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MINLP model and two-stage algorithm for the simultaneous synthesis of heat exchanger networks, utility systems and heat recovery cycles 1-gen-2017 Martelli, EmanueleElsido, Cristina +
Oxy-turbine for Power Plant with CO2Capture 1-gen-2017 Chiesa, PaoloMartelli, EmanueleRomano, Matteo C. +
A MILP model for the design of multi-energy systems with long-term energy storage 1-gen-2017 Martelli, Emanuele +
Thermodynamic Optimization of heat recovery ORCs for heavy duty Internal Combustion Engine: Pure fluids vs. zeotropic mixtures 1-gen-2017 SCACCABAROZZI, ROBERTOMartelli, Emanuele +
Design and simulation of a petcoke gasification polygeneration plant integrated with a bitumen extraction and upgrading facility and net energy analysis 1-gen-2017 Martelli, E. +
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Pressure-Temperature Swing Adsorption Process for Biogas Upgrading 1-gen-2017 Capra, FedericoMartelli, Emanuele +
Evaluation of Five Alternative CO2 Capture Technologies with Insights to Inform Further Development 1-gen-2017 Consonni, StefanoDi Bona, DanieleGatti, ManueleMartelli, EmanueleScaccabarozzi, RobertoViganò, Federico +
Multi-objective optimization of utility systems and heat exchanger networks: method and application to the solar assisted hydrothermal gasification case 1-gen-2017 Martelli, Emanuele +
Multi-objective optimization of the water scrubbing process for biogas upgrading 1-gen-2017 Magli, FrancescoCapra, FedericoMartelli, EmanueleGatti, Manuele +
Preliminary Simulation Study and Heat Integration of a Highly Intensified and Flexible Process for Bio-DME and Electricity Production 1-gen-2018 Cristina ElsidoGiulio GuandaliniMatteo RomanoEmanuele Martelli
MO-MCS, a Derivative-Free Algorithm for the Multiobjective Optimization of Adsorption Processes 1-gen-2018 Capra, FedericoGazzani, MatteoMartelli, Emanuele +
Towards the optimal design and operation of multi-energy systems: The “efficity” project 1-gen-2018 Zatti, MatteoGabba, MarcoMartelli, Emanuele +
A rolling-horizon optimization algorithm for the long term operational scheduling of cogeneration systems 1-gen-2018 Bischi, AldoTaccari, LeonardoMartelli, EmanueleAmaldi, EdoardoManzolini, GiampaoloSilva, PaoloCampanari, StefanoMacchi, Ennio
Process selection, modelling and optimization of a water scrubbing process for energy-self-sufficient biogas upgrading plants 1-gen-2018 MAGLI, FRANCESCOCapra, FedericoGatti, ManueleMartelli, Emanuele
Biogas upgrading by amine scrubbing: solvent comparison between MDEA and MDEA/MEA blend 1-gen-2018 F. CapraF. MagliM. GattiE. Martelli +
Comparison of working fluids and cycle optimization for heat recovery ORCs from large internal combustion engines 1-gen-2018 Scaccabarozzi, RobertoMartelli, Emanuele +
Optimal design of multi-energy systems with seasonal storage 1-gen-2018 Martelli, Emanuele +
A Bilevel Decomposition Method for the Simultaneous Synthesis of Utility Systems, Rankine Cycles and Heat Exchanger Networks 1-gen-2018 Elsido, CristinaMartelli, Emanuele +
A systematic approach for the selection of the typical and extreme days for the optimal design of multi energy systems 1-gen-2018 Zatti, MatteoGABBA, MARCOMartelli, Emanuele +
Corrigendum to “Optimal design of multi-energy systems with seasonal storage” [Appl. Energy (2017)] 1-gen-2018 Gazzani, MatteoMartelli, Emanuele +
Design Optimization of a Heat Recovery ORC for a Novel Biomass to Methanol Plant 1-gen-2019 Elsido C.Martelli E.Astolfi M.Guandalini G.Romano M. C.
Sistema di conversione di energia 1-gen-2019 Martelli EmanueleCampanari StefanoGatti ManueleRoberto Scaccabarozzi
Conceptual thermo-fluid dynamic design of the cooled supercritical CO2 turbine for the Allam cycle 1-gen-2019 R. ScaccabarozziE. MartelliM. GattiP. Chiesa +
Optimization of organic rankine cycles for waste heat recovery from aluminum production plants 1-gen-2019 Castelli A. F.Elsido C.Scaccabarozzi R.Martelli E. +
Assessing the potential of molten carbonate fuel cell-based schemes for carbon capture in natural gas-fired combined cycle power plants 1-gen-2019 Spinelli, M.Di Bona, D.Gatti, M.Martelli, E.Viganò, F.Consonni, S.
