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Continente #
NA - Nord America 12306
EU - Europa 3883
AS - Asia 618
SA - Sud America 58
OC - Oceania 19
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 12
AF - Africa 8
Totale 16904
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 11973
UA - Ucraina 831
IT - Italia 686
SE - Svezia 599
DE - Germania 468
AT - Austria 445
CA - Canada 327
VN - Vietnam 300
FI - Finlandia 296
GB - Regno Unito 274
CN - Cina 200
NL - Olanda 89
FR - Francia 67
IN - India 41
BR - Brasile 40
KR - Corea 32
BE - Belgio 31
JP - Giappone 20
ES - Italia 18
IE - Irlanda 18
AU - Australia 17
PL - Polonia 15
CO - Colombia 12
RO - Romania 11
EU - Europa 10
RU - Federazione Russa 7
CH - Svizzera 5
HU - Ungheria 5
PT - Portogallo 5
TW - Taiwan 5
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 4
MX - Messico 4
TR - Turchia 4
DK - Danimarca 3
IR - Iran 3
MU - Mauritius 3
PE - Perù 3
ZA - Sudafrica 3
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 2
BZ - Belize 2
CL - Cile 2
KW - Kuwait 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 2
TH - Thailandia 2
AL - Albania 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CM - Camerun 1
EC - Ecuador 1
GH - Ghana 1
GR - Grecia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
IL - Israele 1
IQ - Iraq 1
MY - Malesia 1
NO - Norvegia 1
PH - Filippine 1
PK - Pakistan 1
SG - Singapore 1
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Fairfield 1906
Ann Arbor 1763
Woodbridge 1606
Houston 1088
Wilmington 969
Ashburn 750
Seattle 742
Cambridge 710
Jacksonville 594
Vienna 444
Dearborn 377
Lawrence 298
Ottawa 261
Medford 241
Dong Ket 164
Des Moines 159
Chandler 153
Beijing 127
San Diego 95
Milan 76
Redwood City 61
Princeton 57
North York 50
Amsterdam 49
Brussels 24
Norwalk 24
Mountain View 20
Grafing 17
Seongnam 17
São Paulo 17
Verona 17
Auburn Hills 14
Hefei 14
Kunming 12
Kildare 10
Los Angeles 8
San Donato Milanese 8
Tortosa 8
Dublin 7
Gallarate 7
Guangzhou 7
Calgary 6
Den Haag 6
Detroit 6
Horia 6
London 6
Piano Di Sorrento 6
Pozzuoli 6
Segrate 6
Torino 6
Como 5
Dallas 5
Halle 5
Indiana 5
Nanjing 5
Newark 5
Poznan 5
Taipei 5
Albano 4
Aracaju 4
Bristol 4
Davis 4
Eatontown 4
Hartford 4
Irvine 4
Kecskemét 4
Leuven 4
Magliano Alpi 4
Seoul 4
Tokyo 4
Toulouse 4
Valencia 4
Birmingham 3
Chengdu 3
Eisleben 3
Fuzhou 3
Galati 3
Iowa City 3
Juarez 3
Knoxville 3
Leonberg 3
Modena 3
Munich 3
Nanchang 3
Netheravon 3
Pavia 3
Québec 3
Sydney 3
São Carlos 3
Villigen 3
Bari 2
Belize City 2
Bhubaneswar 2
Carolina 2
Changsha 2
Chicago 2
Civitavecchia 2
Concepcion 2
Durham 2
Falls Church 2
Totale 13195
Nome #
Trajectory planning simulations in trunk bending movements 280
A new method for evaluating the baroreflex role by a joint pattern analysis of pulse interval and systolic blood pressure series. 244
Absence of center of mass control for leg abduction in long-term weightlessness in humans 204
Abdominal volume contribution to tidal volume as an early indicator of respiratory impairment in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 147
A new method for 3D optical analysis of chest wall motion. 145
A general computing method for the analysis of human locomotion. 136
3-D motion capture and biomechanical modelling for neuroscience investigation in weightlessness 131
Abdominal Circulatory Pump Device 126
Actual performance of mechanical ventilators in ICU: a multicentric quality control study. 126
Optimisation of positive end-expiratory pressure by forced oscillation technique in a lavage model of acute lung injury. 112
Correlated variability in the breathing pattern and end-expiratory lung volumes in conscious humans. 110
Telemetric CPAP titration at home in patients with sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. 104
Feasibility study of the use of artificial neural networks in predicting acute rectal and urinary bladder toxicity following prostate cancer radiotherapy. 102
Measurement of total and compartmental lung volume changes in newborns by optoelectronic plethysmography. 102
Positive end-expiratory pressure optimization with forced oscillation technique reduces ventilator induced lung injury: a controlled experimental study in pigs with saline lavage lung injury. 100
