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Sign-Flip tests for spatial regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2023 Michele CavazzuttiLaura M. Sangalli +
Non-parametric density estimation over linear networks 1-gen-2023 Aldo ClementeLaura M. Sangalli +
A Novel Spatio-Sign-Flip tests for the nonparametric component in Spatial Regression with PDE regularization 1-gen-2023 Michele CavazzuttiLaura M. Sangalli +
A Novel Spatio-Temporal Estimation Method for Occurrences Over Planar and Curved Regions 1-gen-2023 Simone PanzeriLaura M. Sangalli +
Functional principal component analysis for space-time data 1-gen-2023 Alessandro PalummoLuca FormaggiaLaura M. Sangalli +
Penalized quantile regression for spatial distributed data 1-gen-2023 Laura M. Sangalli +
Spatial regression with differential regularization over linear networks 1-gen-2023 Aldo ClementeLaura M. Sangalli +
An Estimation Tool for Spatio–Temporal Events over Curved Surfaces 1-gen-2023 Simone PanzeriLaura M. Sangalli +
Generalized Spatio-Temporal Regression with PDE Penalization 1-gen-2023 Sangalli, Laura M. +
Anatomically compliant modes of variations: New tools for brain connectivity 1-gen-2023 Clementi, LetiziaSantambrogio, Marco DSangalli, Laura M +
Analyzing data in complicated 3D domains: Smoothing, semiparametric regression, and functional principal component analysis 1-gen-2023 Sangalli, Laura M +
Nonparametric tests for semiparametric regression models 1-gen-2023 Sangalli, LM +
The Death Process in Italy Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Functional Compositional Approach 1-gen-2023 Menafoglio, AlessandraSangalli, Laura M.Secchi, Piercesare +
Computationally efficient techniques for spatial regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2023 Arnone, EleonoraDe Falco, CarloFormaggia, LucaMeretti, GiorgioSangalli, Laura M.
Some first results on the consistency of spatial regression with partial differential equation regularization 1-gen-2022 Arnone, EleonoraKneip, AloisNobile, FabioSangalli, Laura M.
A roughness penalty approach to estimate densities over two-dimensional manifolds 1-gen-2022 Sangalli, LM +
Integrated Depths for Partially Observed Functional Data 1-gen-2022 Anna M. PaganoniLaura M. Sangalli +
Some first inferential tools for spatial regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2022 Ferraccioli F.Sangalli L. M.Finos L.
A PDE-regularized smoothing method for space-time data over manifolds with application to medical data 1-gen-2022 S. PerottoL. M. Sangalli +
A look at the spatio-temporal mortality patterns in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of mortality densities 1-gen-2021 Riccardo ScimoneAlessandra MenafoglioLaura M. SangalliPiercesare Secchi
Nonparametric density estimation over complicated domains 1-gen-2021 Ferraccioli F.Arnone E.Finos L.Sangalli L. M. +
Modeling Spatially Dependent Functional Data by Spatial Regression with Differential Regularization 1-gen-2021 Mara S. BernardiLaura M. Sangalli
A Functional Data Analysis Approach to Left Ventricular Remodeling Assessment 1-gen-2021 Clementi LetiziaGregorio CaterinaSavare LauraIeva FrancescaSantambrogio M. D.Sangalli L. M.
Spatial Regression With Partial Differential Equation Regularisation 1-gen-2021 Sangalli L. M.
Smoothing spatio-temporal data with complex missing data patterns 1-gen-2021 Sangalli L. M. +
Analysis of Telecom Italia Mobile phone data by space-time regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2020 Eleonora ArnoneMara S. BernardiLaura M. SangalliPiercesare Secchi
A functional data analysis approach to the estimation of densities over complex regions 1-gen-2020 Federico FerraccioliLaura M. SangalliEleonora ArnoneLivio Finos
Some numerical test on the convergence rates of regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2020 Eleonora ArnoneLaura M. Sangalli +
Rejoinder 1-gen-2020 Sangalli, Laura M.
A novel approach to the analysis of spatial and functional data over complex domains 1-gen-2020 Sangalli L. M.
Bounded Domain Density Estimation 1-gen-2019 Laura M. Sangalli +
Regression with time-dependent PDE regularization for the analysis of spatio-temporal data 1-gen-2019 Eleonora ArnoneLaura M. Sangalli +
PDE-regularized regression for anisotropic spatial fields 1-gen-2019 Mara S. BernardiLaura M. Sangalli +
Modeling spatially dependent functional data via regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2019 Arnone, EleonoraSangalli, Laura M. +
Classification of the Aneurisk65 dataset using PCA for partially observed functional data 1-gen-2018 Laura Sangalli +
Nonparametric penalized likelihood for density estimation 1-gen-2018 Laura M. Sangalli +
Vector boson scattering: Recent experimental and theory developments 1-gen-2018 Paganoni AnnaSangalli Laura +
Modeling spatial anisotropy via regression with partial differential regularization 1-gen-2018 Bernardi, Mara S.Sangalli, Laura M. +
PCA-based discrimination of partially observed functional data, with an application to AneuRisk65 data set 1-gen-2018 Sangalli, Laura M. +
The role of Statistics in the era of Big Data 1-gen-2018 Sangalli, Laura M.
A time-dependent PDE regularization to model functional data defined over spatio-temporal domains 1-gen-2017 ARNONE, ELEONORASANGALLI, LAURA MARIA +
Functional data analysis of neuroimaging signals associated with cerebral activity in the brain cortex 1-gen-2017 SANGALLI, LAURA MARIA +
A penalized regression model for spatial functional data with application to the analysis of the production of waste in Venice province 1-gen-2017 BERNARDI, MARA SABINASANGALLI, LAURA MARIA +
Special issue on functional data analysis 1-gen-2017 Laura M. Sangalli +
Functional regression models: some directions of future research 1-gen-2017 PAGANONI, ANNA MARIASANGALLI, LAURA MARIA
FunChIP: an R/Bioconductor package for functional classification of ChIP-seq shapes 1-gen-2017 SANGALLI, LAURA MARIAVANTINI, SIMONESECCHI, PIERCESARE +
A penalized regression model for functional data with spatial dependence 1-gen-2016 BERNARDI, MARA SABINASANGALLI, LAURA MARIA +
Generalized spatial regression with differential regularization 1-gen-2016 SANGALLI, LAURA MARIA +
Spatial regression models over two-dimensional manifolds 1-gen-2016 ETTINGER, BREE DANIELLEPEROTTO, SIMONASANGALLI, LAURA MARIA
Smooth principal component analysis over two-dimensional manifolds with an application to neuroimaging 1-gen-2016 SANGALLI, LAURA MARIA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 129
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