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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
1.55 µm electroluminescence from strained n-Ge quantum wells on silicon substrates 1-gen-2012 FRIGERIO, JACOPOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
15 Years Of Strategic Planning in Italian Cities: Which Influences on Ordinary Spatial Planning and Planning Styles? 1-gen-2013 FEDELI, VALERIA
2D/3D SSM reconstruction method based on robust point matching 1-gen-2014 VALENTI, MARTADE MOMI, ELENAFERRIGNO, GIANCARLO +
“4D” imaging for motion 1-gen-2014 RIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDO +
A clinical study on 4D PET optimization and quantification in off-line treatment verification 1-gen-2013 GIANOLI, CHIARARIBOLDI, MARCOBARONI, GUIDO +
A comparative study between the Imaging System and the Optical Tracking System in particle therapy at CNAO 1-gen-2013 DESPLANQUES, MAXIME BRICE JOELPELLA, ANDREARIBOLDI, MARCOFATTORI, GIOVANNIBARONI, GUIDO +
A data-driven Dynamic Emulation Modelling approach for the management of large, distributed water resources systems 1-gen-2011 CASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOGALELLI, STEFANORESTELLI, MARCELLO +
A framework for the quantitative assessment of climate change impacts on the water- related activities at the basin scale 1-gen-2011 PIANOSI, FRANCESCASONCINI SESSA, RODOLFOANGHILERI, DANIELA
A Fully Coupled Approach for Predicting Pollutants Formation through Reactor Network Analysis 1-gen-2013 STAGNI, ALESSANDROCUOCI, ALBERTOFRASSOLDATI, ALESSIOFARAVELLI, TIZIANORANZI, ELISEO MARIA
A hydrological model for the Sudd wetland using remotely sensed and ground data 1-gen-2013 CASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCO +
A Lagrangian finite element approach for the numerical simulation of landslide runouts 1-gen-2014 CREMONESI, MASSIMILIANOFERRI, FRANCESCOPEREGO, UMBERTO
A microfluidic model for breast cancer metastases to bone 1-gen-2014 BERSINI, SIMONEDUBINI, GABRIELE ANGELO +
A microfluidic platform for the rapid establishment of defined cell co-cultures using chaotic mixing. 1-gen-2014 OCCHETTA, PAOLARASPONI, MARCO +
A modern approach to strengthening and repair of existing reinforced concrete structures using High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete 1-gen-2013 VASIC, MIRASUMINI, VALENTINA MYRIAM ANNA
A Monte Carlo approach to the solution of the coupled flow and transport problem in unsaturated concrete barriers 1-gen-2003 MARSEGUERRA, MARZIOZIO, ENRICOGIACOBBO, FRANCESCA CELSA +
A multi-objective optimization framework to model 3D river and landscape evolution processes 1-gen-2013 BIZZI, SIMONECASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOCOMINOLA, ANDREAMASON, EMANUELE +
A multi-objective route planner: a real world application to Milano city 1-gen-2013 BRUGLIERI, MAURIZIOCOLORNI VITALE, ALBERTOLUE', ALESSANDRO +
A new evaluation framework for input variable selection algorithms used in environmental modelling 1-gen-2013 CASTELLETTI, ANDREA FRANCESCOGALELLI, STEFANO +
A new procedure to built a model covariance matrix: first results 1-gen-2012 BARZAGHI, RICCARDOBORGHI, ALESSANDRA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 476
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