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Molodensky’s and Helmert’s theories: Two equivalent geodetic approaches to the determination of the gravity potential and the Earth surface 1-gen-2023 Riccardo BarzaghiMirko Reguzzoni +
MaQuIs - Concept for a Mars Quantum Gravity Mission 1-gen-2023 F. MigliaccioM. Reguzzoni +
Assessment of gravity field recovery from a quantum satellite mission with atomic clocks and cold atom gradiometers 1-gen-2023 Lorenzo RossiMirko ReguzzoniÖykü KoçFederica Migliaccio +
Geodetic Heights and Holonomity 1-gen-2023 Barzaghi, RiccardoReguzzoni, Mirko +
The MOCAST+ study on a quantum gradiometry satellite mission with atomic clocks 1-gen-2023 Federica MigliaccioMirko ReguzzoniLorenzo RossiÖykü KoçKhulan Batsukh +
The open database of regional models of the International Service for the Geoid 1-gen-2022 Juan Fernando Toro HerreraDaniela CarrionLorenzo RossiMirko Reguzzoni
Comparative analysis among Asia-Pacific geoid models stored at the ISG repository 1-gen-2022 Carlo Iapige De GaetaniKhulan BatsukhLorenzo RossiMirko Reguzzoni
Global Moho gravity inversion from GOCE data: updates and convergence assessment of the GEMMA model algorithm 1-gen-2022 Lorenzo RossiBiao LuMirko Reguzzoni +
GNSS-based dam monitoring: The application of a statistical approach for time series analysis to a case study 1-gen-2022 Mirko ReguzzoniLorenzo RossiCarlo Iapige De GaetaniRiccardo Barzaghi +
Analysis of Mosha fault by using earthquake focal mechanism 1-gen-2022 M. ReguzzoniL. Rossi +
Cold atoms in space: community workshop summary and proposed road-map 1-gen-2022 Federica MigliaccioMirko ReguzzoniVincenza Tornatore +
The Gravity Effect of Topography: A Comparison among Three Different Methods 1-gen-2021 Carlo Iapige De GaetaniRiccardo BarzaghiMirko ReguzzoniLorenzo Rossi +
Open access to regional geoid models: the International Service for the Geoid 1-gen-2021 Mirko ReguzzoniDaniela CarrionCarlo Iapige De GaetaniAlberta AlbertellaLorenzo RossiGiovanna SonaKhulan BatsukhJuan Fernando Toro HerreraRiccardo BarzaghiFernando Sansó +
Gravity field recovery and error analysis for the MOCASS mission proposal based on cold atom interferometry 1-gen-2021 Mirko ReguzzoniFederica MigliaccioKhulan Batsukh
Improving UAV telemetry positioning for direct photogrammetry 1-gen-2021 Lorenzo RossiFrancesco IoliLivio PintoMirko Reguzzoni +
Improving satellite-only mean dynamic topography along the Italian coasts using tide gauges 1-gen-2020 M. REGUZZONIG. VENUTIA. ALBERTELLA
The space-wise approach for cold-atom interferometry geodetic data analysis: the MOCASS study 1-gen-2020 F. MigliaccioM. ReguzzoniK. Batsukh
The gravimetric contribution to the Moho estimation in the presence of vertical density variations 1-gen-2020 M. ReguzzoniL. Rossi +
Assessment of local covariance estimation through Least Squares Collocation over Iran 1-gen-2020 Mirko Reguzzoni +
Geodetic Heights 1-gen-2019 F. SansòM. ReguzzoniR. Barzaghi
Improving low-cost GNSS navigation in urban areas by integrating a Kinect device 1-gen-2019 C. I. De GaetaniD. PagliariM. ReguzzoniL. RossiL. Pinto +
Lithological constrained gravity inversion. A Bayesian approach 1-gen-2019 M. CapponiL. RossiM. Reguzzoni +
MOCASS: A satellite mission concept using cold atom interferometry for measuring the Earth gravity field 1-gen-2019 F. MigliaccioM. ReguzzoniK. Batsukh +
Cultural heritage monitoring by low-cost GNSS receivers: a feasibility study for San Gaudenzio's cupola, Novara 1-gen-2019 R. BarzaghiM. ReguzzoniC. I. De GaetaniL. Rossi +
GIGJ: a crustal gravity model of the Guangdong Province for predicting the geoneutrino signal at the JUNO experiment 1-gen-2019 M. ReguzzoniL. Rossi +
