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ARGO, a dosimetric tool for effective dose evaluation. 1-gen-2013 POZZI, GIUSEPPE +
Assembly and manipulation of nanophotonic elements in a fluid: towards reconfigurable photonic structures on a chip 1-gen-2013 CELEBRANO, MICHELE +
Assessing food security in water scarce regions by Life Cycle Analysis: a case study in the Gaza strip 1-gen-2013 RECANATI, FRANCESCACASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOMELIA', PACO VASCO ALDODOTELLI, GIOVANNI
Assessing the value of cooperation and information exchange in large water re- sources systems by multi-agent optimization: the Zambezi River case. 1-gen-2012 GIULIANI, MATTEOCASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCO
Assessing water reservoir management and development in Northern Vietnam 1-gen-2012 PIANOSI, FRANCESCAQUACH THI, XUANCASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOSONCINI SESSA, RODOLFO
Assessment of PEEP induced changes in pulmonary mechanics in ventilated newborns by the Forced Oscillation Technique. 1-gen-2011 VENERONI, CHIARAZANNIN, EMANUELADELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Assessment of zeolites for lesion simulation in PET-CT 1-gen-2012 SOFFIENTINI, CHIARA DOLORESBASELLI, GIUSEPPE +
Athens and military architecture 1-gen-2014 ZAROULAS, SOTIRIOS
Automated motion quantification for 4D treatment planning and robustness of motion detection during treatment 1-gen-2012 RIBOLDI, MARCOPAGANELLI, CHIARASEREGNI, MATTEOFASSI, AURORAPELLA, ANDREAFATTORI, GIOVANNIPERONI, MARTACERVERI, PIETROBARONI, GUIDO
Automatic Detection of A Phases of the Cyclic Alternating Pattern 1-gen-2011 MARIANI, SARACERUTTI, SERGIO +
Axisymmetric calculation of dense gas flows in ORC turbines 1-gen-2012 PERSICO, GIACOMO BRUNO AZZURROPINI, MATTEODOSSENA, VINCENZO
Balancing hydropower production and river bed incision in operating a run-of-river hydropower scheme along the River Po 1-gen-2013 DENARO, SIMONABIZZI, SIMONECASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOSONCINI SESSA, RODOLFO +
Batch-mode Reinforcement Learning for improved hydro-environmental systems management 1-gen-2011 CASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCORESTELLI, MARCELLOSONCINI SESSA, RODOLFO +
Bayesian principal curve clustering by NGG-mixture models 1-gen-2014 BIANCHINI, ILARIAGUGLIELMI, ALESSANDRA +
Beyond customer satisfaction: designing patient-centred services 1-gen-2014 SEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINA
Bio-organic interfaces for cellular photo-excitation 1-gen-2013 MARTINO, NICOLALANZANI, GUGLIELMO +
Bioinspired vergence control system: learning and quantitative evaluation 1-gen-2012 MUTTI, FLAVIOGINI, GIUSEPPINA +
Biomedical Signal Processing for Home Monitoring of the Bipolar Disorder. 1-gen-2013 BIANCHI, ANNA MARIAMARIANI, SARAMIGLIORINI, MATTEO
Borehole Heat Exchanger simulations in aquifer: the borehole grout influence in thermal response test modeling 1-gen-2014 ALBERTI, LUCAANGELOTTI, ADRIANAANTELMI, MATTEOLA LICATA, IVANA
Borehole Heat Exchangers: how flow velocity influence and dispersion influence heat transfer 1-gen-2014 ALBERTI, LUCAANGELOTTI, ADRIANALA LICATA, IVANAANTELMI, MATTEO
Mostrati risultati da 44 a 63 di 476
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