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Anagostic Interactions under Pressure: Attractive or Repulsive? 1-gen-2015 Macchi, Piero +
An Interacting Quantum Atoms Analysis of the Metal-Metal Bond in [M<inf>2</inf>(CO)<inf>8</inf>]<sup>n</sup> Systems 1-gen-2015 Macchi, P. +
Kinetic Control of High-Pressure Solid-State Phase Transitions: A Case Study on l-Serine 1-gen-2015 Macchi, Piero +
Solid-State Reversible Nucleophilic Addition in a Highly Flexible MOF 1-gen-2015 Macchi, Piero +
Distributed atomic polarizabilities of amino acids and their hydrogen-bonded aggregates 1-gen-2015 Macchi, Piero +
The polarizability of organometallic bonds 1-gen-2015 Macchi, Piero +
Synthesis and catalytic activity of μ-oxo ruthenium(IV) porphyrin species to promote amination reactions 1-gen-2016 MacChi, Piero +
Optical properties of metal-organic networks from distributed atomic polarizabilities 1-gen-2016 Macchi, Piero +
Putting pressure on aromaticity along with in situ experimental electron density of a molecular crystal 1-gen-2016 Macchi, Piero +
The role of hydrogen bond in designing molecular optical materials 1-gen-2016 Macchi, Piero +
Experimental and Theoretical Electron Density Analysis of Copper Pyrazine Nitrate Quasi-Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnets 1-gen-2016 Macchi, Piero +
Chemical Bonding and reactions in molecular crystals at high-pressure 1-gen-2017 piero macchi
Why Refining Wave Functions from Experiments? 1-gen-2017 PIero Macchi
J(Si,H) Coupling Constants of Activated Si-H Bonds 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
Periodical trends in [Co6E(CO)16]- clusters: Structural, synthetic and energy changes produced by substitution of P with As 1-gen-2017 SIRONI, ANNALISA NATALINAMacchi, Piero +
Can X-ray constrained Hartree-Fock wavefunctions retrieve electron correlation? 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
Binding guest molecules to frameworks: pressure-induced chemisorption in breathing MOFs 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
Electron density and dielectric properties of highly porous MOFs 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
Cluster analysis of functional-group polarizabilities 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
The future of topological analysis in experimental charge-density research 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero
Weak donor–acceptor intermolecular interactions under pressure: the NO2...NO2 case 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
Combining microscopic and macroscopic probes to untangle the single-ion anisotropy and exchange energies in an S=1 quantum antiferromagnet 1-gen-2017 Macchi, Piero +
Exploring charge density analysis in crystals at high pressure: Data collection, data analysis and advanced modelling 1-gen-2017 MacChi, Piero +
The roots of quantum crystallography 1-gen-2018 Piero Macchi
Quantum Crystallography: Current Developments and Future Perspectives 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
Reaction of arylhydroxylamines with [Pd(Neoc)(NO3)2] (Neoc = neocuproine). Non-innocent behavior of the nitrate anion 1-gen-2018 M. RimoldiP. Macchi +
Quasi-2D Heisenberg antiferromagnets [CuX(pyz)2](BF4) with X = Cl and Br 1-gen-2018 Macchi, Piero +
Giant Pressure Dependence and Dimensionality Switching in a Metal-Organic Quantum Antiferromagnet 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
Azulene revisited: solid-state structure, invariom modeling and lattice-energy minimization of a classical example of disorder 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
Experimental and theoretical electron density of intermediates in palladium-phenanthroline catalyzed carbonylation of amines and reductive carbonylation of nitroarenes 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
Comments on `Hydrogen bonds in crystalline D-alanine: diffraction and spectroscopic evidence for differences between enantiomers' 1-gen-2018 Macchi, Piero +
Polarization, Inner and Outer Field, and Surface Charge Compensation of a Molecular Crystal 1-gen-2018 Macchi, Piero +
Probing accuracy and precision of Hirshfeld Atom Refinement with HARt interfaced to Olex2 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
NO2···NO2 Contacts under Compression: Testing the Forces in Soft Donor-Acceptor Interactions 1-gen-2018 Macchi, Piero +
A Chiral Ligand Accessible in One Step: Synthesis of bis-((R)-(+)-Bornyl)acenaphthenequinonediimine and of its Zinc and Nickel Complexes. 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
Electron Density Analysis of Metal Clusters with Semi-Interstitial Main Group Atoms. Chemical Bonding in [Co6X(CO)16]- Species 1-gen-2018 P. Macchi +
Are There molecules in crystals? 1-gen-2019 Piero Macchi
Quantum information from experimental crystallography 1-gen-2019 Piero Macchi
Electron Density and Dielectric Properties of Highly Porous MOFs: Binding and Mobility of Guest Molecules in Cu3(BTC)2and Zn3(BTC)2 1-gen-2019 Piero Macchi +
Magnetic order and enhanced exchange in the quasi-one-dimensional molecule-based antiferromagnet Cu(NO3)2(pyz)3 1-gen-2019 MacChi, Piero +
Pressure-induced polymerization and electrical conductivity of a polyiodide 1-gen-2019 Piero Macchi +
Electron Density and Dielectric Properties of Highly Porous MOFs: Binding and Mobility of Guest Molecules in Cu3(BTC)2 and Zn3(BTC)2 1-gen-2019 Macchi, Piero +
Topological and electrostatic properties of diclofenac molecule as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug: An experimental and theoretical study 1-gen-2019 Macchi P. +
Pressure-Induced Polymerization and Electrical Conductivity of a Polyiodide 1-gen-2019 Macchi, Piero +
Towards a generalized database of atomic polarizabilities 1-gen-2019 Piero Macchi +
Formate-mediated Magnetic Superexchange in the Model Hybrid Perovskite [(CH3)2NH2]Cu(HCOO) 1-gen-2020 Piero Macchi +
Quantum Crystallography 1-gen-2020 Piero Macchi
The connubium between crystallography and quantum mechanics 1-gen-2020 Macchi, Piero
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