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Bayesian networks applied to customer surveys 1-gen-2012 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI +
A Redefinition of Italian Macro-areas: The Role of Territorial Capital 1-gen-2013 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI
User satisfaction and the organization of local public transport: Evidence from European cities 1-gen-2013 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI +
The Role of Territorial Capital in Local Economic Growth: Evidence from Italy 1-gen-2014 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Travelers' satisfaction with railway transport: a Bayesian network approach 1-gen-2014 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI +
Territorial Capital and the Effectiveness of Cohesion Policies: an Assessment for CEE Regions 1-gen-2014 FRATESI, UGOPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Openness to Globalization and Regional Growth Patterns in CEE Countries: From the EU Accession to the Economic Crisis 1-gen-2015 CAPELLO, ROBERTAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Capitale territoriale e politiche di coesione europee 1-gen-2016 FRATESI, UGOPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Life satisfaction in Romanian cities on the road from post-communism transition to EU accession 1-gen-2016 LENZI, CAMILLAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Life satisfaction across cities: evidence from Romania 1-gen-2016 LENZI, CAMILLAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Territorial Capital and EU Cohesion Policy 1-gen-2017 FRATESI, UGOPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Bayesian networks and the assessment of universities' value added 1-gen-2017 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI +
Book review of "Happiness and Place: Why Life is Better Outside the City", by Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn. London: Palgrave Macmillian, 2015. 1-gen-2017 PERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Cultural Capital and Local Development Nexus: Does the Local Environment Matter? 1-gen-2017 CAPELLO, ROBERTAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Are urbanized areas source of life satisfaction? Evidence from EU regions 1-gen-2018 LENZI, CAMILLAPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Territorial capital and the resilience of European regions 1-gen-2018 FRATESI, UGOPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
Understanding citizen perception of European Union Cohesion Policy: the role of the local context 1-gen-2018 R. CapelloG. Perucca
Spatial inequality in access to healthcare: evidence from an Italian Alpine region 1-gen-2019 giovanni perucca +
Residents’ Satisfaction with Cultural City Life: Evidence from EU Cities 1-gen-2019 Giovanni Perucca
Citizens’ perception of Cohesion Policy: from theory to empirical evidence 1-gen-2019 R. CapelloG. Perucca
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