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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Networked regions and cities in times of fragmentation: Developing smart, sustainable and inclusive places 1-gen-2012 TREVILLE, ALDO
Neuroimmunological and MRI analysis for the detection of prognostic biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment 1-gen-2011 PRETI, MARIA GIULIAGRIFFANTI, LUDOVICABASELLI, GIUSEPPE +
New approaches for managing source water to meet water treatment targets 1-gen-2009 CASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOPIANOSI, FRANCESCA +
New Prospects in Facial Approximation: A Differential Approach in Mouth and Nose Reconstruction in Skeletal Classes 1-gen-2014 CIGADA, ALFREDO +
New software to support read across, based on multiple profilers 1-gen-2014 GINI, GIUSEPPINAFRANCHI, ALESSIO MAURO +
A novel approach to estimate the dosimetric influence of anatomical changes in head and neck cancer patients undergoing proton therapy using daily CBCT imaging 1-gen-2014 PAGANELLI, CHIARARIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDO +
A Novel Interpolation-Based Method for Thermodynamic Properties Calculation in Dense-Gas Flow Simulations 1-gen-2013 PINI, MATTEOSPINELLI, ANDREAPERSICO, GIACOMO BRUNO AZZURRO +
Nuevos enfoques para edificios antiguos: reversibilidad en la consolidaciòn estructural de monumentos en albanilerìa 1-gen-2014 JURINA, LORENZO
Numerical Experiments on the Convergence and Reshaping Process of Cylindrical Converging Shock Fronts in Real Gases 1-gen-2012 VIGNATI, FEDERICAGUARDONE, ALBERTO MATTEO ATTILIO
Numerical Modeling of Laminar, Reactive Flows with Detailed Kinetic Mechanisms 1-gen-2013 CUOCI, ALBERTOFRASSOLDATI, ALESSIOFARAVELLI, TIZIANORANZI, ELISEO MARIA
Numerical Modeling of Pollutant Emissions with Detailed Kinetics: from Ideal Reactors to Flames 1-gen-2013 FARAVELLI, TIZIANOCUOCI, ALBERTOFRASSOLDATI, ALESSIORANZI, ELISEO MARIA
Numerical modeling of the trajectory of a tethered sphere immersed in a free surface flow 1-gen-2011 NEGRI, MARCOMALAVASI, STEFANO +
On the Use of Hydrotalcite in PLA Based Composites 1-gen-2012 DI LANDRO, LUCA ANGELO +
Optical analogs of correlated-tunneling phenomena 1-gen-2012 DELLA VALLE, GIUSEPPELONGHI, STEFANO
Optical Bloch Oscillations and Zener Tunneling in Photonic Lattices: Classical and Quantum aspects 1-gen-2009 LONGHI, STEFANO
Optical Measurements on Rotating Micro-Tools 1-gen-2013 NORGIA, MICHELE +
Optical moisture sensor for clay 1-gen-2013 NORGIA, MICHELEPESATORI, ALESSANDRO
Optical simulations of Schrodinger and Dirac wave equations in photonic crystal structures 1-gen-2010 LONGHI, STEFANO
Optically driven motion compensation in active beam scanning relying on external/internal correlation models 1-gen-2013 PELLA, ANDREAFATTORI, GIOVANNISEREGNI, MATTEORIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDO +
Mostrati risultati da 310 a 329 di 476
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