Heat integration and heat recovery steam cycle optimization for a low-carbon lignite/biomass-to-jet fuel demonstration project 1-gen-2019 Elsido C.Martelli E. +
ASPEN dynamics simulation for combined cycle power plant – Validation with hot start-up measurement 1-gen-2019 Sabia G.Martelli E. +
k-MILP: A novel clustering approach to select typical and extreme days for multi-energy systems design optimization 1-gen-2019 Zatti M.Martelli E. +
Optimization of semi-permeable membrane systems for biogas upgrading 1-gen-2019 Capra F.Magli F.Gatti M.Martelli E. +
A bilevel decomposition method for the simultaneous heat integration and synthesis of steam/organic Rankine cycles 1-gen-2019 Elsido C.Martelli E. +
The Benefits of Multi Energy Systems Optimisation: the Efficity Project 1-gen-2019 Matteo ZattiEmanuele Martelli +
Energy conversion system 1-gen-2020 E. MartelliS. CampanariM. GattiR. Scaccabarozzi
A Robust Rolling-Horizon Algorithm for the Optimal Operation of Multi-energy Systems with Yearly Constraints and Seasonal Storage 1-gen-2020 Castelli A. F.Moretti L.Manzolini G.Martelli E.
A local search method for costly black-box problems and its application to CSP plant start-up optimization refinement 1-gen-2020 Manno A.Amaldi E.Casella F.Martelli E.
Advanced part-load control strategies for the Allam cycle 1-gen-2020 Syed Ali ZaryabRoberto ScaccabarozziEmanuele Martelli
Simultaneous Multiperiod Optimization of Rankine Cycles and Heat Exchanger Networks 1-gen-2020 Elsido C.Martelli E. +
Optimization of cleaning strategies for heliostat fields in solar tower plants 1-gen-2020 Picotti G.Moretti L.Binotti M.Simonetti R.Martelli E.Manzolini G. +
Optimization of renewable energy subsidy and carbon tax for multi energy systems using bilevel programming 1-gen-2020 Martelli E. +
Design and analysis of a low-carbon lignite/biomass-to-jet fuel demonstration project 1-gen-2020 Martelli E. +
Preliminary Performance and Cost Evaluation of Four Alternative Technologies for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture in Natural Gas-Fired Power Plants 1-gen-2020 Gatti, ManueleMartelli, EmanueleDi Bona, DanieleGabba, MarcoScaccabarozzi, RobertoSpinelli, MaurizioVigano, FedericoConsonni, Stefano
A MILP Model for the Operational Planning of Multi-Energy Systems Accounting for variable Delivery/Return Temperatures and Non-Isothermal Mixing in Headers 1-gen-2020 Moretti L.Manzolini G.Martelli E.
Techno-economic prospects for producing Fischer-Tropsch jet fuel and electricity from lignite and woody biomass with CO2 capture for EOR 1-gen-2020 Martelli E. +
An efficient robust optimization model for the unit commitment and dispatch of multi-energy systems and microgrids 1-gen-2020 Luca MorettiEmanuele MartelliGiampaolo Manzolini
Network and Storage 1-gen-2021 Martelli E. +
Design Optimization and Dynamic Simulation of Steam Cycle Power Plants: A Review 1-gen-2021 Martelli E.Elsido C. +
Simultaneous Synthesis and Optimization of Refrigeration Cycles and Heat Exchangers Networks 1-gen-2021 Martinelli M.Elsido C.Martelli E. +
MILP and MINLP models for the optimal scheduling of multi-energy systems accounting for delivery temperature of units, topology and non-isothermal mixing 1-gen-2021 Moretti L.Manzolini G.Martelli E.
Production and Demand Management 1-gen-2021 Martelli E. +
An MILP approach for the optimal design of renewable battery-hydrogen energy systems for off-grid insular communities 1-gen-2021 Martelli E. +
Solid oxide semi-closed CO2 cycle: A hybrid power cycle with 75% net efficiency and zero emissions 1-gen-2021 Scaccabarozzi R.Gatti M.Campanari S.Martelli E.
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