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Understanding the Compositional Effects of SAFs on Combustion Intermediates 1-gen-2022 Mehl, M.Pelucchi, M. +
On the combustion and sooting behavior of standard and hydro-treated jet fuels: An experimental and modeling study on the compositional effects 1-gen-2021 Pelucchi M.Pejpichestakul W.Frassoldati A.Mehl M. +
Autoignition and preliminary heat release of gasoline surrogates and their blends with ethanol at engine-relevant conditions: Experiments and comprehensive kinetic modeling 1-gen-2021 Mehl M. +
The chemistry of chemical recycling of solid plastic waste via pyrolysis and gasification: State-of-the-art, challenges, and future directions 1-gen-2021 Pelucchi M.Cuoci A.Mehl M.Frassoldati A.Faravelli T. +
Simulating combustion of a seven-component surrogate for a gasoline/ethanol blend including soot formation and comparison with experiments 1-gen-2021 Cuoci A.Mehl M.Frassoldati A. +
Fuel molecular structure effect on autoignition of highly branched iso-alkanes at low-to-intermediate temperatures: Iso-octane versus iso-dodecane 1-gen-2020 Mehl M. +
Autoignition behavior of gasoline/ethanol blends at engine-relevant conditions 1-gen-2020 Mehl M. +
Autoignition of CRC diesel surrogates at low temperature combustion conditions: Rapid compression machine experiments and modeling 1-gen-2020 Mehl M. +
Experimental and kinetic modeling study of tetralin: A naphtheno-aromatic fuel for gasoline, jet and diesel surrogates 1-gen-2020 Mehl M. +
Ignition delay time measurements and modeling for gasoline at very high pressures 1-gen-2019 Mehl, M. +
Experimental and modeling study of chemical-based strategies for mitigating dust formation in fusion reactors 1-gen-2019 Mehl M. +
An experimental and kinetic modeling study of the oxidation of hexane isomers: Developing consistent reaction rate rules for alkanes 1-gen-2019 Mehl, M. +
Kinetic modeling of a standard jet fuel oxidation in a flow reactor 1-gen-2019 M. MehlM. PelucchiA. CuociA. Frassoldati +
Computational Chemistry Consortium: Surrogate Fuel Mechanism Development, Pollutants Sub-Mechanisms and Components Library 1-gen-2019 Pelucchi M.Pejpichestakul W.Mehl M.Faravelli T. +
Low temperature autoignition of 5-membered ring naphthenes: Effects of substitution 1-gen-2019 Mehl, Marco +
Auto-ignition study of FACE gasoline and its surrogates at advanced IC engine conditions 1-gen-2019 Mehl, Marco +
Small ester combustion chemistry: Computational kinetics and experimental study of methyl acetate and ethyl acetate 1-gen-2019 Cavallotti, CarloMehl, Marco +
Exploring gasoline oxidation chemistry in jet stirred reactors 1-gen-2019 Mehl, Marco +
Kinetic modeling study of surrogate components for gasoline, jet and diesel fuels: C7-C11 methylated aromatics 1-gen-2019 Mehl, M. +
Multi-fuel surrogate chemical kinetic mechanisms for real world applications 1-gen-2018 Mehl, Marco +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 66
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