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A spectral analyzer for the thermoelastic and thermoplastic response of solids to low frequency dynamic loads 1-gen-1987 BEGHI, MARCOBOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOCAGLIOTI, GIUSEPPEFAZZI, ALBERTO
Irreversible thermodynamics of metals under stress 1-gen-1988 BEGHI, MARCOBOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOCAGLIOTI, GIUSEPPE
Energy-balance Via Thermal Emission In Copper Under Stress 1-gen-1988 BEGHI, MARCOBOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Incremental energy balance during the deformation of metals 1-gen-1989 BEGHI, MARCOBOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOCAGLIOTI, GIUSEPPE
Dislocation Mediated Shear Instability of A 2d Solid In A Constant Stress-field 1-gen-1989 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Equations of Continuum Elasticity Including Both Dislocation-motion and Production 1-gen-1989 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO
Statistical-mechanics of A System of Interacting Dislocations - A Self-consistent Field Approach 1-gen-1989 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO
Nonlinear-interaction of Dislocation Pile-ups With Ultrasonic Stress Waves 1-gen-1991 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Effective Schrodinger-equation For A Classical Massless Dislocation Plasma 1-gen-1991 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO
A physicist's outlook on new materials 1-gen-1991 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Thermodynamic Stability of 2d-solids Under Stress and Topological Order 1-gen-1991 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO
Brillouin scattering in a superconducting simple metal 1-gen-1992 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Elastic behaviour of TiN thin films. 1-gen-1993 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOOSSI, PAOLO MARIA +
Mean-field solution of the statistical dislocation pile-up problem by means of a quantum analogy 1-gen-1993 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Elastic properties of sputtered thin films- Influence of different preparation conditions. 1-gen-1993 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOBEGHI, MARCOOSSI, PAOLO MARIA +
Elastic properties of sputtered thin films: influence of different preparation conditions 1-gen-1993 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICOBEGHI, MARCOOSSI, PAOLO MARIA +
Brillouin scattering from shear horizontal surface phonons in buried SiO2layers 1-gen-1994 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Localization of the Surface Acoustic Longitudinal Pseudomode of Silicon In A Buried Sio2 Layer 1-gen-1994 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Experimental-evidence of the Transformation of the Rayleigh Surface Phonon In Caf2/gaas(111) Heterostructures of the Accelerating Type 1-gen-1994 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Brillouin-scattering From Shear Horizontal Surface Phonons In Silicon-on-insulator Structures - Theory and Experiment 1-gen-1994 BOTTANI, CARLO ENRICO +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 247
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