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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Blood flow through the ductus venosus in human fetus: calculation using Doppler velocimetry and computational findings. 1-gen-1998 PENNATI, GIANCARLOFUMERO, ROBERTO +
Calculating blood flow from Doppler measurements in the systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt. A method based on computational fluid dynamics 1-gen-2000 MIGLIAVACCA, FRANCESCOPENNATI, GIANCARLODUBINI, GABRIELE ANGELOFUMERO, ROBERTO +
Clinical evaluation of a new anti-aliasing technique for ultrasound pulsed Doppler analysis 1-gen-1989 GUIDI, GABRIELE +
Computational analysis of the ductus venosus fluid dynamics based on Doppler measurements. 1-gen-1996 PENNATI, GIANCARLOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Feasibility of left ventricular shape analysis from real-time 3D echocardiographic images 1-gen-2009 MAFFESSANTI, FRANCESCOCAIANI, ENRICO GIANLUCA +
An FFT-based flow profiler for high resolution in-vivo investigations 1-gen-1997 GUIDI, GABRIELE +
Improved blood velocity estimation using the maximum Doppler frequency, , Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 1-gen-1995 GUIDI, GABRIELE +
Intrinsic spectral broadening (ISB) in ultrasound Doppler as a combination of transit-time and local geometrical broadening 1-gen-2000 GUIDI, GABRIELE +
Longitudinal Movements and Stiffness of Lower Extremity Nerves Measured by Ultrasonography and Ultrasound Elastography in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Populations: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis 1-gen-2023 Lopomo N. F. +
Multigate doppler signal analysis using 3-D regularized long AR modelling 1-gen-2001 GUIDI, GABRIELE +
A Novel Multiparametric Score for the Detection and Grading of Prosthetic Mitral Valve Obstruction in Cases With Different Disc Motion Abnormalities 1-gen-2019 Meskin M.Dimasi A.Votta E.Jaworek M.Zappa E.Epifani I.Redaelli A. +
Reconstruction of the descending thoracic aorta by multiview compounding of 3-d transesophageal echocardiographic aortic data sets for improved examination and quantification of atheroma burden 1-gen-2015 CARMINATI, MARIA CHIARAPIAZZESE, CONCETTACAIANI, ENRICO GIANLUCA +
Reliable CFD-based estimation of flow rate in haemodynamics measures 1-gen-2006 VERGARA, CHRISTIANREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Semi-automated Segmentation and Quantification of Mitral Annulus and Leaflets from Transesophageal 3-D Echocardiographic Images 1-gen-2015 SOTAQUIRA GUTIERREZ, MIGUEL ANGELMAFFESSANTI, FRANCESCOCAIANI, ENRICO GIANLUCA +
Transverse Doppler spectral analysis for a correct interpretation of flow sonograms 1-gen-1993 GUIDI, GABRIELE +
Mostrati risultati da 3 a 17 di 17
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