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Inference on probabilistic surveys in macroeconomics with an application to the evolution of uncertainty in the survey of professional forecasters during the COVID pandemic 1-gen-2023 Bassetti F. +
Central limit theorem in uniform metrics for generalized Kac equations 1-gen-2023 Bassetti F.Ladelli L.
Remote teaching data-driven physical modeling through a COVID-19 open-ended data challenge 1-gen-2022 Bassetti F. +
Mixture of species sampling models 1-gen-2021 Bassetti F.Ladelli L.
Hierarchical species sampling models 1-gen-2020 Bassetti F.Rossini L. +
On the computation of kantorovich-wasserstein distances between two-dimensional histograms by uncapacitated minimum cost flows 1-gen-2020 Bassetti F.Gualandi S.Veneroni M.
Density Forecasting 1-gen-2020 Bassetti F. +
Asymptotic number of clusters for species sampling sequences with non-diffuse base measure 1-gen-2020 Bassetti F.Ladelli L.
Computing Wasserstein Barycenters via Linear Programming 1-gen-2019 Bassetti F.Gualandi S.VENERONI, MATTEO +
Multivariate dependence analysis via tree copula models: An application to one-year forward energy contracts 1-gen-2018 Bassetti, Federico +
Computing Kantorovich-Wasserstein Distances on d-dimensional histograms using (d + 1)-partite graphs 1-gen-2018 Auricchio G.Gualandi S.Veneroni M.Bassetti F.
Bayesian Nonparametric Calibration and Combination of Predictive Distributions 1-gen-2018 Bassetti, Federico +
Cox Markov models for estimating single cell growth 1-gen-2017 Federico BassettiIlenia EpifaniLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA
Cell-to-cell variability and robustness in S-phase duration from genome replication kinetics 1-gen-2017 Bassetti, Federico +
Law of corresponding states for open collaborations 1-gen-2016 Bassetti, Federico +
Mean field dynamics of interaction processes with duplication, loss and copy 1-gen-2015 BASSETTI, FEDERICO +
Infinite energy solutions to inelastic homogeneous Boltzmann equation. 1-gen-2015 BASSETTI, FEDERICOLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
Generalized species sampling priors with latent Beta reinforcements 1-gen-2014 Bassetti, Federico +
Multi-dimensional smoothing transformations: Existence, regularity and stability of fixed points 1-gen-2014 Bassetti, Federico +
Beta-product dependent Pitman–Yor processes for Bayesian inference 1-gen-2014 Bassetti, Federico +
Cross-species gene-family fluctuations reveal the dynamics of horizontal transfers 1-gen-2014 Bassetti, Federico +
Large deviations for the solution of a Kac-type kinetic equation 1-gen-2013 LADELLI, LUCIA MARIAFederico Bassetti
Speed of convergence to equilibrium in Wasserstein metrics for Kac-like kinetic equations 1-gen-2013 Bassetti, Federico +
Self-similar solutions in one-dimensional kinetic models: a probabilistic view 1-gen-2012 F. BassettiLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA
Kinetic Models with Randomly Perturbed Binary Collisions 1-gen-2011 F. BassettiLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
Central limit theorem for a class of one-dimensional kinetic equations 1-gen-2011 F. BassettiLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
Probabilistic Study of the Speed of Approach to Equilibrium for an Inelastic Kac Model 1-gen-2008 F. BassettiLADELLI, LUCIA MARIA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 27 di 27
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