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Effect of matrix stiffness on in vitro differentiation of mesoangioblast stem cells towards the myocardial contractile phenotype. 1-gen-2011 RAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESABOSCHETTI, FEDERICAQUAGLINI, VIRGINIOARANEO, LUCIO TIZIANO +
Evidence for minimal abnormalities of motor axonal excitability in restless leg syndrome 1-gen-2007 MARCEGLIA, SARA RENATA FRANCESCA +
Experimental and computational model of a microfluidic platform for micromass generation and culture 1-gen-2012 PIRAINO, FRANCESCOBERSINI, SIMONEREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGIRASPONI, MARCO +
Extracellular microrecordings during stereotactic neurosurgery for Parkinson's disease: Spike descriptors in the human subthalamus and substantia nigra 1-gen-2007 MARCEGLIA, SARA RENATA FRANCESCA +
Gender-related differences of the subthalamic action potentials in Parkinson's disease 1-gen-2006 MARCEGLIA, SARA RENATA FRANCESCA +
Gender-related neurophysiological differences of the subthalamic area in Parkinson's Disease 1-gen-2006 MARCEGLIA, SARA RENATA FRANCESCA +
Homing peptide-mediated targeting of liposomes to term villous explants: novel nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery 1-gen-2013 CELLESI, FRANCESCO +
Hydrogel nanoparticles via a water-in-oil microemulsion polymerization: design and synthesis optimization for biomedical applications 1-gen-2008 CELLESI, FRANCESCO +
Improved naming after transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in aphasia 1-gen-2008 MARCEGLIA, SARA RENATA FRANCESCA +
Improving car safety with low-light, high-speed cameras 1-gen-2013 ZAPPA, FRANCOTOSI, ALBERTO
In-vivo microscopy of the effect of surfactant on alveolar morphology 1-gen-2012 SALITO, CATERINAALIVERTI, ANDREAMAZZUCA, ENRICO +
Influence of extremely low attenuation pixel values on SVg calculation for the assessment of emphysema and gas trapping by computed tomography 1-gen-2010 SALITO, CATERINAALIVERTI, ANDREA +
iNKT cell reconstitution in paediatric leukaemia patients following haploidentical stem cell transplantation suggests contribution to leukaemia control and reveals independent CD4+ and CD4-subset maturation programmes 1-gen-2010 SANGALLI, LAURA MARIAAZZIMONTI, LAURAPAGANONI, ANNA MARIA +
Interpretation of engineered tissue growth observations by means of a multi-physics numerical simulation 1-gen-2009 RAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESASACCO, RICCARDOZUNINO, PAOLOBOSCHETTI, FEDERICAPIETRABISSA, RICCARDO +
Intraoperative monitoring of cardiovascular autonomic control responsiveness 1-gen-2012 FERRARIO, MANUELAALETTI, FEDERICODORANTES MENDEZ, GUADALUPECERUTTI, SERGIO +
Loss in mechanical contact of cementless acetabular prostheses due to post-operative weight bearing: a biomechanical study. 1-gen-2006 GALBUSERA, FABIORAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA +
Magnetic Nanostructures: In-Situ Assembly and Exploration of Low-Dimensional Systems by Spin-Polarized Low-Energy Electron Microscopy 1-gen-2006 PORTALUPI, MARCOBIAGIONI, PAOLOBRAMBILLA, ALBERTOFINAZZI, MARCODUO', LAMBERTO +
Measurement of specific gas volume in a porcine model of airway obstruction by HRCT scanning 1-gen-2009 SALITO, CATERINAALIVERTI, ANDREA +
Mechanobiology of cartilage tissue engineering 1-gen-2011 RAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA
Memory enhancement in Alzheimer's disease after daily transcranial direct current stimulation 1-gen-2010 MARCEGLIA, SARA RENATA FRANCESCA +
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