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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
High-Gain Erbium-doped Waveguide Amplifier for Bidirectional Operation 1-gen-2006 DELLA VALLE, GIUSEPPESORBELLO, GINOTACCHEO, STEFANOENNSER, KARIN MARIE +
High-Gain Graphene Transistors with a Thin AlOx Top-Gate Oxide 1-gen-2017 Erica GuerrieroPaolo PedrinazziAida MansouriRoman Sordan +
High-lateral resolution X-ray fluorescence microspectroscopy and dynamic mathematical modelling as tools for the study of electrodeposited electrocatalysts 1-gen-2015 Bozzini B. +
High-level Accuracy Loss Estimates for a Class of Analog/Digital Systems 1-gen-2003 ALIPPI, CESARE +
High-Level Commands in Human-Robot Interaction for Search and Rescue 1-gen-2013 AMIGONI, FRANCESCO +
High-level Design of Composite Systems 1-gen-2004 ALIPPI, CESARE +
High-Level Methods for Hardware IP Protections: Solutions, Trends, and Challenges 1-gen-2022 Pilato C.
High-level power estimation of VLSI systems 1-gen-1997 FORNACIARI, WILLIAMSCIUTO, DONATELLASILVANO, CRISTINA +
High-Level Synthesis Developments in the Context of European Space Technology Research (Invited Talk) 1-gen-2024 Fabrizio FerrandiMichele FioritoGiovanni GozziSerena Curzel +
A High-Level Synthesis Flow for the Implementation of Iterative Stencil Loop Algorithms on FPGA Devices 1-gen-2013 NACCI, ALESSANDRO ANTONIORANA, VINCENZOBRUSCHI, FRANCESCOSCIUTO, DONATELLA +
High-Level Synthesis of Benevolent Trojans 1-gen-2019 Pilato, Christian +
High-Level Synthesis of Data Paths with Concurrent Error Detection 1-gen-1998 ANTOLA, ANNA MARIAPIURI, VINCENZOSAMI, MARIAGIOVANNA
High-level synthesis of memory bound and irregular parallel applications with Bambu 1-gen-2014 CASTELLANA, VITO GIOVANNITUMEO, ANTONINOFERRANDI, FABRIZIO
High-Level Synthesis of Parallel Specifications Coupling Static and Dynamic Controllers 1-gen-2021 Ferrandi, Fabrizio +
High-Level Synthesis of Security Properties via Software-Level Abstractions 1-gen-2021 Christian Pilato +
High-Level Synthesis of the OpenMP runtime to improve the generation of parallel accelerators 1-gen-2023 Gozzi, GiovanniFiorito, MicheleCurzel, SerenaFerrandi, Fabrizio
High-level synthesis with multi-objective genetic algorithm: A comparative encoding analysis 1-gen-2008 PILATO, CHRISTIANLOIACONO, DANIELEFERRANDI, FABRIZIOLANZI, PIER LUCASCIUTO, DONATELLA
High-Level Timed Petri Nets as a kernel for executable specifications 1-gen-1993 GHEZZI, CARLO +
High-Level Track Outcomes - Cyber Safety, Cyber Security, Disaster recovery 1-gen-2017 RONCHI, ALFREDO
High-linearity analog-to-digital acquisition board for photon-timing applications 1-gen-2008 RESNATI, DANIELERECH, IVANGERACI, ANGELO
Mostrati risultati da 71.419 a 71.438 di 175.845
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