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Stability Analysis of Arbitrarily Complex Multibody Problems Using Lyapunov Exponents 1-gen-2024 Masarati, P.Cassoni, G.Zanoni, A. +
Rotorcraft stability analysis using Lyapunov characteristic exponents estimated from multibody dynamics 1-gen-2024 Cassoni, GianniCocco, AlessandroZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
Rotorcraft-Pilot Interaction: How to Keep Pilot Biomechanics Out of the Control Loop 1-gen-2023 Masarati, P.Zanoni, A.Marchesoli, D.Talamo, C.Cassoni, G.
Comfort Assessment in Urban Air Mobility Vehicles 1-gen-2023 Zanoni, A.Masarati, P. +
Analysis of Multimodal Signal in Rotorcraft Cockpit 1-gen-2023 Marchesoli, D.Lukasiewicz, M. S.Talamo, C.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P.
How to Simulate Soft Tissues in Extinct Animals. Using Sauropod Dinosaurs as a Case Study 1-gen-2023 Conti, S.Masarati, P.Zanoni, A.Sala, G. +
Projection continuation for minimal coordinate set formulation and singularity detection of redundantly constrained system dynamics 1-gen-2023 Masarati, PierangeloZanoni, Andrea +
Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Rotating Systems Using Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents Estimated From Multibody Dynamics 1-gen-2023 Cassoni, GianniZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
Impact of Design and Operational Parameters on Helicopter Vertical Bounce 1-gen-2023 Zanoni, AndreaQuaranta, Giuseppe +
Tiltrotor whirl-flutter stability analysis using the maximum Lyapunov characteristic exponent estimated from time series 1-gen-2023 Gianni CassoniAlessandro CoccoAndrea ZanoniPierangelo Masarati +
On the influence of airframe flexibility on rotorcraft pilot couplings 1-gen-2023 Carmen TalamoAndrea ZanoniDavide MarchesoliPierangelo Masarati
Frustrated Total Internal Reflection Measurement System for Pilot Inceptor Grip Pressure 1-gen-2023 Zanoni, AndreaGarbo, PierreMasarati, PierangeloQuaranta, Giuseppe
Pilot Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis for Rotorcraft-Pilot Couplings Robust Design 1-gen-2023 Zanoni, A.Quaranta, G. +
A projection continuation approach for minimal coordinate set constrained dynamics 1-gen-2023 Zanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
Multibody Analysis of Helicopter Pilot Biomechanics for Real-Time End Point Impedance Estimation 1-gen-2023 Zanoni, A.Marchesoli, D.Talamo, C.Cassoni, G.Masarati, P.
An Optical Pressure Measurement System for Control Inceptors to Evaluate Pilots’ Workload 1-gen-2022 Garbo, P.Zanoni, A.Quaranta, G.
A Generalized Solution Scheme Using an Implicit Time Integrator for Piecewise Linear and Nonlinear Systems 1-gen-2022 Zhang, H.Zhang, R.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P.
Handling Qualities in Rotorcraft Conceptual Design 1-gen-2022 Zanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
Pilot-Vehicle Interaction from a Multibody Dynamics and Experimental Perspective 1-gen-2022 Masarati, P.Zanoni, A.
Optical Pressure Sensor 1-gen-2022 Garbo, PierreZanoni, AndreaQuaranta, GiuseppeLavatelli, Alberto
Tiltrotor Whirl-Flutter Stability Investigation Using Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents and Multibody Dynamics 1-gen-2022 Cassoni, G.Cocco, A.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P. +
The Inter-2-Blade Lead-Lag Damper Concept 1-gen-2022 Masarati, P.Zanoni, A. +
Performance of implicit A-stable time integration methods for multibody system dynamics 1-gen-2022 Zhang, HuiminZhang, RunsenZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo
Pilot Biomechanics for the Definition of a Rotorcraft-Pilot Interaction Experiment 1-gen-2022 Zanoni, A.Cocco, A.Marchesoli, D.Talamo, C.Masarati, P. +
Experimental Test-Bed for the Identification of Biodynamic Feedthrough of Helicopter-Pilot Systems 1-gen-2022 Zanoni, A.Marchesoli, D.Talamo, C.Masarati, P. +
Comprehensive Simulation of a Complete Tiltrotor with Pilot-In-the-loop for Whirl-Flutter Stability Analysis 1-gen-2022 Cocco, A.Savino, A.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P.
