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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Alternative strategies for energy recovery from Municipal Solid Waste. Part B: Emission and cost estimates 1-gen-2005 CONSONNI, STEFANOGIUGLIANO, MICHELEGROSSO, MARIO
Alternative strategies for energy recovery from municipal solid wastePart A: Mass and energy balances 1-gen-2005 CONSONNI, STEFANOGIUGLIANO, MICHELEGROSSO, MARIO
Aluminium recovery vs. hydrogen production as resource recovery options for fine MSWI bottom ash fraction 1-gen-2013 BIGANZOLI, LAURAGROSSO, MARIO +
Assessing the relation between waste management policies and circular economy goals 1-gen-2022 Rosa P. +
Bioplastics and waste management 1-gen-2018 M. Grosso +
Case study of an MBT plant producing SRF for cement kiln co-combustion, coupled with a bioreactor landfill for process residues 1-gen-2016 GROSSO, MARIORIGAMONTI, LUCIA +
Cement-clay pastes for stabilization/solidification of 2-chloroaniline 1-gen-2004 BOTTA, DONATELLADOTELLI, GIOVANNIPELOSATO, RENATO +
Comparison of different approaches for the estimation of odour emissions from landfill surfaces 1-gen-2017 LUCERNONI, FEDERICOCAPELLI, LAURA MARIA TERESASIRONI, SELENA
Continuous monitoring of odours from a composting plant using electronic noses 1-gen-2007 SIRONI, SELENACAPELLI, LAURA MARIA TERESACENTOLA, PAOLODEL ROSSO, RENATO +
Effect of the concentration of essential oil on orange peel waste biomethanization: preliminary batch results 1-gen-2016 PORQUEDDU, ISABELLAMALPEI, FRANCESCA +
Efficiency of energy recovery from waste incineration, in the light of the new Waste Framework Directive 1-gen-2010 GROSSO, MARIORIGAMONTI, LUCIA +
Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste: A Case Study for a Middle-Sized Italian District 1-gen-2008 GIUGLIANO, MICHELEGROSSO, MARIORIGAMONTI, LUCIA
Factors governing particle number emissions in a waste-to-energy plant 1-gen-2015 OZGEN, MUEYYET SENEMCERNUSCHI, STEFANOGIUGLIANO, MICHELE
High temperature abatement of acid gases from waste incineration. Part I: Experimental tests in full scale plants 1-gen-2015 BIGANZOLI, LAURARIGAMONTI, LUCIAGROSSO, MARIO +
High temperature abatement of acid gases from waste incineration. Part II: Comparative life cycle assessment study 1-gen-2015 BIGANZOLI, LAURARIGAMONTI, LUCIA +
Improvement actions in waste management systems at the provincial scale based on a life cycle assessment evaluation 1-gen-2013 RIGAMONTI, LUCIAFALBO, ALIDAGROSSO, MARIO
Improving the recycling technology of waste cooking oils: Chemical fingerprint as tool for non-biodiesel application 1-gen-2019 Alberto MannuMonica FerroGreta Colombo DugoniAndrea Mele +
Inhibition on anammox bacteria upon exposure to digestates from biogas plants treating the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and the role of conductivity 1-gen-2017 Lotti, T.Ficara, E.Malpei, F. +
Is selective demolition always a sustainable choice? 1-gen-2020 Pantini, S.Rigamonti, L.
Italian WEEE management system and treatment of end-of-life cooling and freezing equipments for CFCs removal 1-gen-2013 SANSOTERA, MAURIZIONAVARRINI, WALTER MAURIZIOTALAEE MASHHADI, SADAFVENTURINI, FRANCESCO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 46
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