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Automatic quality assessment for interferogram SAR stacks 1-gen-2011 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Calibration of polarimetric SAR images affected by Faraday rotation through the PS technique 1-gen-2011 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOIANNINI, LORENZO
ALGAE: A Fast Algebraic Estimation of Interferogram Phase Offsets in Space-Varying Geometries 1-gen-2011 GATTI, GUIDOTEBALDINI, STEFANOMARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAUROROCCA, FABIO
Accurate optimal doppler centroid estimation for SAR data 1-gen-2011 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
A ground based polarimetric scatterometer experiment in French Guyana forest 1-gen-2011 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
P band penetration in tropical and boreal forests: tomographical results 1-gen-2011 TEBALDINI, STEFANOMARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAUROROCCA, FABIO +
Assessing the performance of Tomographic measurements from a P.Band spaceborne SAR 1-gen-2012 TEBALDINI, STEFANOIANNINI, LORENZO
Forest Structure Retrieval from Multi-Baseline SARs 1-gen-2012 TEBALDINI, STEFANO
Recovering Time and Space Varying Phase Screens through SAR Multi-Squint Differential Interferometry 1-gen-2012 TEBALDINI, STEFANOMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOROCCA, FABIO
Linear and Circular polarization P-Band SAR tomography for tropical forest biomass study 1-gen-2012 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOMARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAURO +
Design of the ground based array for tomographic imaging in the tropiscat experiment 1-gen-2012 TEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO +
Radiometric calibration by natural targets: methods and performance evaluation 1-gen-2012 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIORECCHIA, ANDREATEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Model free polarimetric SAR tomography of a tropical forest 1-gen-2012 MARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAUROTEBALDINI, STEFANO
Phenomenology of P-Band Scattering From a Tropical Forest Through Three-Dimensional SAR Tomography 1-gen-2012 TEBALDINI, STEFANOMARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAURO
GEMINI: geosynchronous sar for earth monitoring by interferometry and imaging 1-gen-2012 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO +
Multibaseline Polarimetric SAR Tomography of a Boreal Forest at P- and L-Bands 1-gen-2012 TEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO
TropiSCAT: A Ground Based Polarimetric Scatterometer Experiment in Tropical Forests 1-gen-2012 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
«Experimental assessment of the PS-cal technique over COSMO-SKYMED high resolution SAR data 1-gen-2012 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOGIUDICI, DAVIDED'ARIA, DAVIDE +
TropiSCAT: A polarimetric and tomographic scatterometer experiment in French Guiana forests 1-gen-2012 ROCCA, FABIOHO TONG MINH, DINHTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Stable Target Detection and Coherence Estimation in Interferometric SAR Stacks 1-gen-2012 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Temporal Monitoring of Polarimetric SAR Systems by Natural Calibrators 1-gen-2013 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Assimilation of Distributed Targets and PS Information for the Monitoring of Polarimetric SAR Systems 1-gen-2013 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Multi-Squint Analysis to Separate Geometric and Atmospheric Phase Artifacts in Spaceborne InSAR 1-gen-2013 MANCON, SIMONEMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOGIUDICI, DAVIDE
High resolution three-dimensional imaging of a snowpack from ground-based sar data acquired at X and Ku Band 1-gen-2013 TEBALDINI, STEFANO +
On the calibration of polarimetric SAR data with a numerical method 1-gen-2013 GIUDICI, DAVIDEMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANORECCHIA, ANDREA +
Tomographic SAR analysis of subsurface ice structure in Greenland: First results 1-gen-2013 TEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO +
Comparison of parametric and non-parametric approaches for the full-rank polarimetric SAR tomography of volumetric environments 1-gen-2013 TEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Long-Term Relative Radiometric Calibration and Antenna Pointing Estimation by Natural Targets 1-gen-2013 MONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOGIUDICI, DAVIDE +
Tomographic-quality phase calibration via phase center double localization 1-gen-2013 TEBALDINI, STEFANOM. Mariotti d'AlessandroPRATI, CLAUDIO MARIA +
Ground-Based Array for Tomographic Imaging of the Tropical Forest in P-Band 1-gen-2013 HO TONG MINH, DINHTEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO +
Phenomenology of Ground Scattering in a Tropical Forest Through Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomography 1-gen-2013 MARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAUROTEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO
Temporal decorrelation in tropical forest: results from TropiScat and implications for BIOMASS tomography 1-gen-2013 TEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO +
An efficient method for the azimuth compression of geosynchronous SAR data through sub-apertures processing 1-gen-2013 BELOTTI, MICHELELEANZA, ANTONIOMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIORECCHIA, ANDREAROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO
Long term relative polarimetric calibration by natural targets 1-gen-2013 IANNINI, LORENZOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Calibration of SAR Polarimetric Images by Means of a Covariance Matching Approach 1-gen-2014 IANNINI, LORENZOGIUDICI, DAVIDEMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Very high-resolution three-dimensional imaging of natural environments using a tomographic ground-based SAR system 1-gen-2014 TEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Relating P-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomography to Tropical Forest Biomass 1-gen-2014 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOMARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAURO +
Ice penetration depth estimation from super-resolution SAR tomography 1-gen-2014 BANDA, FRANCESCOTEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO
Polarimetric time-frequency analysis of vessels in Spotlight SAR images 1-gen-2014 BANDA, FRANCESCOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
LP norm SAR tomography by iteratively reweighted least square: First results 1-gen-2014 MANCON, SIMONETEBALDINI, STEFANOMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIO
BIOMASS Tomography: Temporal Decorrelation Performance in the Tropical Forest 1-gen-2014 TEBALDINI, STEFANO +
3D SAR imaging of the snowpack in presence of propagation velocity changes: Results from the AlpSAR campaign 1-gen-2014 TEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Vertical Structure of P-Band Temporal Decorrelation at the Paracou Forest: Results From TropiScat 1-gen-2014 TEBALDINI, STEFANOROCCA, FABIO +
Assessing SAR tomography BIOMASS retrieval method at a mountainous tropical forest 1-gen-2014 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
3D SAR imaging of the snowpack at X- and Ku-Band: Results from the AlpSAR campaign 1-gen-2014 TEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Orbital error estimation through multi-squint analysis 1-gen-2014 MANCON, SIMONEMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOGIUDICI, DAVIDE
Biomass tomography: A new opportunity to observe the earth forests 1-gen-2014 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANOMARIOTTI D'ALESSANDRO, MAURO +
Tomographic imaging of tropical forests: perspectives for the BIOMASS Mission 1-gen-2014 ROCCA, FABIOTEBALDINI, STEFANO +
Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Using Multitemporal COSMO Skymed X-Band SAR Images To Inform Water Systems Operation. 1-gen-2015 DENARO, SIMONACASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOTEBALDINI, STEFANOMONTI-GUARNIERI, ANDREA VIRGILIO +
Texture-free absolute DEM retrieval from opposite-side multi-baseline InSAR data 1-gen-2015 BANDA, FRANCESCOTEBALDINI, STEFANO
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