Non-invasive three-dimensional imaging of human diaphragm in-vivo. 99
Assessment of dynamic mechanical properties of the respiratory system during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation 99
24 h sequential spectral analysis of arterial blood pressure and pulse interval in free-moving subjects. 94
A MEMS accelerometers based system for the measurement of lung sound delays. 93
Relationship between respiratory impedance and positive end-expiratory pressure in mechanically ventilated neonates. 92
Low abdominal contribution to breathing as daytime predictor of nocturnal desaturation in adolescents and young adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 90
Effects of propofol anaesthesia on thoraco-abdominal volume variations during spontaneous breathing and mechanical ventilation. 89
Optimizing positive end-expiratory pressure by oscillatory mechanics minimizes tidal recruitment and distension: an experimental study in a lavage model of lung injury 89
Home monitoring of within-breath respiratory mechanics by a simple and automatic forced oscillation technique device. 89
Feasibility Study of the Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Predicting Acute Rectal and Urinary Bladder Toxicity Following Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy 89
Intra-fraction setup variability: IR optical localization vs. X-ray imaging in a hypofractionated patient population 88
Positional effects on lung mechanics of ventilated preterm infants with acute and chronic lung disease. 87
Effects of posture and bronchoconstriction on low-frequency input and transfer impedances in humans. 85
A new approach to analysis of the arterial baroreflex. 85
Influence of an eccentric load added at the back of the head on head-neck posture, 85
Concomitant ventilatory and circulatory functions of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. 83
Breathing pattern and chest wall volumes during exercise in patients with cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis and COPD before and after lung transplantation. 83
A new FOT set-up for the assessment of respiratory systemmechanics in mechanically ventilated infants. 82
A study of motor coordination and neuromuscular activities in human locomotion. 82
Spatial distribution of human respiratory system transfer impedance. 80
Coordination between equilibrium and head-trunk orientation during leg movement: a new strategy build up by training. 80
Characterization of foot morphology through 3D optical measures. 79
Measuring Astronaut Performance on the ISS: Advanced Kinematic and Kinetic Instrumentation. 78
A neural network based method for optical patient set-up registration in breast radiotherapy 78
The interplay of muscular and external forces in human ambulation. 78
Elite S2: The facility for multifactorial movement analysis for the international space station new perspectives for motion analysis technologies 77
A mathematical model of the Pacinian corpuscle. 76
Simulation of complex human movement through the modulation of observed motor tasks. 75
The relationship between electrical stimulus and joint torque: a dynamic model 75
Breathing Induced by Abdominal Muscle Stimulation in Individuals Without Spontaneous Ventilation. 74
Detection of expiratory flow limitation in COPD using the forced oscillation technique. 73
Paraplegic adaptation to assisted-walking: energy expenditure during wheelchair versus orthosis use 73
Motor coordination in weightless conditions revealed by long-term microgravity adaptation 73
Real-time three-dimensional motion analysis for patient positioning verification 71
ELITE-S2: the multifactorial movement analysis facility for the International Space Station. 71
Effects of gender and posture on thoraco-abdominal kinematics during quiet breathing in healthy adults. 71
Optimization of an Optical Magnetic Twisting Cytometry system for the study of cell mechanics. 71
Use of artificial neural networks to predict acute rectal toxicity after external beam radiotherapy for prostate carcinoma 71
Blood pressure monitoring over short day and night times cannot predict 24-hour average blood pressure. 71
