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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
An Invariant-Preserving Approach to Robust Finite-Element Multibody Simulation 1-gen-2003 BORRI, MARCOBOTTASSO, CARLO LUIGITRAINELLI, LORENZO
Asymptotic Expansions for Two Dimensional Symmetrical Laminar Wakes 1-gen-2002 BELAN, MARCO +
A computational framework for the personalized clinical treatment of glioblastoma multiforme 1-gen-2018 Agosti, ACiarletta, P +
Elasticity solution for a hollow cylinder under axial end loads: Application to a blister of a stayed bridge 1-gen-2023 Falocchi, A +
Free terms and compatibility conditions for 3D hypersingular boundary integral equations 1-gen-2001 FRANGI, ATTILIO ALBERTO +
Infiltration through deformable porous media 1-gen-2002 AMBROSI, DAVIDE CARLO
Modeling the biomechanics of the human cornea accounting for local variations of the collagen fibril architecture 1-gen-2018 MONTANINO, ANDREAPandolfi A. +
On the Domain of Validity of the Near-Parallel Combined Stability Analysis for the 2D Intermediate and far Bluff Body Wake 1-gen-2005 BELAN, MARCO +
A Perturbative Model for Predicting the High-Reynolds-Number Behaviour of the Streamwise Travelling Waves Technique in Turbulent Drag Reduction 1-gen-2013 BELAN, MARCOQUADRIO, MAURIZIO
Some solutions of minimaxmax problems for the torsional displacements of rectangular plates 1-gen-2018 Gazzola, Filippo +
Strain localisation effects in the stability analysis of shallow openings 1-gen-2001 STERPI, DONATELLA VALERIA
Unstructured mesh generation and adaption 1-gen-1996 FORMAGGIA, LUCA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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