IRG2018: A regional geoid model in Iran using least squares collocation 1-gen-2019 Mirko Reguzzoni +
Dipping prism modelling of subduction plates in view of an improved GOCE global Moho: the Tonga example 1-gen-2019 Mirko ReguzzoniLorenzo Rossi +
Comparison between RGB and RGB-D cameras for supporting low-cost GNSS urban navigation 1-gen-2018 L. RossiC. I. De GaetaniD. PagliariM. ReguzzoniL. Pinto +
Joint use of image-based and GNSS techniques for urban navigation 1-gen-2018 PAGLIARI, DIANACAZZANIGA, NOEMI EMANUELAPINTO, LIVIOREGUZZONI, MIRKOROSSI, LORENZO
Gravity from space by Cold Atom Interferometry: the MOCASS study and preliminary results 1-gen-2018 Migliaccio, FedericaReguzzoni, MirkoBATSUKH, KHULANZOFFOLI, SIMONA +
The use of GNSS/levelling and gravity data for the Spanish height system unification 1-gen-2017 M. ReguzzoniG. VenutiD. CarrionR. Barzaghi +
Accuracy of flight altitude measured with low-cost GNSS, radar and barometer sensors: Implications for airborne radiometric surveys 1-gen-2017 REGUZZONI, MIRKOROSSI, LORENZO +
The combined inversion of seismological and GOCE gravity data: New insights into the current state of the Pacific lithosphere and upper mantle 1-gen-2017 M. GilardoniM. Reguzzoni +
Covariance function modelling in local geodetic applications using the simplex method 1-gen-2016 DE GAETANI, CARLO IAPIGECAZZANIGA, NOEMI EMANUELABARZAGHI, RICCARDOREGUZZONI, MIRKOBETTI, BARBARA
Experimental study on low-cost satellite-based geodetic monitoring over short baselines 1-gen-2016 BARZAGHI, RICCARDOREGUZZONI, MIRKOSANSO', FERNANDO +
Integrating geological prior information into the inverse gravimetric problem: the Bayesian approach 1-gen-2016 ROSSI, LORENZOREGUZZONI, MIRKO +
La stima del campo di gravità da dati GOCE: i risultati finali dell’approccio space-wise 1-gen-2016 GATTI, ANDREAREGUZZONI, MIRKOMIGLIACCIO, FEDERICASANSO', FERNANDO
Studio della quota di volo mediante GNSS, altimetro radar e barometro per rilievi di spettroscopia gamma da velivolo 1-gen-2016 REGUZZONI, MIRKOROSSI, LORENZO +
Integration of Kinect and low-cost GNSS for outdoor navigation 1-gen-2016 PAGLIARI, DIANAPINTO, LIVIOREGUZZONI, MIRKOROSSI, LORENZO
goGPS: open-source MATLAB software 1-gen-2016 REGUZZONI, MIRKO +
GECO: a global gravity model by locally combining GOCE data and EGM2008 1-gen-2016 GILARDONI, MADDALENAREGUZZONI, MIRKO +
A feasibility study on the unification of the Italian height systems using GNSS-leveling data and global satellite gravity models 1-gen-2016 BARZAGHI, RICCARDOCARRION, DANIELAREGUZZONI, MIRKOVENUTI, GIOVANNA
Global to local Moho estimate based on GOCE geopotential models and local gravity data 1-gen-2016 BARZAGHI, RICCARDOREGUZZONI, MIRKODE GAETANI, CARLO IAPIGE +
Utilizzo di ricevitori a basso costo e del software goGPS per il monitoraggio geodetico 1-gen-2015 BARZAGHI, RICCARDOREGUZZONI, MIRKO +
Il filtro di Wiener per la determinazione della superficie dinamica media degli oceani 1-gen-2015 GILARDONI, MADDALENAROSSI, LORENZOREGUZZONI, MIRKOALBERTELLA, ALBERTA
GeoGuard: un nuovo servizio di monitoraggio geodetico per l’osservazione di segnali geodinamici 1-gen-2015 REGUZZONI, MIRKO +
The Earth gravity field in the time of satellites 1-gen-2015 BARZAGHI, RICCARDOMIGLIACCIO, FEDERICAREGUZZONI, MIRKOALBERTELLA, ALBERTA
GEMMA: An Earth crustal model based on GOCE satellite data 1-gen-2015 M. Reguzzoni +
GOCE: la gradiometria dallo spazio per la determinazione del campo della gravità terrestre 1-gen-2014 MIGLIACCIO, FEDERICAREGUZZONI, MIRKO
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