A novel simple Internet-based system for real time monitoring and optimizing home mechanical ventilation. 71
Changes in the mechanical properties of the respiratory system during the development of interstitial lung edema. 70
Chest wall and lung volume estimation by optical reflectance motion analysis. 70
Benefits of six degrees of freedom for optically driven patient set-up correction in SBRT. 70
Evaluation of methods for opto-electronic body surface sensing applied to patient position control in breast radiation therapy 70
Energy consumption of locomotion with orthosis versus Parastep-assisted gait: a single case study. 70
Hierarchical radial basis function networks and local polynomial un-warping for X-ray image intensifier distortion correction: a comparison with global techniques 70
Optimisation of shape kernel and threshold in image processing motion analysers 70
Respiratory pattern in an adult population of dystrophic patients. 70
Effect of bronchodilation on expiratory flow limitation and resting lung mechanics in COPD. 70
Opto-electronic Techniques for Patient Repositioning in Radiotherapy. 69
Kinematical models to reduce the effect of skin artifacts on marker-based human motion estimation. 69
Robust recovery of human motion from video using Kalman filters and virtual humans, 69
Digital tomosynthesis for patient setup verification in hadrontherapy: a feasibility study 69
Evaluation of a rehabilitation protocol of the lumbar spine through a non invasive motion analysis system. 68
Quantitative analysis of neutral body posture in prolonged microgravity 68
Continuous vs intermittent blood pressure measurements in estimating 24-hour average blood pressure. 68
Determinants of exercise performance in normal men with externally imposed expiratory flow limitation. 68
Moving Along: In biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, and movement analysis, Italian researchers are making great strides 68
Evaluation of baroreceptor reflex by blood pressure monitoring in unanesthetized cats. 67
A system for the study of jaw movements. 67
A new telemedicine system for the home monitoring of lung function in patients with obstructive respiratory diseases. 67
Microprocessor-controlled optical stimulating device to improve the gait of patients with Parkinson's disease. 66
Simple equipment used in clinical practice for evaluation of locomotion. 66
ELITE: a Digital Dedicated Hardware System for Movement Analysis via Real-Time TV-Signal Processing 66
Is the regulation of the center of mass maintained during leg movement under microgravity conditions? 66
Chest wall kinematic determinants of diaphragm length by opto-electronic plethysmography and ultrasonography. 66
Measuring astronaut performance on the ISS: Advanced kinematic and kinetic instrumentation 66
Characterization of foot morphology through 3D optical measures 65
Respiratory muscle dynamics and control during exercise with externally imposed expiratory flow-limitation. 65
Derivation of centers and axes of rotation for wrist and fingers in a hand kinematic model: methods and reliability results. 65
Reti neurali artificiali per lo studio della tossicità acuta dopo radioterapia per il trattamento del carcinoma prostatico 65
Quantitative analysis of locomotion for basic research and clinical applications. 65
Rib cage mechanics during quiet breathing and exercise in humans 65
Three-dimensional Optical Analysis of Chest Wall Motion. 65
On-line monitoring of lung mechanics during spontaneous breathing: a physiological study. 65
Opto-electronic plethysmography in intensive care patients 64
Lung recruitment assessed by total respiratory system input reactance. 64
Labetalol and 24-hour monitoring of arterial blood pressure in hypertensive patients. 64
Effects of aging on 24-h dynamic baroreceptor control of heart rate in ambulant subjects. 64
Effects of sino-aortic denervation on spectral characteristics of blood pressure and pulse interval variability: a wide-band approach. 64
Regional chest wall volumes during exercise in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 63
Effects of bilateral subthalamic stimulation on gait kinematics and kinetics in Parkinson's disease. 63
Totale 8665
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