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Local labour market conditions and the spatial mobility of science and technology university students: evidence from Italy In corso di stampa FRATESI, UGOLENZI, CAMILLA +
Urban crisis vs. urban success in the era of 4.0 technologies: Baumol's model revisited In corso di stampa R. CamagniR. CapelloC. LenziG. Perucca
Cultural Heritage and market failures: the economics of culture heritage valorisation and preservation from a project point of view 1-gen-2023 C. Lenzi
Economic inequalities and discontent in European cities 1-gen-2023 C. LenziG. Perucca
Uneven Growth Opportunities from Digital Service Economy and Industry 4.0 across European Regions 1-gen-2022 Capello R.Lenzi C.
The geography of the sharing economy in Europe 1-gen-2022 C. LenziE. Panzera
The rise of the digital service economy in European regions 1-gen-2022 R. CapelloC. LenziE. Panzera
Exploring the sources of knowledge diversity in founding teams and its impact on new firms’ innovation 1-gen-2022 C. Lenzi +
4.0 Technological Revolution and Economic Competitiveness: Unexpected Opportunities for Peripheral Areas 1-gen-2022 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
The modern Solow paradox. In search for explanations 1-gen-2022 R. CapelloC. LenziG. Perucca
No Place for Poor Men: On the Asymmetric Effect of Urbanization on Life Satisfaction 1-gen-2022 C. LenziG. Perucca
Invenzione e adozione di tecnologie 4.0: opportunità di crescita per regioni tecnologicamente meno avanzate 1-gen-2021 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
Not too close, not too far: Urbanisation and life satisfaction along the urban hierarchy 1-gen-2021 Camilla LenziGiovanni Perucca
People or Places that Don’t Matter? Individual and Contextual Determinants of the Geography of Discontent 1-gen-2021 C. LenziG. Perucca
The regional economics of technological transformations. Industry 4.0 and Servitisation in European regions 1-gen-2021 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
The antecedents of 4.0 technologies: an analysis of European patent data 1-gen-2021 M. LaffiC. Lenzi
4.0 Technologies and the rise of new islands of innovation in European regions 1-gen-2021 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
Industry 4.0 and servitisation: Regional patterns of 4.0 technological transformations in Europe 1-gen-2021 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
Trend spaziali nella creazione delle tecnologie 4.0: nuove isole di innovazione creative nelle regioni europee 1-gen-2020 R. CapelloM. LaffiC. Lenzi
Mapping regional innovation patterns and their evolution 1-gen-2020 R. CAPELLOC. LENZI
The curse of natural resources: an empirical analysis on European regions 1-gen-2020 C. LENZI +
Urbanization and Subjective Well-Being 1-gen-2020 C. LenziG. Perucca
Subjective Well-Being over Time and across Space. Thirty Years of Evidence from Italian Regions 1-gen-2019 C. LenziG. Perucca
Innovation and the Mobility of Talents across Space 1-gen-2019 C. LENZI
The nexus between inventors’ mobility and regional growth across European regions 1-gen-2019 R. CAPELLOC. LENZI
Regional and Urban Well-Being: Introduction to the Special Issue 1-gen-2019 C. LenziG. Perucca
Innovation and space. Achievements and prospects 1-gen-2019 C. Lenzi
EU Regional and Urban Policy Innovations and Experiences from the 2014–2020 Programming Period 1-gen-2019 V. FedeliC. LenziP BriataL. Pedrazzini
The nexus between innovation and well-being across the EU space. What role for urbanization? 1-gen-2019 C. LenziG. Perucca
Structural dynamics of regional innovation patterns in Europe: the role of inventors’ mobility 1-gen-2019 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
Skill matching as a determinant of the mobility of Italian graduates 1-gen-2018 U. FratesiC. Lenzi +
Regional innovation evolution and economic performance 1-gen-2018 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
The dynamics of regional learning paradigms and trajectories 1-gen-2018 R. CapelloC. Lenzi
Regional innovation patterns from an evolutionary perspective 1-gen-2018 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Are urbanized areas source of life satisfaction? Evidence from EU regions 1-gen-2018 LENZI, CAMILLAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Do Southern European regions really lag behind in their innovation trends? 1-gen-2017 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Are Gatekeepers Important for the Renewal of the Local Knowledge Base? Evidence from U.S. Cities 1-gen-2017 LENZI, CAMILLA +
Paradigmi e traiettorie di apprendimento regionali: un approccio dinamico 1-gen-2016 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
The geography of the innovation-entrepreneurship nexus in Europe 1-gen-2016 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Persistence in regional learning paradigms and trajectories: consequences for innovation policy design 1-gen-2016 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Relevance and utility of European Union research, technological development and innovation policies for a smart growth 1-gen-2016 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Life satisfaction in Romanian cities on the road from post-communism transition to EU accession 1-gen-2016 LENZI, CAMILLAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Life satisfaction across cities: evidence from Romania 1-gen-2016 LENZI, CAMILLAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Innovation modes and entrepreneurial behavioral characteristics in regional growth 1-gen-2016 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Rilevanza e utilità delle politiche di ricerca e sviluppo tecnologico dell’Unione Europa 1-gen-2016 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Co-invention networks and inventive productivity in US cities 1-gen-2016 LENZI, CAMILLA +
The Knowledge–Innovation Nexus. Its Spatially Differentiated Returns to Innovation 1-gen-2015 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Knowledge, Innovation and Productivity Gains across European Regions 1-gen-2015 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
The role of external linkages and gatekeepers for the renewal and expansion of US cities’ knowledge base, 1990-2004 1-gen-2015 LENZI, CAMILLA +
Spatial heterogeneity in knowledge, innovation and economic growth nexus: Conceptual reflections and empirical evidence 1-gen-2014 CAPELLO, ROBERTALENZI, CAMILLA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 103
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