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The difficulties of supplying new technologies into highly regulated markets: The case of tissue engineering 1-gen-2011 JOHNSEN, THOMAS ERIK +
Discovering quiescent meanings in technologies: exploring the design management practices that support the development of Technology Epiphanies 1-gen-2017 DELL'ERA, CLAUDIOMAGISTRETTI, STEFANOVERGANTI, ROBERTO +
Evaluation of national science park systems: a theoretical framework and its application to the Italian and Spanish systems 1-gen-2013 LANDONI, PAOLO +
Exploring the role of human resources in technology out-licensing: an empirical analysis of biotech new technology-based firms 1-gen-2011 BIANCHI, MATTIACHIARONI, DAVIDECHIESA, VITTORIOFRATTINI, FEDERICO
Foresight in Corporate Organizations 1-gen-2010 VECCHIATO, RICCARDOROVEDA, CLAUDIO
Human capital of entrepreneurial teams in nascent high-tech sectors: a comparison between Cleantech and Internet 1-gen-2018 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAGRILLI, LUCAMRKAJIC, BORIS
Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship: sectoral patterns in a sample of European high-tech firms 1-gen-2014 LENZI, CAMILLA +
Limitless personalisation: the role of Big Data in unveiling service opportunities 1-gen-2020 T BuganzaD TrabucchiE Pellizzoni
Making sense of the sharing economy: a business model innovation perspective 1-gen-2020 Sanasi S.Ghezzi A.Cavallo A.Rangone A.
Network of collaborations for innovation: the case of biotechnology 1-gen-2004 CHIESA, VITTORIOTOLETTI, GIOVANNI
Platform strategies: how the position in the network drives success 1-gen-2019 PELLIZZONI, ELENATRABUCCHI, DANIELT Buganza
The platforms’ DNA: drivers of value creation in digital two-sided platforms 1-gen-2021 Trabucchi D.Buganza T. +
R&D corporate planning: selecting the core technological competencies 1-gen-1999 CHIESA, VITTORIOMANZINI, RAFFAELLA +
Strategic Foresight: Matching Environmental uncertainty 1-gen-2012 VECCHIATO, RICCARDO
Towards a Framework for Dynamic Technology Strategy 1-gen-1998 CHIESA, VITTORIOMANZINI, RAFFAELLA
Unveiling Opportunities afforded by Emerging Technologies: Evidences from the Drone Industry 1-gen-2019 S. MagistrettiC. Dell'Era
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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