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La qualità della salute durante l’inizio della pandemia:il caso del centro di Milano 1-gen-2020 Nerantzia TzortziOzge Ogut +
Measuring the Influence of Functional Proximity on Environmental Urban Performance via Integrated Modification Methodology: Four Study Cases in Milan 1-gen-2020 M. TadiOzge Ogut +
A Story of Architectural Heritage: From Ancient Ca’ Granda Hospital to a Faculty of Medicine 1-gen-2021 Ogut O.Tzortzi N. +
Vertical Green. An Environmental Solution to Improve Thermal Behavior of Timber Buildings 1-gen-2021 Ozge OgutNerantzia Tzortzi +
Smart city, dall'efficienza energetica dei sistemi alla stabilità del sistema 1-gen-2021 M. TadiC. BiraghiO. Ogut
The reflection of local materials and culture on architecture: A case study of harran 1-gen-2021 Ogut O. +
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Remote Learning: A Case Of Design Workshop 1-gen-2022 Tzortzi NerantziaRita Maria Cristina Luigia MusacchioOzge Ogut
Participatory Process in Framework of Integrated Landscape Approach: Two orchards as case studies from Istanbul agricultural landscape 1-gen-2022 Ogut, Ozge
NO(r)WAY in TRONDHEIM? Close-up to CH to find a way to preserve against flood risk 1-gen-2022 Ogut O +
Vertical Green Structures to Establish Sustainable Built Environment: A Systematic Market Review 1-gen-2022 Ogut O.Tzortzi N. +
Using Earth Observation Application to Air Quality in Addition to in-situ monitoring: HARMONIA IRAP platform 1-gen-2022 N. TzortziO. OgutM. S. Lux +
Questionnaire survey on the use of thermal insulation solutions in building facades of Italy, Norway and Portugal 1-gen-2023 Ogut O. +
Harvesting Solar Energy for Resilient Heritage urban areas: A Norwegian Case study 1-gen-2023 Ogut O.Lobaccaro G. +
The TEnSE approach to quantitatively compare thermal insulation materials among stakeholders 1-gen-2023 Ogut O. +
Preliminary investigation on the combined use of vertical greenery and the exploitation of energy from photovoltaic panels in building facades in Scandinavian Countries 1-gen-2023 Ozge OgutN. TzortziG. Lobaccaro +
Energy poverty in Portugal, Italy, and Norway: awareness, short-term driving forces, and barriers in the built environment 1-gen-2023 Ogut OTzortzi NFrasca F +
Assessing Link of Urban Morphology and Health: A case study in Milan 1-gen-2023 ozge ogutmassimo tadicarlo andrea biraghi
Lessons from the pandemic: mapping urban resiliency and robustness 1-gen-2023 biraghi carlo andreamassimo tadiozge ogutzahra zandgheshlaghi
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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