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A pattern-based timetabling strategy for a short-turning metro line 1-gen-2024 Schettini, TommasoGendreau, MichelJabali, OlaMalucelli, Federico
A heuristic algorithm to solve the one-warehouse multiretailer problem with an emission constraint 1-gen-2024 Jabali, O +
A Threshold Recourse Policy for the Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Energy Consumption 1-gen-2024 Jabali, Ola +
Dynamic routing for the Electric Vehicle Shortest Path Problem with charging station occupancy information 1-gen-2024 Jabali, OMalucelli, F +
The balanced p-median problem with unitary demand 1-gen-2023 Croci D.Jabali O.Malucelli F.
An Iterated Local Search Metaheuristic for the Capacitated Demand-Driven Timetabling Problem 1-gen-2023 Schettini, TGendreau, MJabali, OMalucelli, F
An Enhanced Path Planner for Electric Vehicles Considering User-Defined Time Windows and Preferences 1-gen-2023 Cubillos, MaximilianoJabali, OlaMalucelli, FedericoTresoldi, Emanuele +
Locating and Sizing Electric Vehicle Chargers Considering Multiple Technologies 1-gen-2023 Schettini, TommasoFumero, FrancescaJabali, OlaMalucelli, Federico +
Off-line approximate dynamic programming for the vehicle routing problem with a highly variable customer basis and stochastic demands 1-gen-2023 Jabali, O +
The electric vehicle shortest path problem with time windows and prize collection 1-gen-2022 Jabali, OlaMalucelli, FedericoPascoal, Marta +
The Bi-objective Long-haul Transportation Problem on a Road Network 1-gen-2022 Mor A.Jabali O. +
A Benders decomposition algorithm for demand-driven metro scheduling 1-gen-2022 Schettini T.Jabali O.Malucelli F.
The Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Capacitated Charging Stations 1-gen-2022 Jabali, Ola +
The Long-Haul Transportation Problem with Refueling Deviations and Time-Dependent Travel Time 1-gen-2022 F. FumeroO. JabaliF. Malucelli +
Demand-Driven Timetabling for a Metro Corridor Using a Short-Turning Acceleration Strategy 1-gen-2022 Schettini, TJabali, OMalucelli, F
Scheduled service network design with resource management for two-tier multimodal city logistics 1-gen-2021 Jabali O. +
Metro Scheduling for Special Events 1-gen-2021 Tommaso SchettiniOla JabaliFederico Malucelli
Minimum cost network design in strategic alliances 1-gen-2020 Jabali O. +
A Flexible, Natural Formulation for the Network Design Problem with Vulnerability Constraints 1-gen-2020 Ola Jabali +
The Electric Vehicle Route Planning Problem with Energy Consumption Uncertainty 1-gen-2020 Jabali O. +
A capacitated lot sizing problem with stochastic setup times and overtime 1-gen-2019 Jabali, Ola +
A Rule-based recourse for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands 1-gen-2019 Gendreau M.Jabali O. +
The electric vehicle routing problem with shared charging stations 1-gen-2019 Jabali, Ola +
A hybrid recourse policy for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands 1-gen-2019 Jabali O. +
Improved formulations and algorithmic components for the electric vehicle routing problem with nonlinear charging functions 1-gen-2019 Jabali, Ola +
The electric bus fleet transition problem 1-gen-2019 Jabali O. +
An exact algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands under an optimal restocking policy 1-gen-2019 Jabali, Ola +
A local branching matheuristic for the multi-vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands 1-gen-2019 Jabali, Ola +
The electric vehicle routing problem with energy consumption uncertainty 1-gen-2019 Jabali O. +
Exact solution of the evasive flow capturing problem 1-gen-2018 Jabali, Ola +
Charge scheduling for electric freight vehicles 1-gen-2018 Jabali, Ola +
The Impact of Combining Inbound and Outbound Demand in City Logistics Systems 1-gen-2017 Jabali O. +
Long-haul vehicle routing and scheduling with idling options 1-gen-2017 Jabali, Ola +
Battery degradation and behaviour for electric vehicles: Review and numerical analyses of several models 1-gen-2017 Jabali, Ola +
Continuous approximation models in freight distribution management 1-gen-2017 Jabali, Ola +
50th Anniversary Invited Article—Future research directions in stochastic vehicle routing 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
A comparison of three idling options in long-haul truck scheduling 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
50th Anniversary Invited Article—Goods distribution with electric vehicles: Review and research perspectives 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
Thirty years of heterogeneous vehicle routing 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
The impact of depot location, fleet composition and routing on emissions in city logistics 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
The traveling salesman problem with time-dependent service times 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
The fleet size and mix location-routing problem with time windows: Formulations and a heuristic algorithm 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
Self-imposed time windows in vehicle routing problems 1-gen-2015 JABALI, OLA +
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problems with time windows 1-gen-2015 JABALI, OLA +
Multi-period Vehicle Routing Problem with Due dates 1-gen-2015 JABALI, OLA +
Partial-route inequalities for the multi-vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problems 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
A vehicle routing problem with flexible time windows 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
The fleet size and mix pollution-routing problem 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
Hybrid Algorithms Service, Computing and Manufacturing Systems: Routing and Scheduling Solutions 1-gen-2013 JABALI, OLA
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