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Exploring sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain: results from some Italian case studies 1-gen-2014 PERO, MARGHERITA EMMA PAOLACICCULLO, FEDERICA +
External imbalances in the European Union and international fragmentation of production 1-gen-2014 FELICE, GIULIATAJOLI, LUCIA
External-internal correlation models built from Cone-Beam CT for intrafraction tumor tracking 1-gen-2014 FASSI, AURORARIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDO +
Fasi di costruzione di un ponte sospeso: l'ausilio delle prove in galleria del vento 1-gen-2012 ROCCHI, DANIELEGIAPPINO, STEFANO GIUSEPPEARGENTINI, TOMMASOPAGANI, ANDREAVILLANI, MARCOZASSO, ALBERTO
First-principles based catalytic reaction engineering 1-gen-2013 MAESTRI, MATTEO
Fluid-Dynamic Characterization of the GreeValve, an Energy Recovery Control Valve 1-gen-2014 MALAVASI, STEFANOFERRARESE, GIACOMOROSSI, MARCO MARIA
Fluidodinamica nasale: risultati preliminari 1-gen-2013 QUADRIO, MAURIZIO +
fMRI, Tractography and EEG Analysis Integrated into Neurological Diagnosis of Corticobasal Degeneration. A Case Study 1-gen-2011 PRETI, MARIA GIULIAGRIFFANTI, LUDOVICABASELLI, GIUSEPPE +
Formation of nanostructures in silicon by a maskless plasma process 1-gen-2015 INZOLI, FEDERICAPIETRALUNGA, SILVIA MARIATAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTOZANI, MAURIZIO +
Formulation and Validation of Variable-Kinematic 2-D Ritz-based Models for Vibration Analysis of FGM Sandwich Plates 1-gen-2012 DOZIO, LORENZO
From hydrostrtigraphy to numerical models of water flow in the aquifer groups of the quaternary lombardy alluvial plain: integrating geophysical, geological and geothecnicals methods for efficient mathematical modelling 1-gen-2009 CANTONE, MARTINO +
Functional and aesthetic properties of TiO2 Films:electrochemical surface tratments as enabling technologies at Politecnico di Milano 1-gen-2012 PEDEFERRI, MARIAPIA
Functionalized isothianaphthene containing polymers as n-type fullerene substitutes in organic photovoltaics 1-gen-2012 GRIFFINI, GIANMARCO ENRICO +
Ge on C-covered Si(100) surface: from continuous surface diffusion to discrete islands nucleation 1-gen-2013 ZANI, MAURIZIOVANACORE, GIOVANNI MARIAISELLA, GIOVANNIOSMOND, JOHANNBOLLANI, MONICATAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO
Giovanni Pellegrini's Rural villages in Libya 1-gen-2010 D'AMIA, GIOVANNA
Gold Electroless Deposition by Water-Based and Alcoholic Solutions 1-gen-2014 TAGLIAFERRI, ALBERTO +
Government venture capital And the growth of European high-tech start-ups: A firm-level panel data analysis 1-gen-2012 MURTINU, SAMUELEGRILLI, LUCA
Gravity dependence of lung density and specific gas volume (SVg) assessed by CT in health and emphysema 1-gen-2011 PENNATI, FRANCESCASALITO, CATERINAALIVERTI, ANDREA +
Gravity dependence of specific ventilation (SV), Hounsfield unit (ΔHU) and specific gas volume (ΔSVg) variations assessed by high resolution (HR) CT 1-gen-2013 PENNATI, FRANCESCASALITO, CATERINABARONI, GUIDOALIVERTI, ANDREA +
Mostrati risultati da 171 a 190 di 476
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