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Site preference of ligand and metal substitution in trigonal-bipyramidal metal carbonyl clusters 1-gen-1997 Macchi, Piero +
Experimental electron density in a transition metal dimer: Metal-metal and metal-ligand bonds 1-gen-1998 Macchi, Piero +
An unprecedented triply interpenetrated chiral network of 'square-planar' metal centres from the self-assembly of copper(II) nitrate and 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethyne 1-gen-1998 Macchi, Piero +
A test of the suitability of CCD area detectors for accurate electron-density studies 1-gen-1998 Macchi, Piero +
Characterization of the Solid-Solid Phase Transition of Co2(CO)6(AsPh3)2 1-gen-1998 Macchi, Piero +
Experimental electron density studies for investigating the metal π- Ligand bond: The case of bis(1,5-cyclooctadiene)nickel 1-gen-1998 Macchi, Piero +
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of the Nitrido-Carbonyl Cluster Anion [Co10N2(CO)9(μ-CO)10]4-Having an Unprecedented Metal Cage Built of Three Condensed Trigonal Prisms 1-gen-1998 Macchi, Piero +
[Pt19(CO)21(NO)]3-and [Pt38(CO)44]2-: Nitrosyl bending through intramolecular electron transfer as an intermediate step in the nucleation process from polydecker to ccp platinum carbonyl clusters 1-gen-1999 Macchi, Piero +
Charge density in transition metal clusters: Supported vs unsupported metal-metal interactions [7] 1-gen-1999 Macchi, P. +
New Ni-Pt carbonyl clusters with a tetrahedron of platinum atoms encapsulated in an incomplete tetrahedron of nickel atoms: [Ni36Pt4(CO)45]6-and [Ni37Pt4(CO)46]6- 1-gen-1999 Macchi, Piero +
Synthesis and chemical behavior of [MFe4(CO)16]n-(M=Au, Zn, Cd, Hg) clusters: X ray structure of [NMe3CH2Ph]2[AuFe2(CO)82]Cl and [PPh4]2[CdFe2(CO)6(μ-CO)22]2CH3CN 1-gen-1999 Macchi, P. +
Complex interwoven polymeric frames from the self-assembly of silver(I) cations and sebaconitrile 1-gen-1999 Macchi, Piero +
Interanionic O - H···O interactions: The charge density point of view 1-gen-2000 Macchi, Piero +
Experimental and theoretical electron density study of the peroxo function in oxoperoxo(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato)(hexamethylphosphoramide)molybdenum(VI): Implications for olefin epoxidation by peroxo transition metal complexes 1-gen-2001 Macchi, P. +
Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Crystal Structure of the [Ni36Pt4(CO)45]6-and [Ni37Pt4(CO)46]6-Hexaanions 1-gen-2001 Macchi, Piero +
Relativistic analytical wave functions and scattering factors for neutral atoms beyond Kr and for all chemically important ions up to I- 1-gen-2001 Macchi, Piero +
The acentric nature of trans-stilbazole crystals and the origin of its NLO response 1-gen-2002 Macchi, Piero +
Electron density of semi-bridging carbonyls. Metamorphosis of CO ligands observed via experimental and theoretical investigations on [FeCo(CO)8]- 1-gen-2002 Macchi, Piero +
Synthesis and structural characterization of a homoleptic rhodium carbonyl cluster dianion and monoanion (see abstract): An unprecedented example of carbonyl substitution by alkylamines in a homoleptic metal carbonyl cluster anion 1-gen-2002 Macchi, Piero +
Reversible displacive phase transition in [Ni(en)3]2+(NO3-)2: A potential temperature calibrant for area-detector diffractometers 1-gen-2003 Macchi, P. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 191
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