-Held Sphygmomanometer for Testing Shoulder Isometric External and Internal Rotator Muscles Strength 1
Knee Joint Contact Forces during High-Risk Dynamic Tasks: 90° Change of Direction and Deceleration Movements 1
Identification of movement phenotypes from occupational gesture kinematics: Advancing individual ergonomic exposure classification and personalized training 1
Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery 1
Model selection and sensitivity analysis in the biomechanics of soft tissues: A case study on the human knee meniscus 1
Proposal of a Multi-parametric Ergonomic Assessment Protocol Integrating Intra-operative Use of Wearable Technology to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Discomfort for Surgeon During Laryngeal Surgery 1
Smart Brace for Static and Dynamic Knee Laxity Measurement 1
How to Assess the Measurement Performance of Mobile/Wearable Point-of-Care Testing Devices? A Systematic Review Addressing Sweat Analysis 1
Muscle function and functional performance after pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a prospective observational study 1
Experimental determination of the contact pressures produced by a nasal continuous positive airway pressure mask: A case study 1
Instrumental evaluation of gait smoothness and history of falling in older persons: results from an exploratory case–control study 1
Longitudinal Movements and Stiffness of Lower Extremity Nerves Measured by Ultrasonography and Ultrasound Elastography in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Populations: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis 1
Pinch Grip per SE Is Not an Occupational Risk Factor for the Musculoskeletal System: An Experimental Study on Field 1
Integrated Protocol for Multidimensional In Vivo Assessment of Glenohumeral Joint Function during Dynamic Tasks 1
Effects of Combined Endurance and Resistance Eccentric Training on Muscle Function and Functional Performance in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Randomized Controlled Trial 1
A 2D video-analysis scoring system of 90° change of direction technique identifies football players with high knee abduction moment 1
Technologies for the Instrumental Evaluation of Physical Function in Persons Affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review 1
Clinical outcomes, healing rate, and presence of peri-meniscal cysts after all-inside meniscal repair in combination with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a prospective comparative study with magnetic resonance imaging assessment 1
Integration of Wearable Inertial Sensors and Mobile Technology for Outpatient Functional Assessment: A Paradigmatic Application to Evaluate Shoulder Stability 1
Totale 3.431
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all - tutte 9.666
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curatela - curatele 0
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2021/2022352 10 54 13 12 26 21 22 23 28 21 24 98
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