Stability of Rotorcraft Ground Resonance by Estimating Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents from Multibody Dynamics 1-gen-2022 Cassoni, G.Zanoni, A.Tamer, A.Masarati, P.
Explicit smooth/nonsmooth cosimulation using kinematic constraints 1-gen-2022 Zhang, RunsenZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
A novel explicit three-sub-step time integration method for wave propagation problems 1-gen-2022 Zhang, HuiminZhang, RunsenZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
Multibody analysis and soft tissue strength refute supersonic dinosaur tail 1-gen-2022 Conti, SimoneZanoni, AndreaMasarati, PierangeloSala, Giuseppe +
Online Evaluation of Helicopter Pilot Workload During a Flight Simulator Experiments 1-gen-2022 Zanoni, A.Garbo, P.Quaranta, G.
Design and Optimization of Innovative Tiltrotor Wing Control Surfaces Through Coupled Multibody - Mid-Fidelity Aerodynamics Simulations 1-gen-2022 Savino, A.Cocco, A.Zanoni, A.De Gaspari, A.Zanotti, A. +
A Coupled Multibody - Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Tool for the Simulation of Tiltrotor Manoeuvres 1-gen-2021 A. SavinoA. CoccoA. ZanoniA. ZanottiV. Muscarello
Sensore di pressione ottico 1-gen-2021 Pierre GarboAndrea ZanoniGiuseppe QuarantaAlberto Lavatelli
Explicit co-simulation for coupled multibody systems with kinematic coupling constraints 1-gen-2021 R. ZhangH. ZhangA. ZanoniP. Masarati +
The Role of the Short-Range Stiffness in Pilot Biodynamic Response Characterization 1-gen-2021 Marchesoli, D.Garbo, P.Cocco, A.Zanoni, A.
Coupled Multibody-Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Solver for Tiltrotor Aeroelastic Simulation 1-gen-2021 Cocco, A.Savino, A.Zanotti, A.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P.Muscarello, V.
A tight coupling scheme for smooth/non-smooth multibody co-simulation of a particle damper 1-gen-2021 Zhang, RunsenZhang, HuiminZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo +
A Generalized Index for the Assessment of Helicopter Pilot Vibration Exposure 1-gen-2021 Tamer, AykutZanoni, AndreaCocco, AlessandroMasarati, Pierangelo
A generalized approach for implicit time integration of piecewise linear/nonlinear systems 1-gen-2021 Zhang, HuiminZhang, RunsenZanoni, AndreaMasarati, Pierangelo
Projection Continuation for Minimal Coordinate Set Dynamics of Constrained Systems 1-gen-2021 Zanoni, A.Masarati, P. +
A numerical study of vibration-induced instrument reading capability degradation in helicopter pilots 1-gen-2021 Tamer, AykutZanoni, AndreaCocco, AlessandroMasarati, Pierangelo
Numerical Investigation on the Role of Control Inceptors Layout in Rotorcraft-Pilot Couplings 1-gen-2021 Zanoni, A.Cocco, A.Masarati, P.
On Task Dependence of Helicopter Pilot Biodynamic Feedthrough and Neuromuscular Admittance: An Experimental and Numerical Study 1-gen-2021 Zanoni, AndreaZago, MatteoPaolini, RitaQuaranta, GiuseppeGalli, ManuelaMasarati, Pierangelo
Pilot in the Loop Simulation of Helicopter-Ship Operations Using Virtual Reality 1-gen-2020 Daniele, M.Quaranta, G.Masarati, P.Zanoni, A.
Simulation of Tiltrotor Maneuvers by a Coupled Multibody-Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Solver 1-gen-2020 Cocco, A.Savino, A.Montagnani, D.Tugnoli, M.Zanoni, A.Zanotti, A.Muscarello, V. +
A Virtual Reality Approach to Piloted Flight Simulation 1-gen-2020 Daniele, M.Zanoni, A.Quaranta, G.Masarati, P.
Multibody dynamics analysis of the human upper body for rotorcraft–pilot interaction 1-gen-2020 Zanoni, AndreaCocco, AlessandroMasarati, Pierangelo
Smooth/Non-Smooth Multibody Co-Simulation of a Particle Damper 1-gen-2020 Zhang, R.Zhang, H.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P. +
A Novel Single-Step Unconditionally Stable Numerical Integration Scheme with Tunable Algorithmic Dissipation 1-gen-2020 Zhang, H.Zhang, R.Zanoni, A.Masarati, P.
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